These two devil worshiping clowns just had their fourth child which they named Psalm West. When we look at Psalm 4, we see just how evil these people really are, and how at the same time, GOD is using them as a warning to wake up, REPENT, turn from your sin and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ. Time is running out on your possible grace, you cannot continue to live for vanity and live in sin, you will suffer the West/Kardashian fate of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire.

I know the title suggests that this is Joel Osteen fraudulent type of message, but it's not. GOD has a purpose for you to serve Him and give glory to His name and the name of his only begotten Son and our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ, GOD manifested in the flesh. GOD also loves you enough to grant you free will, because that way the love is true and genuine. Satan knows this and does everything to try and stop you from serving the true living and ONLY GOD. It is through these trying times, that you have to stay strong in Jesus Christ and resist the temptation to sin, resist the urge to just give up, and pray to GOD for strength and endurance to persevere so you can be used the way GOD intended so you can be successful. GOD has a plan for you, it's not for greedy of gain the way these frauds in the 501(c)3 churches preach, it's to give Him glory and live the way he intended you to live, fleeing from sin. But it's a two way street, you have to do YOUR part by getting out of your own way and surrendering to the Holy Spirit and let him do his will.

In this video we take a look at Sawyer Browns 1985 Top 5 hit Betty's Bein Bad and how the video shows Betty in a Masonic lodge being abused and then recruited for Satan which she accepts in the end of the video. These people are disgusting and this video is just more evidence regarding this as they want you to think this is all fun and games and not to be taken seriously, when in fact this is just everyday life for them and they're trying to recruit you to be bad as well. Sawyer Brown is very high up in the occult, they have been openly promoting the United Nations for over 30 years and their music is nothing more than indoctrination. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before this garbage leads you to eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire. If you own Sawyer Brown music, you need to throw it in the trash where it belongs

I've read this part of the Bible many times and it wasn't until 2 days ago that the Holy Spirit opened my eyes on what it was really saying, by outlining just 3 words. This is why it's VERY important to read your hard copy KJV Bible on a DAILY basis. NO ACTIVE FREEMASON WILL EVER ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD! REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

Sports idolatry and money idolatry are sins that WILL lead to eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire. The Illuminati and the occult rigs every one of these game, with players intentionally missing easy shots, to corrupt refs making garbage calls all because it keeps people distracted and puts a ton of money into the pockets of those in the know. Case in point, at 1:34 PM 5/4/19 a video was posted on Twitter of David Allen Grier predicting hi-jinks and a controversial finish to the 2019 Kentucky Derby, hours before the race was ran. He mentioned that he KNEW his horse was going to win though he did not mention the name of that horse, and the horse that won was one of the biggest long shots that ever won. Don't buy into this garbage nonsense. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

Artists included in this project:
Cowboy Slim Rinehart (1911–1948)
Jason Ringenberg
Rio Grand
Tex Ritter (1907–1973)
-John Ritter
-Carly Ritter
-Any other famous Ritter out there...there's actually a lot
River Road
River Town Saints
The Road Hammers
Dennis Robbins
Marty Robbins (1925–1982)
Julie Roberts (born 1979)
Mica Roberts
Ashley Robertson
Eck Robertson (1886–1975)
Jessica Robinson
Bruce Robison (born 1966)
Carson Robison (1890–1957)
Charlie Robison (born 1964)
-Dixie Chicks
Robyn and Ryleigh
Rocket Club
Jimmie Rodgers (1897–1933)
Judy Rodman
Carrie Rodriguez
Johnny Rodriguez (born 1951)
Kenny Rogers (born 1938)
Roy Rogers (1911–1998)
Tammy Rogers
Daniel Romano
Linda Ronstadt (born 1946)
Chaley Rose
Chelle Rose
Fred Rose
Maggie Rose
Whitney Rose
Peter Rowan
Billy Joe Royal (1942–2015)
Darius Rucker (born 1966)
-Hootie & the Blowfish
Rune Rudberg
Runaway June
Run C&W
Travis Rush (born 1971)
Tim Rushlow (born 1966)
Bobby Russell (1940–1992)
Johnny Russell (1940–2001)
Leon Russell (1942–2016)
Shawna Russell
Tom Russell
Deric Ruttan
Debby Ryan (born 1993)
Mike Ryan
Tim Ryan (born 1964)
John Wesley Ryles (born 1950)

My recent trials and tribulations have been documented numerous times on this channel, trying to encourage others in Christ and this is another episode in this series. I just got a rare opportunity to take a glance at what my life would have been life if I continued on the path I was on where I wanted to be, rather than trusting GOD and allowing him to put me where he wanted me to be. As long time listeners of this channel will know, I was fired from my previous job and forced to move out of the free rent they provided, I just drove past the property and discovered significant damage had been done to my apartment, something I always feared when I lived there, but that is now one less headache and possible injury I avoided by allowing GOD remove me from a toxic situation. No matter how bad things are going in your life, know that you have Jesus Christ fighting and working for you, and it could be a LOT worse

I never thought we would get to this day, Mario has FINALLY been broken to the point he is genuinely seeking help, this has been 4 years of prayers answered. I know Mario has earned a level of distrust with his actions, however the last confession video he did was different as it shows true remorse. The time is now to truly build this man back up in Jesus Christ, to reach out to Mario and edify him with scripture so that he can be made a new creature in Christ. This man is in such a fragile state and if you keep taking the Westboro approach, it could backfire drastically and probably tragically. The whole purpose of this was to tear down ONLY to build him back up in Christ, we are there, it appears we are at this point FINALLY, let's join together so that we can edify Mario the way we should be doing EVERY sinner.

