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may contain dutch

i forgot the change the audio input sorry.
live on mixer youtube and Twitch we are playing Echo Vr and Maybe a couple of other Vr games join us and dont forget to say hi

we ware livestreaming the darwin project on twitch this was the first time for us playing this video is set live really late sorry for this
gameplay starts at: 13:49

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The First Minute or So The Visual Part Messed Up So I Just Put A Pic Of The Map. Were Going To Try To Do D&D Once A Week Or So, Now Here's The Plugin's For There Channels

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this is the infamous Map that destroys friendships
Together tony (qkcx) fournation and i played this Map sadly pen could not join for stupid reasons.

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qkcx :

doing the game play mostly
by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

outro music:
Toni Leys - One Short Tale

Here we go again, and yes for some reason Hela's characters is a guy (big surprise) here's the mandatory plugin

lest play shellshock live Hela some real bad Luck lest us know what you think and dont forget to subscribe

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Welcome to our new farm
Also introducing Hela. now by youtube law here's a shameless plugin to Hela's channel

from the makers of layers of fear in this sci-fi horror story driven game Normandy and clever are smashed in a mystery and crime solving detective

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he doing an livestream of golf it richt now wana join

i was the biggest nood in Trove but somebody in the stream helpt us our a lot -- Watch live at

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first part got stuck somewhere sorry
hey me and pen are at it again
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pen and i a playing The long dark wanna check it out
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fun recording in Overwatch but the Conversations go wild with pen if somebody is random its pen
but overall it was a very fun recording in overwatch

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This is the slowest underwater race I have done in GTA ever!
But the conversation with red kept us going!

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i did not have a lot of time for this video so please don't be to disappointed

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what to be what to be gmod funny moments maybe again another game ware fun with friends has to be do you like this little rhyme from me and subscribe and check out my friends in this video from me

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good to be back and in youtube and gta red and i ware having a good time in one of Gta's new races.
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a great team up with my good m8redflame56 against mysterypen and bowserbminus in number uno game uno yea playing with number

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