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Do you really need more reasons to drop Google altogether? Here yet another reason why YouTube creators should make the move to Bitchute.

Why should anyone boycott the New York Times & their advertisers? Because this "Culture War" is a lie from the very beginning. This is the Media War, with the winner gaining all the money, influence, & clout Main Stream Media once held.
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I figured out some important information you should not only know but spread to those around you. NYT is the greater threat to our freedom of speech.

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I was just about to praise YouTube for backing their independent creators when they made their official statement. Fuck them. Here's why they must go the way of the dodo.

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The World Health Organization is proof positive that if you have enough money & influence, you can get science to say whatever you want.

Got some really good news. It's affecting all of LOTH & we need to not only celebrate, we need to push to finish this fight

This is what I do. I'm a streamer who has a lot to say about a lot of things. When I'm not talking your ears off, I'm playing games online. Enjoy. Will be uploading more of these in the near future.

Isn't it sweet seeing what women are doing with their own power? Consequences are a bitch, aren't they? Allow me the privilege to tell you the future of women in America & the West. Enjoy.

Reparations is the least of Black people's problems. Black America's decaying & no one is talking about it, not candidly. That changes with this video. Enjoy.

What happens when Twitter decides to lock out actual science? Well we're here now. What do you think is going to happen? Comment below. Thanks.

Long overdue, someone gotta call out all these Jim Crow Segregationist loving Blacks out here. Feel free to share. Looking forward to the comment section on this one.

I'll just let the video do the talking. Enjoy.

This is a quick update for all of you, my BitChute community. Good things are happening & I want you to be the first to know about it.

The recent deplatforming of Gab by payment processing companies affiliated with LOTH pisses me off. It also has me asking this question. "How do we stop these elitists from literally banning everything we love off the internet?


After watching quite a few reviews and viewing Black Ops 4 Metacritic score, I decided to say what others either refused to mention or pupu'd. This game is terrible. Here's my reasons why. Enjoy.


So I was watching Kwen Benjamin's video and something about it disturbed me. Sure, some people were obviously being sarcastic but some were serious. Here's the video I'm going to base my comments on. https://youtu.be/-FZ7Zq6q1TY


What happened on Sept 27 was seriously embarrassing. Weaponizong our fears for political gains? Dispicable.


As a father, it pains me to see politicians ruining the lives of my young adult kids for the purpose of regaining power. It's past time we speak out on that. #First


While we were all arguing over the influence of social justice, governments are hard at work to create totalitarian states, hiding in plain sight. We've been had & it's time for all of us to wake up.

Here's yet another example of SJW political pushing non-gaming heroes claiming they're capable of writing a Spiderman review. Here's my rant on the subject.

After "ending" their shadowbanning practice, Twitter becomes a full time member of the League Of Tech Heroes. Time to hit them where it hurts.

I am an avid free speech supporter. I value intelligent opinions, loath stupid ideas, and believe both have the right to fight in the arena of ideas. GameInformer made several hugw mistakes. Here they are with my personal send off to what once was a decent video game magazine.


After watching Team FourStar's Dragonball Z Abridged ep 60 pt 1, I was inspired to talk about our War for Free Speech. There are somethings that are That Important. (Roll credits)


Suddenly, a moderately nice Summer turned into steamy hot Summer right as my daughter heads back to school. Time to get caught up on the war for free speech and what I think our next steps should be.


Fat shaming. Movements have arisen denouncing the practice, but is it actually a weapon that can benefit morbidly obese people?



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Often citing either anime, jrpg characters and characters from other genres, Dr Contra, leader of the clan House Of Beasts, uses comedy on both Twitter and other social media websites to fight against abuse of power online. Calling Tech Giants Twitter Google Apple & Microsoft the League Of Tech Heroes, (LOTH), Dr Contra has dedicated his online career to speaking out against censorship abuse.