This video is to help support a small claims court case relating to the improper towing of my car on 1/17/2018.

I updloaded this video only so I could have a link to for this video into a discussion forum where I am requesting help regarding a problem I have in downloading files.

This is a video of a web page which is part of an online bitcoin scam. It is being posted so I can have a link to it, not for entertainment purposes.

A screenshot of the description text which was displayed below this video when it was posted on youtube is included here:

That text directs the viewer to a webpage ( with additional information on how to fall for this scam. A video of all parts of that web page can be viewed here:

This video has not been posted for entertainment purposes. I am posting it so that I can have a link to it in documents I am preparing.

A bitcoin scam involving a claim that Elon Musk was giving away 5,000 bitcoins.

Can elephants fly?

A man found a feral cat with its head stuck in a can. The man took the cat into his car and got the can off. After that at first the cat just really wanted to get away, to get out of the car. The man was going to release it back into the wild. He opened the car door. But by this time the cat's attitude seemed to have changed and it did not jump out of the car. The man said that he would count to 10 and if the cat did not jump out by the time he got to 10 he would take it home. The cat did not jump out. Then the man took the cat home and cared for it.

By the way, this video got over 6 million views on youtube.

This is a 26 minute "vignette" (an extended preview of sorts) of a film called Plandemic which is intended to be released in the summer of 2020. It includes an interview with Judy Mikovits, a highly accomplished scientist who worked with Dr. Fauci. She is exposing extraordinary fraud and corruption in the medical science world.

Dr. Robert Rowen talks about how beneficial ozone treatment for treating various diseases.

Dr. Bill Dome explains the efficacy of using ozone treatment in dentistry.

Dr. Bill Dome explains the efficacy of using ozone treatment in dentistry.

Marcus Freudenmann talks about various treatments using ozone for cancer patients.

One thing that is interesting about this investigation is that it was done by a "independent people's tribunal" in England. We could do the same here in the US regarding a variety of topics. We can just convene "citizen's tribunals."

The conduct of the Chinese here is utterly horrible.

Empty Corona Virus test center, false official claims of people dying of Corona Virus. Notice that the narrator cannot say the name Corona Virus because if he does Youtube, which is Jewish owned, will retaliate against him (as they are doing with many, many others nowadays if they go off script).


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Wolfgang Halbig is interviewed by Marty Leeds about the alleged Sandy Hook massacre on 8/3/2019.