Sudanese Bashing of Man in Pakenham, Melbourne -

These police are absolute morons

Two videos spliced together

Kings way

Covid is so dangerous it's worse than dying.

Because it's a protest...

There are two parts to the video, the first one repeats (mistake), the second starts about 1.30


Australian government official lists the ways you will be forced to get vaccinated.


Flashback to July 2020, Dan Andrews saying it's not over until "every single Victorian is vaccinated".

From post

A slip of the tongue from New South Wales Health minister.

Man Shouts at Kid for not wearing a mask, Sydenham, Melbourne

A group of Maoris or Islanders at Altona beach, pregnant woman arrested, not clear what for. Featured in post

Old lady rant against Dan Andrews

A classic Danny boy Andrews moment from a few weeks ago.

Six policemen visit a woman's house at 11.30pm to warn her against protesting


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