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We spend most of our days thinking about tangible, material things or ideas related to the physical world. We think political, we think economical, we think medical, we think work, we think stuff, we think friends, we think family, we think world problems.

There is a primary problem with this type of thinking:

Most of this “thinking” isn’t even our own. It is forced upon us through family and friends and government and church and especially through social and corporate media. All of this thinking is going on, but does all that much really change and get better?

And there is a secondary problem with this type of thinking:

Most of this thinking is not active.

Think is a verb. To think. The act of thinking. It is supposed to be active.

I have started the Think Spiritual podcast and website because I am going to begin to challenge you to actively think about your spiritual life.

I am going to challenge you to think emotional, think rational, think body, think mind. I am going to ask you to think Self, think wholistic, because all of these things are spiritual in nature.