These people WANT YOU to have your identity stolen, they are openly telling you this and that they want you to have your money stolen so it will be easier for the Anti-Christ to deceive you with his mark of the beast. They think you are stupid, this commercial MOCKS YOU for not blindly following their satanic garbage. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

I was bad ya'll, I thought I was about to get kicked out of the Ryman tour for taking a picture of something HUGE regarding my research...but guess what? I got it anyway...well most of it, enough for what I need anyway. The tour guide was very vocal that she did not want me taking this picture, but she can't watch everybody. LOL. Did you know the Country Music Hall of Sinful Idolatry Fame is located on a street with "demon" in the name? As you will see here it absolutely does, and the Tennessee Scottish Rite is all on the same block of all of this evil. See, the Freemasons don't want you to know certain famous people that promote sin are actually Freemasons, as it would expose them as hypocrites working for Satan, but I got a BIG piece of evidence that proves one of the biggest stars in MUSIC history is ones of these very men. No idolater enters the Kingdom of Heaven. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

I've been watching a lot of Youtube videos tonight on MK Ultra glitches, and clones and realized they were using the same clip, but they all missed a major piece of information. In 1988 Weird Al Yankovic sang of being a clone himself, now those researching the Mandala Effect will debate the rumor of whether or not Weird Al committed suicide in the 80s, and this is right about the time that it was said to have happened. Whether or not that is true, all of these demons worship Satan and these demons cause them and you spiritual harm. Put on the ARMOR OF GOD NOW and REPENT, turning to LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you meet these frauds fate of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

The Noah's Ark Experience has its moments that are VERY inspiration and it makes recommend a visit so long as you put on the armor of GOD and rely on Jesus Christ to set off the alarm bells in your head when you come across such moments of blasphemy. Some of the staff, I am convinced, are there to continue the stereotype that Christians look stupid. There were moments that I couldn't believe were allowed to get the green light, and that not one person rebuked it. However, I was still very inspired by what I saw, and for the most part, it's a great reference to the coming judgement and should be taken as such. Once you leave, you need to compare what you saw to the KJV and get heavy in prayer and let the Holy Spirit take the good for edification.

Stopped at the Ark Encounter outside Cincinnati and was led to share this message after seeing how large this thing is and how only 8 people were saved. Most of the people you see on a daily basis will burn in Hell and it's up to us to shout the warning of unrepentant sinners fate and how Jesus Christ and only Jesus Christ savea

I see a new video on Youtube where Mario had yet another hateful message to someone personally, and I felt led to make a compilation of Mario's most psychotic outbursts. And just when I hit saved I see a message on Facebook from someone I don't know who sent screenshots of Mario insulting and telling an ex girlfriend to kill herself. Do you see what your silence does? It has enabled an already unstable psycho to get puffed up in his head and lead people astray. This man needs deliverance, this man needs to get help, and most of all the foolish cult he has created is leading MANY to eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire. This past weekend I posted a warning the Holy Spirit showed me that this man is walking a very thin line to destruction, and what has come out today shows me why. What he doesn't want you to see is what GOD sees and hates. REPENT AND TURN TO JESUS CHRIST NOW...BOTH MARIO HIMSELF AND HIS CULT FOLLOWERS

For years I have been saying with the LGBT agenda and the Patriot Act, Exodus 1:10 is very relevant as the government is trying to control the population out of fear. Today news came out that Paypal ended all services for BitChute for this reason, and while reading about it I came across a tweet from CBS News talking about high tech Christmas gifts that can easily be hacked...including light bulbs.There was a video of a report of a medical device that people can put on their arms to track how their body is functioning and can be used to prevent things like strokes. This is how they are manipulating the masses, they tell you everything that's good and then take 45 seconds to pretend like it's safe and can't be hacked. They've said this before, and every time they say this, it gets hacked and they have to come up with something else that's "better." This is conditioning for the Mark of the Beast and you have to be aware of their tactics and how stupid it's already gotten...THEY ARE TRACKING YOUR CLOTHES!! You need to be aware of this so you can prepare now, and get in the habit of calling upon Jesus Christ and relying on him and the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the deception before you get deceived by Satan himself into taking the Mark of the Beast. REPENT NOW! Accept our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ NOW! If you continue to wait, and time is this short, you will suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

Holiday gifts: Beware of those that can spy on you

Tonight the venom really flowed from Mario on his crybaby podcast, and he went on a rant because he's been exposed HARD and not everyone blindly accepts his lies. He said he wants to beat me up yet he forgot that in 2016 he was scheduled to do a conference 2 hours away from me in Evansville, Indiana and after I told him I was coming, he cried in front of the camera and said he couldn't make it because he was sick. REPENT AND TRULY COME TO JESUS MARIO! YOU ARE LEADING A LOT OF PEOPLE TO ETERNAL DAMNATION WITH YOUR LIES!

