READ ME - Hello, frens. As some of you know, I have a deep family connection to WW2 and I've been researching it for going on 24 years straight. Now that people are finally waking up to all of the lies about that war and there's a growing audience for that topic, I've decided to dust off all my old notebooks and start putting all my knowledge to good use. (Plus I've been kicked off of every mainstream social media platform now, so if I'm going to be sent to the digital ghetto of BitChute, I might as well go full blown woke and start discussing the biggest taboo in politics and history, right?)

Episode one is coming soon. It will be about how the founding fathers of Israel came within days of murdering 6 million innocent German civilians by poisoning water supplies of 4 major German cities - AFTER the war was over. Episode two will be about the Zionist-Soviet system of concentration camps for innocent German civilians after the war - and how the Jewish author who exposed this was persecuted by his own people for telling the truth. I'll also be making a documentary about all of the researchers who have literally gone to prison in "western democratic countries" for digging up inconvenient facts about WW2 and conclusively debunking propaganda. (The greatest soldiers for free speech in modern times) I will strictly be focusing on factual history that is proven/admitted, but covered up/ignored as much as possible. I'm not out to make Jews look bad or Hitler look good. Objective truth is my singular motivation here.

..but I'll be having just as much fun with it as I always have with Cliche Guevara's content.

Verboten -

I was recently deplatformed on Youtube and now I'm replatformed on Bitchute and Ugetube.
"Illegitimi non carborundum."

#Covington #NickSandmann #FakeNews

This video got my rapidly growing YouTube channel shut down for "hate speech" on 3/21/2019

Sources used under the Fair Use Act:

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