CHRONIX REVOLT - The Impending Fall Of The System
Date Posted: 2014-03-09
Label: No
Members: cXr (Felipe Stanchi)
Composition, production and all recordings produced by cXr.
All rights reserved®.



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My names is Felipe Stanchi (cXr), i play guitar, vocals, bass, and make drums in some programs, that's is my solo project, just a DEMO which I recorded on an old pc with dubious equipment and a little haste (sorry about that), i hope you like.

I plan to record the remaining demos for future recording of a full album, if I can get enough money for good equipment and record at home if my neighbors leave or if I can get a good studio to record with ease.

E-mail for contact: [email protected]

Check my reverbnation:
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Sorry for my bad English. (This is something I want to fix, even in my music ;P)

Have a great day!