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We have all heard of Joan or Arc, but do we know the truth about her? What did she do and why was she so controversial? Who killed her and why? And what did she stand for? Hear Fr. Chris Alar as he separates fact from fiction, truth vs. legend of this saint.

The 30th of May was her feast day.

1992 TV Campaign broadcast. Lyndon LaRouche cuts through the happy horsesh*t often said about the economy back in the 1980's and 90's during the Reagan/Bush presidencies by discussing the history of economics from our founding. Mr. LaRouche then goes into what constitutes a true education in the terms of the requirements of a technologically progressive nation. Mr. LaRouche includes an excerpt from a speech by his then running mate Rev. Jim Bevel

After his kangaroo court railroad which put Lyndon LaRouche in Federal prison, he ran a presidential campaign despite the fact that his publishing companies had been bankrupted and shut down and a number of associates likewise railroaded into jail. Despite that, the LaRouche movement continued and was able to put LaRouche on the ballot in a number of states and finance the broadcast of a few half hour television spots, often done by Mr. LaRouche calling in from prison.

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While it is important that we understand the fundamental differences between Islam and Christianity, we see how all souls can be brought to Christ. Fr. Chris Alar explains what we need to know on this episode of Explaining the Faith.

A Proper Marxist-Leninst trained Communist leader is interviewed by the Liberal New World Order

I typically wouldn't post about hip hop feuds but when the video mentioned that Death Row was a possible intelligence front I felt like that makes a lot of sense. Also discovering the degree of phoniness from these artists was just kind impressive to me. How snoop dogg was "snuper duper" a friendly kid and had to be told to act gangster and all that; Dr. Dre stealing the work from fans that send in demos to the studio. Its not gone into detail in this video but their rival, P. Diddy, is clearly homosexual too. How this stuff has taken over our culture is shocking.

In the turbulent period following the First World War the young Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi founded the Pan-European Union, offering a vision of peaceful, democratic unity for Europe. The Count’s commitment to this cooperative ideal infuriated Adolf Hitler, who referred to him as a “cosmopolitan bastard” in Mein Kampf. Martyn Bond’s biography offers an opportunity to explore a remarkable life and revisit the impetus and origins of a unified Europe. This event will explore Martyn's recent publication, 'Hitler’s Cosmopolitan Bastard: Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and his Vision of Europe'.

The talk is followed by a panel discussion chaired by Angelos Chaniotis, Professor of Ancient History and Classics in the School of Historical Studies, will also include two current Members, Nathanael Andrade, Assistant Professor of Ancient History at the University of Oregon, and Yannis Hamilakis, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Southampton, and the acclaimed director and film historian Gary Leva.

Oliver talks about Alexander The Great as historical phenomenon. He also reviews the film and talks in-depth about film making and about his original idea. He also mentions Troy because it came out along side Alexander in the same year.

With all the Cleopatra drama going on with Jada Pinkett's "documentary" on Cleopatra I got a little interested in ancient history. Ruhe's original video on his channel won't load, but I was able to find the video on archive.

The Celtic Peoples one influenced much of Europe. They were concentrated in certain areas and eventually their main group moved tot he west to Gaul, Britain, and Ireland. They did not call themselves "Celts" but rather "Hiberi" or "Iberi." This name means "Hebrew!" In effect they called themselves Hebrews! This is an additional proof that the Lost Ten Tribes are to be found today among Western Peoples! See: "Hebraic Celts. The Celts called themselves "Hiberi" meaning "Hebrew!""

From the website:
The name "Iberi" used by the Celts is another form of the word "HEBREW!"

This word root may derive from the Hebrew word for Hebrew i.e. "Ivri." We ARE NOT SAYING that all Celtic Peoples were Hebrew but that Hebrew groups may have settled among them as indicated by numerous sources.

The names the Celts used for themselves or that served as components in place-names etc., also show the same permutation as in the Hebrew language.

In Irish Mythology, for example, an eponymous ancestor gave his name to Ireland which was known as "Hibernia." His name is variously rendered as Iber, or Heber, or Eber.

