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The Orb is out now on Dream Machine! You can now listen to the full versions on:

This is the second preview of my album 'Reason' that's available on

Here's a short preview of my album 'Reason' that will be released on

I decided to remaster Little Hope (2016). I thought the original sounded too dull, so I've corrected that issue. In this comparison you can clearly hear the difference. You can download the 2020 version here: (name your price, so basically free)

This short preview wants you to listen to the full versions on:

Here's some more previews of my upcoming release on

A Tale of Two Narratives will be out on 30 July on

I also make some hard music inbetween my softer downtempo stuff. The Journey will be part of my next release as 'Dark Reality' on #hardcore #journey
I will be back with some cleaner music as Complex Reality soon.

Here's a free track of mine. I decided to make a series of it, called 'Simple Reality' for the more simple tracks I make inbetween the serious ones.

Here's a link for the people who don't want to register to a site in order to download:

I finished the outro for "A Tale of Two Narratives." I'm still not certain about the mixdown of the whole track, so I'll have to check that again the coming week when I have time for it.

This is the third preview of my next release. I'm busy with the mixdown of the 4th track and after that all the tracks need to be mastered. It might be taking a while, but I'm putting quality above quantity. #electronicmusic #downtempo #light

This is the second preview of my next release. All the tracks still need some attention when it comes to the mixdown and need to be mastered after that. But it has already been two months since the last preview I shared, so I thought it would be nice to let you know I'm still alive.

The Detail will be part of my next release which will be a mixture between Downtempo and Drum and Bass. The details for this release are far from done, but 'The Detail' almost is. Here's a small preview from what is yet to come.

This is a trancetrack I made about 7 years ago. I tried my best to fix the mixdown and put a video under it. This track is available for free at:

Edit: new master of this track can be downloaded for free (name your price) on:

This is a track I made over a year ago with, you guessed it, a lot of (super)saw synths. For this I used the Roland SH-201 and Arturia Microbrute synthesizers and D16 Drumazon for the drums. You can download this track for free here:

Edit: new master of this track can be downloaded for free (name your price) on:

Hello people on Bitchute, I hereby introduce my music to you with this track I made 2 years ago (my first release). It's a downtempo track with maybe not the best mixdown, but it is a good introduction on what you can expect on this channel (with a better mixdown ;)). I also make drum 'n bass and hardcore as Dark Reality.

You can buy/download Little Hope here:


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Complex Reality makes electronic music, mostly in the direction of downtempo and ambient, but sometimes wanders off into other territories.

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