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Documenting the White supremacist violence epidemic against asians. This Trump induced White supremacist violence must be stopped! 13/52

Frightening contrast between the world we live in and the one we could have had.

"We defeated the wrong enemy" - General George S. Patton

A more positive video during these times with record anti-white violence all ignored by the (((media))). The time for punching back passed long ago, it's now time to punch first (if threatened or provoked).

Shorter version of this documentation of white privilege. See the full version depicting the privilege that white people endure here:

I intended for this documentation of white privilege to be short but given the never ending footage of privilege that whites endure it amounted to over an hour.. and this is only part one.

In all of German-occupied Europe there resided 2.4 million Jews before the war according to the World jewish encyclopedia. After the war 3.8 million Jews were receiving pensions from the German government. Tragically the remaining 6 million were lost. - Edgar J. Steele.

The 'superior' chosenites make their views on the 'concept' of race very clear for us all.

The almighty chosen people make clear the rules and differences when it comes to miscegenation between different breeds of "goyim" and the intermixing between themselves with the 'beastly inferior cattle' as they would put it.

"My spirit will rise from the grave and the world will see I was right" - Adolf Hitler

Footage of Hitler, Goebbels and many more of the National Socialists and German Volk celebrating Christmas.

Why did Adolf Hitler "hate" Jews? Did he consider them the enemy for no reason at all? was he insane? or do the victors write the history and twist the truth?

Japanese Imperial Army Hell March

Deutschland Erwache! - Germany Awake!

From YouTube before it was taken down. Original source unknown.

Gott Mit Uns

Gott Mit Uns

Gott Mit Uns

Gott Mit Uns

Gott Mit Uns

R.I.P. England and The Once Great Britain. Seems Churchkill and his (((Creditors))) got the future they desired.

Adolf Hitler - The Blitzkrieg Fire

Meet the Axis Powers and their Leaders.

Hitlers Coup - The German War Against Globalism

Video by Vertigo Politix.

Adolf Hitler speaks on his desire to establish close bonds of friendship with Britain and the many peace offers rejected by them thanks to warmonger Churchill and his Zionist (((Financiers))).

Adolf Hitler, a Roman Catholic, altar boy in his youth and would be Fuhrer speaks on his faith and the requirement of Christianity against the poison of immorality which has entered into literature, theater, the press and our whole life and culture. "Our movement is Christian."

Adolf Hitler speaks on the real battle: Us vs ((Them)). The European Races vs International Jewry. ((Them)) who to this day work relentlessly towards their ultimate goal, the extermination of the European Races who's history and capabilities have cemented their place the biggest competitor and threat to ((their)) power. A thorn in ((their)) side that must be replaced with a mindless, raceless, low intelligence, rootless, consumer slave race of cattle to easily be ruled over.


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