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We had a great chat, plus SickOfTheLies and katetheegreat did a great song!

My friend owns this antique shop that has everything from swords to old guns, ordnance and more

This is PART 1

Thank you so very much, WDLady, for your time, your skill and your devotion to this project!

We have a lot more audio and video, more is coming.

Thank you everyone who contributed to the show and for all the great people in the Love Rebellion chat room! You're all so much fun and are real friends!

Both our guests have published books! We talk about writing, getting feedback for your work, finding a community, the value of friendship and connecting with other like minded people. It's another lovefest and lots of fun.

We chat with writer friends who share their spoopy stories with us and i talk about my near death experience

We chat with bobdub's friend, Richard Goode. He founded the political party named Not A Party in New Zealand. He's also a musician.

We chat with writer Robert van Dusen and talk about life.

The next episode in our series of talks with the community. We talk to BorisAndKera (who is one person) about the Starshatter book, the future, death of a child, rural China and other interesting stuff!

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If anyone would like to find out more about Asherman's syndrome here is the link:

Thank you for listening and have a great day!

Intro music: with kind permission of Simon Smythe, creator

This chat was such a thrill to be part of! We spoke of building with one hand while carrying a "sword" in the other, history's penchant for rhyming, the state of our world and SO much more.

I chat with my friend bobdub and our mutual friend, Aragmar! He is an author who has written 6 books and is writing the 7th. He is also on, our little social media home.

My friend bobdub and I chat with a great guy we know on Minds and then we go off on our own tangents!

We have a chat with a great friend from

In this video we continue our conversation about what we see coming down the road and how people we know are preparing. We talk about grandchildren and life, the good and the bad

We're at it again! This time we talk about a friend on who writes really interesting science fiction and has already written 6 books. We also talk about the people we know who see a better future down the road and what they are doing to prepare.

Our chat in this video is about our dreams for the grandchildren we love and the young men and women out there who are being pulled in a new direction. We encourage each other and find new hope in our grief. We hope that something we say in these conversations helps you, if not today, somewhere down the road.

My friend bobdub and I have a lot in common. We talk about our recent grief, how we cope, our insights as grandmothers and more

Zolna Report February 14, 2020
Enjoy the day, and pass it alone to your single, and married friends!


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I am a conservative grandma from southern Illinois. I am an online friend of Gabe Zolna. I uploaded many of his videos to YouTube, however, YouTube took down my tomtomandt channel.

I'm joining Bitchute to have a new place where Gabe's voice can be heard.

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