Although I was all over the place, I had fun chit chatting with Eugene!!!! :)

Unfortunately I can't recommend this Book!!!! ... and Watch the Reasons Why!!

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Hey Avid Readers!!!

Here are my 8 tips to become a better reader!!

1. Have a Dictionary with you when you read a book!

2. Choose books on Subjects you like.

3. Keep a Journal/ Diary or Practice Writing

4. Don't be afraid to choose books "out of your "spectrum"

5. Keep Reading!! (Continuously Read)

6. Create a good Reading Atmosphere, with few distractions!

7. Set a Reading Schedule.

8. Select "Book themes" to really absorb concepts and form ideas!


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I've been a little busy spending time with family and friends and will be posting my book reviews for this week, next week!

Remember Avid Readers,

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Perhaps I've read too fast, or the books I read were short?

Whichever way it may be, I will be reviewing a few more books in this lovely month of May!!!

1st : King Richard III by William Shakespeare

2nd : The Tactical Guide to Women by Shawn T. Smith

3rd : Banish the Bitch and Bring Out the Babe by Lisa B.

4th : The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse by Maria Emmerich

Come and Join me on this reading adventure and let's have a discussion!!!!

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It saddens me that I cannot recommend all the books I read, but the truth needs to be out there!


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At a Controversial time, people may wonder why is everyday life in our Western Society going down the gutter?

Let's take a quick dive into what may be ailing our society.

I review a book by Lauren Southern called Barbarians in this video.

Remember Avid Readers,

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This Month's Book Reviews "May" be A Little Controversial!!! Nonetheless let's Read On and Speak!

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Hey Avid Readers! This video is to delve into where each of April's Books have left me to go...

I talk about:

DeAnna Lorraine's "Making Love Great Again",

Dr. Eric Berg's "The New Body Type Guide"


Dr. Jason Fung's "The Obesity Code".

Remember, Read Good, Read Now!

Hey Avid Readers!

I just want you to know all opinions and views are my own and I don't accept money for the purpose of changing those views I have nor will I ever, since skewing judgement is a very terrible thing.

God loves righteous judgment and in order to keep true, I review books as a personal hobby. Would I like to make this a profession? Perhaps as an editor, sure!!! :) Thanks Guys!

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In this video I Review The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung.

If you've been struggling with losing weight and just can't figure out where you are going wrong, this book is for you!

Don't fret, because the cards might have been stacked against you in this issue of "Weight".

This book helped me realize why I couldn't lose weight while exercising 5 days a week and monitoring my calories was not helping.

Don't feel defeated!!!

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Hey Avid Readers!! This is a discussion about Dr. Jordan B Peterson and a brief overview of what I thought about his book. I am a fan of his YouTube videos and his discussions...see what I have to say about him! Read Good, Read Now!

My extensive Review of "The New Body Type Guide" by Eric Berg

I tried my best to not have it exceed the 20 minute mark!!!
Hope you enjoy!!!!

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Hey Avid Readers!! Sorry for repeating myself about my Website!!! I was just soooo excited this morning!! I spent a long time editing..but then everything failed!! Will try again next time!!!
Aside from all that, Read Good, Read Now!!

Hey Avid Readers! Today is April 2nd and the debut of my First Book Review. This book, "Making Love Great Again" by DeAnna Lorraine, has been a great eye opener for me, of this very present "Romance Apocalypse ". Women and Men alike are to come Together and stand up for truth, love and justice!! It's time now, for us to start "Making Love Great Again!"


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