In this video you will see Mario make $630.09 American in one hour, that translates into 833.50 Canadian...for one hour. If this was a 40 hour a week job, that would equal $33,340 which comes out to $1,733,680 a year. To get this he titled the video "I'm Down and Need you" and you will see crying over his lost cat, while his other cat is in the back ground and he completely ignores it, in fact it actually runs away from him when he gets up. He cries about his car, he cries about spending $2000 to help a friend buy drugs, he cries about everything and his sick CULT rushes to fund his "ministry" of singing off key to horrible music. Once he stops crying, the money stops coming in so he starts crying again. As I'm typing this he's still on and continuing this but one hour is all you need to see to tell you how SICK AND TWISTED this man is and how he joys in his worldly reward .REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen this man say. This man was asked if he agrees with the 10 Commandments and then goes on a venom filled rant on how the Old Testament is stupid and Jesus Christ provided the only thing we should follow. This man is lost and so are you if you listen to him. REPENT and turn to Jesus Christ our LORD AND SAVIOR before demonic frauds like this lead you to eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

Early today this fraud made a video saying he was on his way to fellowship with one of his Faith Family cult members when a ladder fell off a truck in front of him causing a minor wreck to his car. That is actually spiritual and when you read the Bible and read Genesis you read a story about Jacob's dream of a ladder with angels going up and down it, and GOD giving him a promise of blessing, THIS is actually the opposite. Mario has been instructed NOT to teach his blasphemy, this PROVES HE IS NOT CALLED TO PREACH and this may be the final warning GOD gives him unless he wakes up. I beg someone that he hasn't blocked to share this warning with him in hopes he and his cult actually WAKES UP AND REPENTS. He needs Jesus Christ and this shows Jesus is NOT on Mario's side,

In this video I wanted to use this middle of the road hit from 2001 to show how these people disguise their love for their Masonic handlers, and the demons they surrendered to as simple love songs that the common man would not be able to see through. This song was recorded as a thank you for Kenny Rogers reaching the top of the Country music charts the year before with Buy Me A Rose yet because of the way it was done, people thought it was a song about a man and a woman, which it's not. We also talk about Kenny's 1989 song Planet Texas about Kenny going on a spiritual journey with demons. If you like this man and his music then you need to REPENT and accept Jesus Christ as your personal LORD AND SAVIOR before you meet Kenny's fate of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

This disgusting clown just keeps proving to everyone that actually reads the Bible, that he is a Pharisee and DAILY goes against scripture and the Word of GOD. Jesus spoke against people like Mario and Mario's actions before the world proves this to be true. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you meet this clowns fate of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire.

This video was inspired while watching the music video for Kenny Rogers 1984 song Crazy, which shows Kenny ignoring a multitude of people treating him as a god. It's so easy over 30 years later, to look at this and say these people are in the wrong, but 1 Corinthians 6 lists 10 sins and labels them under one single term: Unrighteous. We all fall short of the glory of GOD and we praise Him for the GRACE provided by Jesus Christ, however Satan comes along to tempt each and every one of us, trying to get you to stumble, and you have to take a deep look within yourself and HUMBLY ask Jesus for forgiveness of your sins and strength to overcome them before you fall away. It's disturbing how much this Kenny Rogers video and the crowd it shows follows scripture, but it's blatant disrespect and you need to REPENT NOW asking GOD for forgiveness before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

In this video we mainly look at This Woman, a Kenny Rogers song from 1984 in which the video promotes Paganism and altered state programming in a Masonic lodge in which Kenny sits at the architect seat pushing the you are a god lie. We also look at the song Lady which is honoring his Masonic handlers and Lucille which is the female version of Lucifer disguised as a song about his mother. As you will see in this video, Kenny Rogers is evil to the core and is trying to brainwash and condition you for open devil worship and it's time for you to stop gambling on your salvation and walk away from this demon. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

Mark 5 tells us that Satan and his demons fear and tremble before Jesus Christ, and when you surrender to him, Satan will come trying to cause stumbling blocks to try and hinder your walk with Christ. It is important that when he pray to GOD, to test every single spirit to see if they are of GOD or not. GOD does not always talk to you face to face like man does, he will sometimes use scenario's and situations, using different people you may have never met before, to be the answer to what you are seeking. It is because of this that you must ALWAYS do everything in the Lord Jesus Christ and surrender to him to do his will through him. The random stranger at Walmart could easily be the answer to your prayers just like you may be the answer to the cashier's prayer who's having a bad day. People will blindly believe anything they hear, and if they don't hear what they want to hear will easily turn to sin, and it's VERY important to stay in the Word of GOD DAILY and put every day situations and line it up with the Word of GOD to see if it holds or not. When people are suffering, they are quick to turn to idols that are nothing more than a distraction in vanity, don't fall for it, just REPENT and turn to Jesus Christ