I was trying to find the radio station that I was listening to driving to/from the store so I could continue listening to the sermon that was being broadcast, when I found out that Christian radio stations are playing the Doobie Brothers Jesus Is Just Alright With Me. This is absolutely disgusting, people have stayed silent for so long that outright blasphemy is being considered normal and alternate 45 cover for this very song has a topless lady it on it for crying out loud. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

When we were kids we were told to NEVER talk to strangers, never take anything from strangers and certainly never trust strangers. Yet in the mid 90s Hootie & the Blowfish made a VERY disturbing appearance on Sesame Street trying to brainwash children into trusting strangers while singing a song that appears to be a love song. This is one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen, if you like Darius Rucker in or outside Hootie then you need to throw their music away and REPENT, turning to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

In this video we break down the lyrics and symbolism seen in the garbage 90s song that was way overplayed for a reason by Hootie and the Blowfish led by now Country singer Darius Rucker and how the lyrics are coded for the group showing their allegiance to Freemasonry and singing their love for Satan. If you own this CD then you need to break it and throw it in the trash where it belongs so the cheese inside can no longer cause harm to your spiritual walk. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

STOP BUYING INTO THE DIVIDE AND CONQUER AGENDA AND GET RIGHT WITH GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST RIGHT NOW! CNN released an article stating that 14 states are currently trying to recruit other states to abolish the electoral college and go with a popular vote. The problem with this theory is and has always been that whoever in LA and New York chooses, the citizens in smaller states won't have a voice at all. We should all know and realize by now that whoever is "elected" is actually selected by the elite and we already have no say, but this will make it official. GOD gives you free will to be as stupid as you want to be where on the other hand Satan tries to bully you into following the crowd to run to stupidity. Do not conform to the evils of this world, REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

New Mexico is 14th state to pledge its electoral votes to winner of popular vote

Clinton, Trump in tight race in New Mexico

You can do nothing on your own, you could be the nicest person to ever walk this earth, doing everything for everybody who asks, if you do not have and trust in Jesus Christ, you WILL spend your eternal spiritual life in the eternal lake of fire. Lucifer does not care that you expose the Illuminati, Satan doesn't care that you expose his minions in Freemasonry, he cares that you give your life over to and call upon the name of the ONLY TRUE LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! However, once you truly surrender to Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to change your life for the better, you cannot just sit by, you MUST speak up and FIGHT for what is RIGHT and rebuke this sinful and lost generation so that just one sinner can do what you had to do yourself. You can make a difference, you can change the world, but you can ONLY do it through Jesus Christ, and you need to do it right now while you still have time. The wages of sin is death and Jesus Christ and ONLY Jesus Christ provides eternal life. People are NOT ready to hear this, Satan has corrupted many minds, but you speaking up in Jesus name is all you can do, and all that's asked of you

EDIT: The moment I hit submit to process, I went back to Twitter to see that TMZ had just announced that Nipsey has died and entered into eternal damnation. He is in Hell and so will you if you submit to idolatry

News has just broke that Nipsey Hussle was shot in Los Angeles and evidence was found that the occult can't wait to pronounce him dead. The codes are all there, the numbers, the symbols and evidence that he lives to serve Lucifer. The purpose of events like this and counter videos like this that I do is because people on social media get caught up in their emotions when their favorite false idol dies or is injured and you have to stay strong in Jesus name because idolatry will lead you to eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire with clowns like Nipsey

I felt lead to do this video telling of my resent battles in hopes that someone struggles finds encouragement to keep going and keep fighting in Jesus name. Earlier this week I had a "dream" where I came face to face with Satan and his demons with no eyes trying to recruit me for the land of the dead and that was a strong NO.We all have trials, we all have tribulations, but nothing is too hard for GOD and he is waiting and willing to remove your burdens, all you have to do is call upon him and trust things will work out in the end.

