This is the beginning of the African conference for the Continuing Church of God in Nairobi, Kenya for leaders from eight nations. The agenda and introductions are the first portion of this video, and then there is a sermon explaining why the Philadelphia remnant is all about love. Though given in English, most of the messages are translated into the African language of Kiswahili on this video.


Translated into Embu, while given in English, Elder Aleksandar 'Sasha' Veljic speaks about spiritual growth and preparation for Passover. He discusses that Christians need to change, fast, and have real growth. Can you trust your heart? What does the Bible teach? This sermon was given in Kitengela in Kenya.

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Pastor Evans Ochieng officiates a Passover service in Luo.


Ugandan-born Pastor Evans Ochieng, who is based in Kenya makes some comments about the work and needs in Africa.

Evangelist Evans Ochieng of the Continuing Church of God was in Mozambique to baptize people from Malawi and Mozambique in January 2018. This short non-narrated, video shows people who were about to get baptized, a few who just got baptized, and one person getting baptized. Thirty-four were baptized on this trip-16 from Malawi and 18 from Mozambique. Evangelist Ochieng declared, "The total number of members who were baptized were 34. 16 members from Malawi and 18 members from Mozambique. Since I became a pastor, this is the largest work of baptism that I have done in my life. Even though it was a big work and tough, it was done perfectly and I thank those who prayed for me during my trip to Malawi."

Pastor Ochieng introduces a group of Chilani people to the Continuing Church of God. They are located in the Trans Mara district of Kenya. He distributes some song books and literature. They sing a hymn together.

Evangelist Evans Ochieng is visiting with believers in Paloni, Malawi. The chief who is talking is a Malawian chief. When Evangelist Ochieng visited his home, he found no chair or bed simply because of disaster and poverty. The chief is speaking Chichewa and it being translated into English by Radson Mulozowa.

Have you lost your first love? What should it be? Jamaican Vincent Patterson, who now lives in the UK, gave this sermonette related to the Ephesus church which lost its first love in Revelation 2, as well as what happened to himself and others. This message is in English.




Maubiri Kuhusu Ufalme wa Mungu, Na John Otieno la Continuing Church of God.

Laptop donations are received and distributed for school and church in Kenya.

Youth sing praises during the 2014 Youth Camp sponsored by the Continuing Church of God. This camp takes place in Kenya.

Continuing Church of God Pastor Evans Ochieng preaches a message on the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in the language of Dholuo, which is spoken in parts of Kenya and Uganda. Pastor Evans Ochieng was born in Uganda and is based out of Kenya.

This sermon was recorded in Kenya by Pastor William. The subject is the Kingdom of God and it is in the Kalenjin language.


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