Topics include:
Elvis is Alive
Paul McCartney is Dead
Jim Reeves and Patsy Clines death

Artists include:
Reckless Kelly
Red Meat
Red Wanting Blue
Redmon & Vale
Jerry Reed (1937–2008)
Del Reeves (1932–2007)
Jim Reeves (1923–1964)
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Restless Heart
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Bobby G. Rice (born 1944)
Chase Rice (born 1986)
Steve Richard
Kim Richey
Riders in the Sky
Jeannie C. Riley (born 1945)
LeAnn Rimes (born 1982)

In this video we look at the 2002 worldwide hit by LeAnn Rimes in which she sings of being forced into the music industry at a very young age and shows signs of being a monarch MK Ultra sex slave for the Freemasons, and how she is trying to lead you down that same path. Don't let these victims victimize you and hinder your walk with Christ because listening to this garbage and buying into its blasphemous message WILL lead you to Hell. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

In this video we look at the 1998 hit from LeAnn Rimes in which she sings about loving Satan and shows the textbook soul selling ritual in the video according to scripture. If you like this garbage then you are lost and need to wake up and REPENT, turning to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

When Debby Boone sang this trash in the 70s lukewarm Christians everywhere fell in love with it thinking it honored the true living GOD, spoiler doesn't...far from it. Seeing 666 in the original 45 cover should be the first clue that this song is evil to the core, and with LeAnn Rimes repeating the Masonic programming to the Country music audience in the 90s, we see her pushing the you are a god lie from Satan himself, and I use the word "her" lightly because LeAnn Rimes is a MTF transgender pushing witchcraft in Jesus name. If you like this garbage then you need to REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you meet these harlots fate of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

Newsweek just tweeted an article about what the latest fashion trends for 2019 will be, and the way they did it was VERY coded, 4 images for 4 seasons and nuclear winter was one of them, if so then we're in for a bloody summer and the mark of the beast microchip makes a return. The Trump/Pence (trumpets) are being blown (Trump the blowhard) and time is running out, you MUST REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you get left behind and suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

NOTE: One thing I did not notice until after this video was made, the article was written by a woman named Eve Watling...we're on the eve of destruction and they're telling us this

I've been waiting for this clip to be uploaded on Youtube for years and finally someone did so and GOD IMMEDIATELY led me to it. When we are stuck in idolatry we don't realize that our favorite "entertainers" were actually abused into accepting the evil they are promoting, and are victims trying to victimize us and cause us spiritual harm. In a 1983 interview on ABC's 20/20, Ronnie said he was forced into a Masonic school for blind children and he felt like Joseph being sold as a slave. Fast forward 3-4 years later and Ronnie talks about after he felt like this, his grandfather forced him to sleep in a haunted house, being surrounded by familiar spirits which he used in transition into his song Stranger in my House. This is how the programming works, traumatize the victim as a child, and then use that for inspiration to induce trauma in their audience. DO NOT FALL FOR IT, REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire for your sin and blasphemy which these people subliminally cause you to commit.

This channel is so negative as a reflection of the evils of this world, and we sometimes forget to include the good in this world, and of course the ONLY thing good in this world is our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ. While this might be nothing for some people, I wanted to share yet another experience I had that had me fighting mad, and I was unable to fix my problem until I called on the name of the Lord. It wasn't me that fixed the problem I was facing, but Jesus and we need to remember that GOD is there for us whenever things are going bad, but we have to humble ourselves and call on His name before we see any changes. We can't just praise GOD and get content when things are going right, we have to stay grounded in the faith and call on his name in EVERY situation and I just felt led to share this message because everyone listening has their own burdens to bear and Jesus is waiting on you to find the solution in him.

These people are sick and heading for Hell. Don't let Satan's temptations and love of the world cause a stumble in your walk with Christ. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer this extremely wicked worlds fate of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

There was a video that was just uploaded prior to this video being made in which clown agent shill Alex Jones played a song from Keith Whitley, a song which contains the line "I've been sacrificed by brothers." This was intentional and not by accident as Alex Jones is going through censorship designed for silence and mind control to other truthers for his exposure in the Sandy Hook false flag, and Sandy Hook KY is where Keith Whitley, who was sacrificed to Satan by his then wife Lorrie Morgan whos career exploded right after his death, was from. These people do NOT have your best interest in mind, the only reason they give you the little bit of truth is to completely brainwash you with all the nonsense that they make up in their own head. The ONLY one you can trust in this world, is Jesus Christ. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer Alex's fate of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire


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