In this video we look at how Darius Rucker sang of being a demon in his first solo single and how he's going Straight to Hell in his last to date and use that to show that Darius sold his soul to Satan long before the success of Hootie & the Blowfish and how the first single Hold My Hand was a recruitment tool by Satan for the Anti-Christ New World Order.The wages of sin is death and unless you REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ right now, you will suffer Hooties fate of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

I bought this pile of trash book at a used bookstore today that uses code words to trigger peoples minds and emotions trying to plant doubt in peoples minds trying to make it seem like Jesus had his own agenda out of an ego trip, completely ignoring scriptures before Christ started his ministry declaring his divinity. No Freemason will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven unless he repents and leaves this disgusting cult straight from the pits of Hell. Jesus Christ and ONLY Jesus Christ provides salvation and eternal life

You hear the plant a seed garbage all over TV because they want money and consider a Paypal transfer a blessing from GOD. This mindset has damaged many people and corrupted their minds so badly that they don't even know what REAL Christianity is and the result is two extremes. On one extreme you have the hateful people from Westboro placing themselves on the judgement seat of Christ and condemning everyone outside their cult into Hell. On the other extreme you have a bunch of wimp Christians accepting the New World Order Anti Christ system acting like Freemasons into thinking everyone is saved...nope. The change begins with you, you have to surrender to the Holy Spirit and allow GOD through Jesus Christ to use you to bring the TRUE light of Christ to a dark world. When you read your hard copy King James Bible and allow GOD to speak to you, he will put the right words in your mouth at the right time to help a lost soul in need. We have been given the opportunity to do great things in our daily lives, we should NOT partake in the sins of the lost, but at the same time, we also don't condemn and realize that we all sin and it's only through the grace of Jesus Christ that we are saved, and the people we think are the most lost can still be found in Jesus Christ. So plant your seed today, the true seed, the seed of truth in Jesus Christ to everyone you see, and pray GOD gives the increase

For over 6 years this con artist pretended to be a Christian leader on Youtube for the sake of financial gain to support his addictions...THAT HE HAS ADMITTED TO...and people ignored the evidence against him and still gave in droves. Well now the cat is out of the bag, straight out of the horses mouth he admitted to his deceit and STILL has people defending him. PRAISE GOD that a lot of people have FINALLY opened their eyes but it still shouldn't end there. People that gave to this man need to demand their money back as it funded a sinful lifestyle, and while you may have had good got deceived. Get your money back and use it for something that TRULY can help spread the Word of GOD to a lost and sinful generation. The money you get back can be used to give Bibles to the homeless and sinners in your area, whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to do. Use any blessing GOD has given you for GOD, it's honestly why you have it in the first place.

Former Harvest Bible Chapel Members Want $72,000 In Donations Refunded, After Pastor James MacDonald Fired

This is so stupid and a waste of my time, I really did not want to do this, but people are being deceived into thinking that I am responding to them when I'm not. This psycho troll has nothing better to do, and is probably being paid well to create dummy accounts, one of which is in my name to argue with himself. Check when the account was created before responding, if it was in 2018, it's the real me, if it was 3 days ago...come on now.

In this video we look at how this top 10 Country hit from the late 80s was actually a continuation of the only song of Billy Joe's people actually know, Down on the Boondocks in which we see Billy Joe honoring Satan and saying he sold his soul for money to avoid poverty, while trying to do moves Michael Jackson said he learned from demons. These people sing of sorrow and loss because they know there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth in Hell where Billy Joe Royal is today. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

Jesus has really blessed me, he kept a roof over my head these last 10 years, and while it was at extended stay hotels and some might consider that homelessness, that is no longer the case. I finally have a place to call home that I don't have to worry about getting kicked out every week, I have reliable wifi for the first time in forever and with that brings the return of my Illuminati in Country Music research and a new Log Journal hopefully by the end of this month. GOD will NEVER lead you astray, he may allow hard times to come, but through Jesus Christ does he ALWAYS leave a way out

If you think this guy and his tranny plastic sidekick then you do NOT know the real Jesus Christ, are lost and in danger of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire. These false teachers are leading many into Hell and need to be exposed, this man is a friend of the enemy and will be rejected by Christ on judgement day, REPENT of your sins and turn to Jesus Christ so you make sure you don't meet this mans fate

When you read Masonic publications, a story is told in one of them, can't remember which book exactly off the top of my head, that in the days of Noah, they knew either a flood or fire was coming as GOD hit the reset button to wash away the sins of man. They tried to prepare for both by making stones that would survive either or to preserve "ancient knowledge" and guide humanity after the flood. Last week Israel, with the help of Hollywood and sun devil worshipers, created the illusion that they sent a 30 million page library to the moon in hopes that future generations would know what worked and what didn't, since the Georgia Guidestones keeps getting vandalized and rightfully so as it's pure and utter satanic trash. Since Hollywood is involved, I doubt they actually sent a rocket to the moon "again" but this is symbolic as it shows that these demons KNOW the end times are at the door and their sins that they are unrepentant of will lead to their destruction...again. Listen to the warning, REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire

A 30-million page library is heading to the moon to help preserve human civilization
The massive archive is aboard Israel's Beresheet spacecraft.

This world is sick and about to get a lot worse. But don't be discouraged because just like in the days of Egypt, GOD is about to hit the reset button on this and send these demons down to the lake of fire for a nice helping of eternal torment and set everything straight. Jesus is coming back very very soon and you cannot continue to be apart of this evil and wicked generation that normalizes disgusting behavior with its nonsense fake news, fake weather, fake food and everything else that is this illusion called American life. REPENT and turn to our LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ before you suffer their fate of eternal damnation in the eternal lake of fire. REMEMBER, it is better to cry now and smile later than to smile now and cry later


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