A significant portion of the in habitants of Scotland were descended from Israelites. Amongst other signs of their ancestry they traditionally refused to eat pork.
See: Hebrew Scotland. Ancient Scotts Only Ate Kosher Animals!

The first Thanksgiving in what was later to become the United States was not staged by Protestant Puritans at Plymouth Rock in 1621, But by Spanish Catholics marked by a Catholic Latin Mass and the beautiful Catholic hymn of thanksgiving, "Te Deum," which was celebrated on the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary on September 8, 1565, in St. Augustine, Florida. Fifty-five Years before the Protestant Puritan Pilgrims.

Conspiracy theories are often created to help people make sense of our complex world - but can they stand up to scientific investigation? "Conspiracies on Trial" subjected some of the most enduring conspiracy theories to a battery of methodical tests with two back-to-back episodes featured over two weeks on Discovery Civilization Channel. The Da Vinci Code, the death of Robert Maxwell, the death of Pope John Paul I and the sinking of the Kursk submarine - what is the version of events that actually occurred?

Analytical methods such as body mechanics, surveillance technology, forensics and reconstruction are used to solve the mystery of these puzzling events. Do these conspiracies stand a chance against the rigorous investigation of "Conspiracies on Trial?"

John Paul I, Latin Johannes Paulus, original name Albino Luciani, (born October 17, 1912, Forno di Canale, Italy—died September 28, 1978, Rome), pope whose 33-day pontificate in 1978 was the shortest in modern times. He was the first pope to choose a double name and did so in commemoration of his two immediate predecessors, John XXIII and Paul VI. He was the first pope in centuries who refused to be crowned, opting instead for the simple pallium of an archbishop, and he was known affectionately as “the Smiling Pope” on account of the smile he often displayed in public. In July 2022 the Vatican announced plans for the beatification of Pope John Paul I by Pope Francis in September of that year.

Born of a poor family, Luciani was ordained a priest in 1935. Appointed deputy director of the seminary in the Belluno diocese, he taught moral theology, canon law, and sacred art. He earned a doctorate in sacred theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in 1947 and was made vicar-general of his diocese the following year. He remained concerned with the teaching of church doctrine and wrote Catechetica in briciole (1949; “Catechism in Crumbs”) in order to instruct less-educated Roman Catholics.

In 1958 Luciani was appointed bishop of Vittorio Veneto. He was made archbishop of Venice in 1969 and became a cardinal in 1973. In 1976 he published a creative work, Illustrissimi (“To the Illustrious Ones”), a compilation of letters addressed both to historical figures such as Jesus and Mark Twain and to fictional characters such as those in Charles Dickens’s The Pickwick Papers.

Luciani was elected pope on August 26, 1978, becoming the first pope since Pius X (reigned 1903–14) to have a pastoral rather than a diplomatic or scholarly background. His sudden death, the apparent result of a heart attack, led to rumours of foul play. He was succeeded by Pope John Paul II.

David Graeber’s bestselling book “Debt: The First 5000 Years” revolutionised our understanding of the origins of money and the role of debt in human societies. But intellectual revolutions take time, and David’s sudden and untimely death left this revolution unfinished.

David’s widow Nika Dubrovsky has established ‘The Fight Club’ to keep David’s unique way of challenging conventional wisdoms alive after him. Each ‘Fight’ will pit leading advocates of different visions of how society functions against each other.

The inaugural fight, to mark the first anniversary of David’s death, is a debate between the renowned economists Thomas Piketty, author of “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, and Michael Hudson, author of “And Forgive Them Their Debts”. Thomas Piketty wrote the preface to the tenth anniversary edition of “Debt: the First 5000 Years”. Michael Hudson’s anthropological research into the origins of money and debt in ancient Sumeria was the basis of much of David’s analysis in that book.

Join us for an unmissable encounter between two celebrated and highly influential economic thinkers as they debate: what is money and what is debt? What are the most serious problems of today’s finance-capital economies? And what are the best remedies?

