A personal Telling Films tribute by Lady Michèle Renouf to German-Canadian artist, publisher and dedicated campaigner for historical truth Ernst Zündel, born 23rd April 1939, died 5th August 2017 at his ancestral home in southern Germany. Uniquely interviewed as he was released from Mannheim Prison in 2010 and during his journey back to his childhood home in the Black Forest, and updated in this unexpurgated version after Ernst Zündel’s death, this film documents his decades of legal struggle for source-critical justice in Canada and Germany, literally illustrated by Ernst’s own art works created during his years of imprisonment, and includes an interview with his lawyer Dr. Herbert Schaller.

'Eye for an Eye' is about a group of about fifty alleged "Holocaust survivors" who, in 1945, sought to kill Germans and "Nazis" in revenge for the fabricated hoax of six million Jews being murdered during the "Holocaust." Led by Abba Kovner, the group sought to kill six million Germans in a form of indiscriminate revenge, "a nation for a nation". Kovner went to Mandatory Palestine in order to secure large quantities of poison for poisoning water mains to kill large numbers of Germans, and his followers infiltrated the water system of Nuremberg. However, Kovner was arrested by the British on his return to Europe and had to throw the poison overboard.

Following this failure, the rest of the group turned their attention to "Plan B", targeting German prisoners of war held by the United States. They obtained arsenic locally and infiltrated the bakeries that supplied these prison camps. The conspirators poisoned 3,000 loaves of bread at Konsum-Genossenschaftsbäckerei (Consumer Cooperative Bakery) in Nuremberg, which sickened more than 2,000 German prisoners of war at Langwasser internment camp. However, no known deaths can be attributed to the group. Although these likes are considered by some to have been a terrorist organization, German prosecutors dismissed a case against two of its members due to the "unusual circumstances".

For further research on the (((hidden hand))) behind the suffering and death of White Europeans throughout history, visit

Controversial historian David Irving sued Jewish-American academic Deborah Lipstadt for libel after she had accused him of being a distorter of history and a Holocaust denier. Irving mounted his case alone, without legal support, taking on the legal big guns of a major publisher.

This documentary is a reenactment of the courtroom proceedings as Irving defends himself and his more accurate narrative of the Holohaux. This (((MSM))) propaganda piece preeches the origins of the alleged final solution and recounts the myth of the Nazi death camps. It also explores the motives of those who continue to deny the false, Jewish narrative of the Holocaust.

One of the most celebrated politicians of the 20th century was really a drunken fool with a sadistic hatred, causing him to commit the greatest of atrocities against Europe.

Elie Wiesel Prominent False Witness

The German War Against Globalism Part 2 of 2

Youtube: Yad Vashem
Sep 24, 2009
Ovadia Baruch - On the Way to Auschwitz

This is part 1 of 2 of The Holocaust: Shifting the Blame by Jews for Hitler.

“Shifting the Blame” examines the Holocaust by looking at key events in history that took place before the apparent Jewish genocide. By examining historical facts we begin to see a pattern of concealment and propaganda as we explore the Jewish role in the Russian Revolution and other events throughout our history.

The German War Against Globalism Part 1 of 2

Testimony of Rachel Hanan.
USC Shoah Foundation

Testimony of Peter Somogyi.
Youtube: The National WWII Museum
May 11, 2020
A Conversation with Holocaust Survivor Peter Somogyi

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An ardent, unapologetic review of the dramatic history and motivating ideals of the great pan-European volunteer fighting force of World War II, of which Leon Degrelle was one of the most illustrious figures. The gifted Belgian leader and SS combat hero describes the heroism, high standards and fervent comradeship that made Waffen SS the most storied and the most calumniated fighting force of World War II.

This is a special translated narration, in English, of Degrelle’s video presentation at the Fourth IHR Conference, 1982.

Youtube: Lisa Reznik
May 15, 2020
Holocaust Journey TRAILER FINAL 1


Testimony of Rachel Hanan.
USC Shoah Foundation

Posted for Educational Purpuses ONLY

Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl's controversial masterwork is an artful work of propaganda showcasing German chancellor and Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler at the 1934 Nuremberg Rally. Edited from over 60 hours' worth of raw footage shot over the course of the rally's four days, the film is visually remarkable in the way it captures the event's enormous scale. Riefenstahl's portentous filming from low angles (to make the small-framed Hitler look imposing and majestic) is often copied and parodied.

The Canadian (((mainstream media))) sat down with legendary revisionist and German advocate Ernst Zundel back in 1993 to create this short, made-for-TV documentary. Here's what the kikes had to say about 'Gift to the World':

"His name has become synonymous with hate propaganda in Canada and around the world – and The Fifth Estate first told the story of Ernst Zundel back in 1993."

"In the early ‘90s the neo-Nazi movement was growing in the newly unified Germany. Officials estimated there were over 40,000 extremists in the country. The resurgent movement got a lot of help from a person well known in Canada: notorious Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel. From his Toronto home, Zundel became one of the biggest suppliers of propaganda to neo-Nazis in Germany. From 1993, Victor Malarek profiles the then booming career of Ernst Zundel."

"In 2003 Zundel was deemed a security threat in Canada because of his links to hate groups and was deported to his native Germany in 2005. He was arrested upon his arrival and in 2007 a German court convicted him of 14 counts of incitement of racial hatred, sentencing him to five years in prison. Zundel was released from prison in 2010."

Youtube: North Yorkshire County Council
May 7, 2020
Harrogate High School - Arek Hersh full interview

Robert Faurisson Germans Punished in World War II for Mistreating Jews

Life Really like at Auschwitz

An excellent film by Aaron Kasparov on the real history of Dr. Josef Mengele.

Fred Leuchter, former consulting engineer on capital punishment in the USA, compares American with so-called Nazi gas chambers.

This documentary is a concise, easy to understand, short film about the Holohoax lie. It is intended for "beginners" who are newly red-pilled and recently discovering the lies behind the official, mainstream narrative of the so-called "Holocaust". It's also a great tool for the red-pilled individuals in our camp to recommend to normies to introduce them to Holocaust revisionism.

After WW2, Germany was divided up from East to West by the allied forces and the Soviet Union. Additionally, in the Soviet-run East, the capital Berlin was also diced in half, with the Soviet regime again controlling the Eastern portion of the city.

As time went on, hundreds of thousands of Germans would flee to West Germany or Western Berlin to escape Communism. As the Soviets began to experience a serious "brain drain", and fearing economic collapse, they began constructing a wall to prevent valuable Germans like doctors and engineers from escaping to the West.

This film documents the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, and the increased security and growing technology employed for the wall. Hear about the countless people who used ingenious methods to succesfully cross the wall, and the thousand-plus unforunate individuals who died in the attempt.


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The aim of this site is to promote intellectual freedom with regard to this one historical event called "Holocaust." It is our belief that this will in turn help advance the concept of intellectual freedom with regard to all historical events. We find it vulgar beyond belief that Americans would spend more than half a century condemning the "unique monstrosity" of the Germans when we have not yet learned to condemn our own, or to even recognize it.

CODOH is not a membership organization and is not affiliated with any political party or political group. It is not the purpose of CODOH to prove the Holocaust “never happened,” or that European Jews did not suffer a catastrophe during the years of the Hitlerian regime. Those who try to convince you it is want to muddy the waters. While we no longer believe the gas chamber stories (we used to very much believe them) or the “genocide” theory, we remain open to being convinced we are wrong.