Today TMZ was used by the occult to point out that the American Don't Tread On Me symbol is now racist and a symbol of hatred and white supremacy. What many fail to realize is that, it actually is a symbol of hate, hatred towards GOD. In Revelation 20:2 we see the serpent is Lucifer and in Luke 10:19 Jesus himself tells us that he gives us the power to tread on serpents, so when these Masonic New World Order demons say "DON'T tread on me" what they're really telling you, is to reject Jesus Christ. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

... Revolutionary War Slogan Racist???

The Holy Spirit reminded me of something that I've had on my computer for years, you know who Silly Gay is, you know who nutjob Miley is, but do you know who daddy Cyrus is? Turns out in the 80s Billy Ray's father was a chairman on the Federal Reserve Board...right around the time Billy was getting ready to release the awful Achy Breaky Heart debacle. This song is proving that you don't need talent to actually be good, it's all about who you know. But the lyrics, as bad as they are, actually contain a warning that the horsemen of the apocalypse are sitting in the back getting ready to go and all these satanists are about to be sent to Hell where they belong. Don't be like Lil Nas X, REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

In this video we look at the folk Country duo The Secret Sisters to show that you don't have to be Garth Brooks or Carrie Underwood to be a satanist brainwashing their target audience fanbase through their music. In 2011 they released their debut album with songs featuring Jack White who was a Freemason from birth and they sing of being controlled by demons in a positive light. You can't listen to this garbage and think you are right with GOD. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

By itself, this image of meteorology students visiting Ft Knox may seem like nothing, however when you piece it together with TV meteorologists saying tornadoes are coming from Ft Knox, the 6.9 California earthquake being registered out of Ft Knox, and the first hurricane of 2019 coming just south of Ft Knox, it would appear that the most famous military base in the entire world is waging war with its own citizens by controlling the weather. These demons are attacking you right now, people have died from this action, you never know when you are next. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

The question has been asked many many times in the truther community, why has the occult let the infrastructure in the US go completely down the toilet and why is the midwest being flooded out. I've been talking many times on this channel about the role Ft Knox has played in the weather manipulation and the possible hurricane system known as Barry is evidence that something is going on behind the gold vault. To add to the confusion SNL has been uploading some very questionable vintage skits in the past week that hints of death by flooding and an assassination on a loud mouth annoying Republican president. This is proven by a weird skit that was uploaded that showed Mike Meyers (yes that is a Mandela Effect change to Myers), with female breasts, trying to cash in on the transgender movement. Something is not right in the Bluegrass state that needs to be looked into and investigated and people need to get right with our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ and those in the midwest need to prepare for the absolute worst. They have you looking at California when you need to look south of St. Louis at the New Madrid

These demons know the Bible much better than any Christian does, and while their actions go against the Word of GOD, they still prove it is truth. Earlier this week the New York Times released a magazine article detailing how a Yale scientist is working on keeping the brain alive after the person has died giving way to possible revitalization. They are working on the final touches to make this a reality so that when it's time for the Anti-Christ to deceive many, he can do it with ease. The hour is upon us, the time is at hand, Jesus Christ is getting ready to return and take us all away in the rapture and you need to REPENT and turn to him as he is the ONLY path to salvation. You don't want to get left behind when it hits the fan and you ended up being deceived and suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

Scientists Are Giving Dead Brains New Life. What Could Go Wrong?

How is it that the 7.1 downgraded to a 6.9 earthquake that hit Los Angeles and Las Vegas was registered over 2000 miles away in north central Kentucky with no reports of feelings or registrations in between the initial impact zone? I have mentioned several times on this channel how I was watching a tornado report back in March here in Louisville and the meteorologist said "This is coming out of Ft. Knox." Now as the 2019 hurricane season is about to begin, we're hearing that a system could start in Kentucky and Tennessee of all places. What is really going on at Ft Knox and why was the gold vault built so close to the road as if they WANTED you to see something that is supposed to be so secret?

Something Tropical Coming FROM Kentucky?

Remember Dan Seals? Most people don't but he was actually somewhat popular in the late 1980s in Country Music. In 1992 Dan decided to go public with his hatred of Jesus Christ and sealed his fate of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire by releasing this Masonic New World Order pile of trash called We Are One. You will see in this video Dan bring out Nazi symbolism for children to play with, and a black child putting on a KKK hood all in the name of unholy unity. Dan Seals is in Hell right now, don't be like Dan Seals. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer Dan's fate of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

No I'm not yet ready to put out a new LJ as I know there are people that really enjoy them, I just wanted to spice up the intro version I did almost 5 years ago. I know it's long, but since the actual journals are 2-3 hours long...what's another 5-6 minutes? I didn't have a space to put the old intro into the last LJ so I figured that's a sign that it's time for a change. Thoughts?

