Funny scene.

The Passion of the Christ, a movie produced, written and directed by Mel Gibson. Excellent and well done. This movie attempts to realistically depict the last 12 hours of the life of Christ. The movie stars Jim Caviezel as Jesus. The brutal treatment of Jesus on the last day of his life - which (among other things) is depicted in this movie - is probably something that most people, including most (or many) Christians, don't really understand and appreciate. This movie is not for the faint of heart but, of course, it has a positive and uplifting ending. I highly recommend it.

An animated story about a group of noisy wasps and a ladybug. This is entertaining and kind of funny.

This is a short clip, an excerpt, from an episode of the The Twilight Zone called "A most unusual camera." The Twilight Zone was a TV series which played on CBS from 1959 to 1964, according to Wikipedia.

Music video.

Although Tulsi is a socialist she speaks the truth (on some issues at least) and is willing to criticize the powers that be. Therefore, even some conservatives support her. But the powers that be are opposed to her and Hillary Clinton, who is in bed with the powers that be, tried to derail Tulsi's campaign by slandering her. Tulsi is suing in court to find justice.

A four year old female elephant named Suda paints a picture with a paintbrush and paint. And then she signs her name on it. The elephant is at the Maetaeng Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (All of this is according to the text under the video as I found it on youtube. It was uploaded by a youtube channel named FSchleyhahn. Note: the author of the video wrote that if one wants to use this video in a commercial forum one should contact [email protected].)

Nice background music.

This is a very nice song, "Love is Blue," set to a section of the movie City LIghts, which stars Charlie Chaplan.

Carlos Ghosn was the CEO of Nissan for 16 years. Suddenly, on November 19, 2018, he was arrested by Japanese authorities and held in prison. He was accused of mishandling and mismanaging finances. He was facing a very unfair and corrupt justice system in Japan and eventually, on 12/29/2019, he managed a daring escape to Labanon. He reportedly escaped, with the help of accomplices, by hiding in a box which was supposed to be used to hold a musical instrument. The box was loaded onto a private jet which went first to Istanbul and then to Beirut, Lebanon.

Soon after he was free in Lebanon he gave the press conference recorded in this video where he could finally tell his side of the story. In this press conference he explained that he was not a fugitive from justice. He was fleeing injustice. He said he is innocent of all the charges against him and that he is willing to be tried in court but not in Japan; he is willing to be tried in a country with a fair justice system. He said that the Japanese justice system has a 99.4% conviction rate, which means that defendants just don't stand a fair chance.

He said that when he was arrested he had no idea the charges were coming against him, that they were engineered by disgruntled executives at Nissan who were working with prosecutors to have him arrested and put away. He said the executives were upset because he was making changes at Nissan involving a merger with other car makers which would have put those executives under pressure by making them accountable for how well the company performs (i.e., for their job performance).

He said that for nine months he was not allowed to see his wife except for a single visit in which he was allowed to speak to her for only two hours and that a lawyer had to be present who would report back everything they talked about. Also, he said he was interrogated for up to 8 hours per day without any lawyers present. He said they kept telling him that if he would just confess to the allegations against him everything would be easier for him and that if he did not things would get worse. He also said that the prosecutors wrongly withheld important exculpatory evidence from him and they engaged in many acts of misconduct. He said they were doing many things to him to try to break him, to break his spirit and make him capitulate. But he did not break and he did not capitulate to them.

He addressed some of the charges against him. He said that he was accused of under-reporting his compensation (his income). But he pointed out that the amount in question had not yet even been approved by the board and that he had not even received it yet. He also discussed another sum he had been accused of misappropriating and he showed one or more documents (on a projection screen) showing that that sum had been signed off on by appropriate personnel at Nissan.

I personally have dealt with corrupt justice systems in the US and I empathize with his frustration with the Japanese justice system and applaud his daring escape, given all the circumstances here.

Gigliola Cinquetti is an Italian singer. This song, called "At the Gates of the Sun," sounds very nice.

Jeanette Anne Dimech is a British born singer who lives in Spain and sings mostly in Spanish. She has reportedly lived in Spain since the age of 12. This song, called "Because you are leaving," sounds very nice. Information about Jeanette can be found here:

The Greenbay (Wisconsin) Packers defeated the Seattle Seahawks on 1/12/2020 in the divisional round of the playoffs in the 2019 NFL season. The Packers, the # 2 seed, now move on to face the 49ers, the # 1 seed, in the NFC championship game on 1/19/2020. Both of these teams have 2019 regular season records of 13-3-0.

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Minnesota Vikings on 1/11/2020 in the divisional round of the playoffs of the 2019 NFL season. The 49ers are the # 1 seed in the NFC and they now advance to the NFC championship game which will be played on Sunday, 1/19/2020.

The Tennessee Titans defeated the Baltimore Ravens on 1/11/2020 in the divisional round of playoffs of the 2019 NFL season. The Titans move on to the AFC championship game which will be played on Sunday, 1/19/2020.

In this divisional round game the Titans upset the # 1 seed in the AFC (the Baltimore Ravens). And last weekend they defeated the reigning champs, the New England Patriots. The Titans seem to be playing very well at this point.

The New England Patriots lose a close game to the Tennessee Titans in the wild card round of the playoffs of the 2019 NFL season. The Patriots' season is now over and the Titans advance to the divisional round of the playoffs. I think this will probably be the last game Tom Brady plays as a New England Patriot.

This is a series of images of paintings by artist Gregory Gillespie. This is a nice video set to interesting music. The video was apparently created by a Russian individual with a youtube channel called TV Picture Gallery ("Картинная галерея TV") The Russian title of the video is: "Григорий Гиллеспи (Gillespie Gregory) картины великих художников" which google translate translates into English as: "Gregory Gillespie (Gillespie Gregory) paintings of great artists."

Lamar Alexander sells plans for, and makes videos about, building small, off the grid houses. He also sings songs. This is a song titled "I am my own man."

The San Francisco 49ers barely defeat the Seattle Seahawks on 12/29/2019.

Moranbong is an all girl North Korean pop music band. in this video they are playing a song titled "Without a Break." The music is nice sounding, the choreography is nice, the girls are attractive. (Just avoid reading a translation of the words, which are freaky. They express total and obsequious devotion to the North Korean state and government.)


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Wolfgang Halbig is interviewed by Marty Leeds about the alleged Sandy Hook massacre on 8/3/2019.