Karl Rove discusses the amazing life and election of William McKinley. From his time as a soldier in the Civil War to his campaign in 1896, Karl Rove makes the case that McKinley was not only an effective campaigner for president but also someone who brought the nation together during a divisive time

Karl Rove is an enemy of America, but I think McKinley was a great American and I think I agree with a lot of his interpretation of this President.

November 27, 2017 – This week, our time machine visits the Gilded Age to witness William McKinley’s rise to the White House. Little remembered or misremembered today, at the time of his assassination in 1901, the Civil War veteran was the most popular president since Abraham Lincoln, and nothing like the caricature portrayed by mid-20th Century authors.

Robert W. Merry sets the record straight in President McKinley: Architect of the American Century. You’ve seen Mr. Merry was editor of The National Interest from 2011 to 2013, and previously served as a Washington correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and executive editor of the Congressional Quarterly. He’s now editor at The American Conservative.

You’ve seen his work everywhere from the New York Times to National Review, and seen his appearances on shows like Meet the Press. His previous book resurrected another overlooked president: A Country of Vast Designs, on James K Polk, and Where They Stand: The American Presidents in the Eyes of Voters and Historians.

Also mentioned this week: Our interview with Candice Shy Hooper, author of Lincoln’s Generals’ Wives: Four Women Who Influenced the Civil War–for Better and for Worse.

According to research from the legendary Lyndon LaRouche McKinley was shot by the British.
From youtube: After President McKinley was shot, Teddy Roosevelt became president and the first to have round the clock protection by the Secret Service. But why did it take Congress 25 presidencies and three assassinations to make that happen?

Economist and author Michael Hudson, author of ‘...and Forgive Them Their Debts: Lending, Foreclosure and Redemption from Bronze Age Finance to the Jubilee Year’, shares with journalist Chris Hedges how ancient cultures forgave debt cyclically to prevent debt peonage and the rise of an oligarch elite.

From Chapter 78, pg 1061, of EMJ's "Barren Metal":

The ring has given Alberich terrible power over his fellow dwarves:
Nibelungs all,
bow down to Alberich!
Everywhere now he lies in wait
in order to keep you under guard;
rest and repose
have melted away;

That power is that much more terrible because it is invisible; something Wagner symbolizes by the Tarnhelm, which Alberich put on before he delivered his speech. The fundamental meaning of the Tarnhelm, the helmet which renders its wearer invisible, is taht the Capitalism as it is actually practised is invisible to those who suffer from its effects. "No one sees me," says Alberich:

No one sees me,
though he may seek me;
yet I am everywhere,
hidden from sight.
for him you must toil
where you cannot see him; where you don't expect him
there you shall find him:
you're subject to him for ever!

G.B. Shaw claims that the Tarnhelm, the helmet which renders its wearer invisible, is quite common in capitalist centers like London:
"which generally takes the form of a tall hat. It makes a man invisible as a shareholder and changes hi into various shapes, such as a pious Christian, a subscriber to hospitals, a benefactor to the poor, a model husband, and father, a shrewd, practical independent Englishman, and what not."

I was shocked to learn that JRR Tolkien took so much inspiration from Wagner's Ring Opera which I didn't really know existed. The LaRouche organization doesn't like him and treats him like a brute, but I enjoyed getitng acquainted with his music. Its interesting, kind of fun, and some of it still holds up to time if you're in the mood for it.

The Giambattista Vico Lecture is a prominent and notable annual event in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS). This year's lecture, "Vico & Marx: Two interpretations of history" was delivered by York University Professor Marcello Musto on January 27, 2022.

This is the third video in a series on the political thought of Sir Isaiah Berlin, whose work attempted to bridge the divide between varieties of universalism, which tend to lead to totalitarianism, and the particularism that emerged from the backlash against universalism from sources in Counter-Enlightenment, Romantic and reactionary thought. In this video, I discuss Berlin's reaction to some key ideas of Giambattista Vico, who anticipated much of the criticism of later counter-Enlightenment and Romantic thinkers and was deeply influential on Berlin's own thought.
Here is where you can find the Vico seminar by Leo Strauss referenced in this video:


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