As short and pathetic as this is, it's just a small preview of what is headed your way if you don't REPENT and turn to Jesus Christ

It's the last day of June 2019 and US President Donald Trump becomes the first president to step foot on North Korean soil and the world is watching stunned at what's going on. However this is more fake news garbage as this whole thing is planned and both are nothing more than pawns for the Anti-Christ's New World Order. See...several years ago former teammate of Michael Jordan became buddies with Un...that man was freak of nature Dennis Rodman...who's friends with Donald Trump. Once Trump came into office, Rodman seemed to disappear, that's because he was just a pawn and he was no longer needed. It's no surprise that this date is a subliminal 666 and the last day of LGBT Pride month...remember kids, pride comes before a fall, and Rodman made headlines in the 90s for wearing dresses. Please don't fall for this, REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire.

For years now people have been debating on whether or not the Mandela Effect has changed the Bible, personally I believe it's coming from a bunch of people who never knew the Bible in the first place. HOWEVER if you have recently bought a new KJV Bible you will know that it's nearly impossible to find one without notes inside. 1 Samuel 15 talks about Saul not controlling his soldiers while destroying the Amalekites and taking the best of the land for their own personal sacrifices and GOD being angry with Saul because of it, however when you look at the actual page in the Bible, these demons have included a note that said "Saul was obedient." No he wasn't, and that's DANGEROUS because it was this action that led to Saul being removed, David being named King in waiting, which of course starts the line leading up to Jesus Christ our LORD AND SAVIOR. Only pay attention to what the Word of GOD is telling you, don't stray and seek knowledge from people who are puffed up because of a worthless piece of paper, because they in their ignorance and rebellion will lead you astray.

Country music has had quietly open homosexuals for years, Kenny Chesney is proof of this. Ty Herndon has been irrelevant in Country music for 20 years now, and like most singers desperate for publicity, they come out of the closet, long after they're no longer being taken seriously. But this guy is different, this guy is open about the fact that he wants kids to become sexual perverts. Ty was one of the early proponents of schools allowing kids to be transgender...and now he's changed the lyrics of his most famous song to make kids know that it's OK for them to be in a gay relationship. If you have any of Tys cassette tapes or CDs buried somewhere in storage, dig it out and throw it in the trash where it belongs and REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you find out What Matters Most when it's too late and you're suffering eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

I was reading 1 Samuel today and in Chapter 4 it talks about how Israel was at war with the Philistines and thought they would win by having the ark of the covenant of GOD with them. The problem was, Israel had angered GOD with its false teachers making merchandise off the Word of GOD and making people abhor GOD, so GOD was not with them, all they had was what they thought was a good luck charm. We see that a lot today, most Christians do not know Jesus Christ at all, yet they wear the symbol of the cross to justify staying in sin. The cross is a symbol of Christ's death, and if you don't understand that Jesus was resurrected and lives today, and that you need to have a personal relationship with him, you have made the cross just a symbol that you don't comprehend and thus it has no effect, because you don't have the Holy Spirit with you, you don't have Jesus Christ with you, you don't have GOD, all you have is a symbol. Now that might work for some now, but on the day of judgement they are going to be in for a rude awakening and find themselves in an eternity of damnation in the eternal lake of fire. REPENT and stop worshiping a symbol, turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ so that you can use that symbol to be a light of Christ to the world the way it should be.

Sometime in the 1980's, Country music legends who are still held to idol status today, Tommy & Johnny Cash, Tom T Hall & George Jones put out a VERY disturbing counter-protest song that I have been using for years. There is a part in it where George Jones sings that burning the US flag in protest will be used to remove freedom of speech. Today the New York Post put out a tweet that said that Donald Trump is all for making burning the flag illegal. This is the same day that Israel named a town after Donald Trump. It's time to WAKE UP people, the America you knew as a child is long gone, you have no freedoms anymore and it's time to stop putting your trust in idols. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ who is returning VERY soon before you get left behind and suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

This is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen, a nonsensical opinion piece simply called "How Should Christians Have Sex" was written in the state of confusion as the author has clearly confused being horny for loneliness. She writes about the failed purity movement of the 90s and how it caused confusion and advocates for a more Christian way for people, including children to have sex. This nonsense has to STOP, Jesus did not condemn the woman caught in adultery but he did judge that she had sinned and told her to SIN NO MORE! Jesus is not going to tolerate this foolishness much longer, he is returning and he will reject most people who are calling themselves Christians today. You need to REPENT and turn to and have your own personal relationship with our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

New York Times Opinion
How Should Christians Have Sex?
Purity culture was harmful and dangerous. But its collapse has left a void for those of us looking for guidance in our intimate lives.

