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DFLA March Sunderland

Lindsey Graham just scared the crap out of the Judicial Activist Left with some serious offerings for Kavanaugh to ponder in the days ahead.

Senator Feinstein either doesn't comprehend, or is trying to dismiss the nature of semi automatic handguns, their prevalence, and their widespread use. Watch as she tries to argue that because people aren't going around killing each other en mass with guns that they aren't in use. Possession is use as the mere posession of a firearm is in itself a deterrent in many cases.

Alex Breaks down the Russian smokescreen for Communist China subversion from within the US.

These people are making laws that rule us...

Ever wonder why we've seen the rise of Antifa and mob rule? Look no further than the suspects here in this video.

FBI Agent Ted Gunderson breaks down the Satanic Ritual Abuse epidemic.

Satanic Ritual Abuse ties in to the initiation rites of the people controlling financial institutions and other pivotal institutions for society.


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