Still going on with the jumping puzzle and feel like I'm getting the hang of this!
Outro Music: Ouroboros - Kevin MacLeod (

Literally my first time attempting going through one of the most difficult jumping puzzles in the game.
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Going together in a large group as one makes you the boss of the bad bosses!
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Has been years since I've been making Let's Play videos, so I'm pretty rusty trying to get comfortable and used to it again.
I've been playing Guild Wars 2 for a while now and I'll go right ahead making videos starting from where I am showing off some stuff. Halloween is taking place in Lion's Arch with lots of spooky fun and terror!
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Yep! One extra episode that was never released and now making an official release on here for the first time!
Just me going through all the passwords and demonstrating their effects in Let's Play form, INCLUDING THE ONES THAT ONLY WORK IN THE JAPAN VERSION!

Going in order:

ILOVEU - Stage Select
DOFEEL - Bonus Stage Time Attack
MUSEUM - Boss Rush Mode
MAGURO - Onchi Mode + Ending Songs in Sound Test
MIEMIE - Allows the player to see where the Secret Item Spots are placed in the levels
SUPER / SUPERB - Super Hard Mode with Infinite Continues
AGES - Views Copyright Information
XXXXXX - Disables the effect of the current active Password

STAR - A shooting star flies through in the background
CANDY - Invincibility
MACCHA - Mentions Miyake Color. Haven't checked to confirm, but heard this changes certain color palettes in the game.
MASTER - Hints for a sequel...? (WHEN???)
AAAAAA - Infinite Continues
FEEL - Activates ILOVEU + MIEMIE + CANDY in one(Stage Select, Visible Secret Item Spots & Invincibility)
HETAP - Shows the Player's Worst Score gotten during Demo Play
VALDI - Shows the Valdi System

A typical fangirl in a nutshell...

Another patience section...

Please, let global warming strike this place...

I know that white buffed up pitbull guy's name is Arnold, but who is that lady anyway? O_o

Water = Instant kill = Perfect game logic = and I thought Sonic was the only one that died instantly from water in Adventure series...

Just how long is this?


That's where I apparently belong to. I'm not complaining though. :D

I went back to finish the other route too. I just can't stand leaving an uncleared level behind!

Things are starting to get tougher here...the water streams seems to hate me the most.

Let's go for the normal path now!

Thankfully, it's impossible to get lost in these things.

Once again, the greed for collectable stuff gets me.

What did I ever do to the animals anyway?

Who needs Disneyland when you got Wackyland?

All you need is an overdose of Vitamin A!

I was a bit grumpy in the beginning of the Let's Play section; playing through the whole game one more time was really exhausting...

Well, at least I didn't give up! :D

You know what time it is now?


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Currently working on uploading all my old Let's Play videos from several years back at the moment before I can get a proper reboot on here. Also, noticed that Some of my old videos are in wrong positioning and the audio track in the videos jumping back and forth after upload for whatever reason; will try to fix that and will take a bit longer time than expected.

Also, I don't make content for 5-year-olds.