This is a Part 2 to the John Schneider video I uploaded yesterday exposing his belief that GOD loves everybody and you can still stay in your sin of hating GOD, that is just not true and we're going Old Testament to prove this. GOD commanded Israel to kill those in sin, now we have Jesus Christ so we just rebuke the sinner in his name, but all of those that ignore the warning will suffer the second death in eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire from GOD himself. This ear tickling blind acceptance garbage is a lie from Satan himself who is trying to bring you away from GOD. Now GOD allows this to happen to prove you, you have to stay strong in Christ when times get tough, bring called saved in Heaven is a title that means overcomer. You have overcome the sins of the world through Jesus Christ and now have eternal life. REPENT!

Acts 4:10-12 King James Version (KJV)
10 Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole.
11 This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.
12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

2 Corinthians 6:14 King James Version (KJV)
14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Ephesians 5:11 King James Version (KJV)
11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

If you still watch the Duke boys...this is your warning from GOD, step away from the subliminal mind control and REPENT! Come to Jesus Christ our LORD AND SAVIOR before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

To live for the flesh is separating yourself from GOD who does not judge on the outside, but searches the hearts and tries the reigns. Race idolatry is a real thing that is sending many to eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire, from white nationalists, to black panthers and the Hebrew Israelite movement members, to the sorry excuse clowns suffering from white guilt. You can NOT live and judge by the flesh and expect to be saved, yet it's a brainwashing tool that has been used for centuries in an attempt to divide and conquer. Now, they are using this same technique saying that Dr King was a pervert who laughed when a woman was raped, saying that allowing rape was good for the soul. It is too late in the hour, you cannot trust these false teachers, you have GOT to get out of the church...the actual building, and get in your hard copy KJV Bible and get a REAL relationship with our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ NOW!

The MLK tapes: Secret FBI recordings accuse Martin Luther King Jr of watching and laughing as a pastor raped a woman, having 40 extramarital affairs - and they are under lock in a U.S. archive, claims author

A lot of so called professing Christians are really in for a shock when Jesus tells them he never knew them, you need to make sure you're not one of them. Last year I pointed out how bookstores were calling witchcraft "science" in an effort to brainwash foolish people, now today I visited yet another bookstore and found the KJV Bible sitting in a section called "Inspirational fiction." Are you out of your mind? Atheism is only temporary, you WILL see and know that you have led a worthless and foolish life once you see that not only is Jesus Christ real, but Hell is real also and you can't escape it. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

These two devil worshiping clowns just had their fourth child which they named Psalm West. When we look at Psalm 4, we see just how evil these people really are, and how at the same time, GOD is using them as a warning to wake up, REPENT, turn from your sin and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ. Time is running out on your possible grace, you cannot continue to live for vanity and live in sin, you will suffer the West/Kardashian fate of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire.

I know the title suggests that this is Joel Osteen fraudulent type of message, but it's not. GOD has a purpose for you to serve Him and give glory to His name and the name of his only begotten Son and our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ, GOD manifested in the flesh. GOD also loves you enough to grant you free will, because that way the love is true and genuine. Satan knows this and does everything to try and stop you from serving the true living and ONLY GOD. It is through these trying times, that you have to stay strong in Jesus Christ and resist the temptation to sin, resist the urge to just give up, and pray to GOD for strength and endurance to persevere so you can be used the way GOD intended so you can be successful. GOD has a plan for you, it's not for greedy of gain the way these frauds in the 501(c)3 churches preach, it's to give Him glory and live the way he intended you to live, fleeing from sin. But it's a two way street, you have to do YOUR part by getting out of your own way and surrendering to the Holy Spirit and let him do his will.

In this video we take a look at Sawyer Browns 1985 Top 5 hit Betty's Bein Bad and how the video shows Betty in a Masonic lodge being abused and then recruited for Satan which she accepts in the end of the video. These people are disgusting and this video is just more evidence regarding this as they want you to think this is all fun and games and not to be taken seriously, when in fact this is just everyday life for them and they're trying to recruit you to be bad as well. Sawyer Brown is very high up in the occult, they have been openly promoting the United Nations for over 30 years and their music is nothing more than indoctrination. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before this garbage leads you to eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire. If you own Sawyer Brown music, you need to throw it in the trash where it belongs

I've read this part of the Bible many times and it wasn't until 2 days ago that the Holy Spirit opened my eyes on what it was really saying, by outlining just 3 words. This is why it's VERY important to read your hard copy KJV Bible on a DAILY basis. NO ACTIVE FREEMASON WILL EVER ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD! REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

Sports idolatry and money idolatry are sins that WILL lead to eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire. The Illuminati and the occult rigs every one of these game, with players intentionally missing easy shots, to corrupt refs making garbage calls all because it keeps people distracted and puts a ton of money into the pockets of those in the know. Case in point, at 1:34 PM 5/4/19 a video was posted on Twitter of David Allen Grier predicting hi-jinks and a controversial finish to the 2019 Kentucky Derby, hours before the race was ran. He mentioned that he KNEW his horse was going to win though he did not mention the name of that horse, and the horse that won was one of the biggest long shots that ever won. Don't buy into this garbage nonsense. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire


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