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Question from bodatanata:

Kind of a softball question, but since I've "taken the red pill" on global tyranny, I've been under a lot of stress. I understand this is somewhat inevitable, so long as illegitimate powers continue to be, and while I have found some hobbies to help alleviate this tension, I was wondering, what do you like to do for leisure in the sunny climes of western Japan?

Question from AISuicide -

Have you ever worked on a story where your research caused you to have concern for your safety or the safety of others? If so, what precautions did you take to minimize possible dangers?

/u/makeadesign question:

What is the end-game of the Oilagarchs? At the end of your documentary you suggest things like it's about power, control of gene pools, and preparing for a post-oil economy, but what is their motivation?

Is it even remotely possible that they truly believe they have humanity's best interests at heart? Or is this simply about self-preservation for them and their families?

reddit question from vvvulture -

James answers a question from reddit user vvvulture: "What are some of your favourite documentaries?"

reddit AMA thread -

James answers the question everyone seems to be asking: What's your take on Vegas?


You’ve heard of his uncle Sigmund, so how come you’ve never heard of him? In this classic episode from The Corbett Report archives James dishes the dirt on Edward Bernays, Freud’s American nephew. Learn how to break societal taboos, get the public to demand poison in the water, and prep the way for an overthrow of a foreign government from the man who literally wrote the book on propaganda!


James Corbett joins Alfred Adask for his bi-monthly appearance on Financial Survival. They discuss James' presentation on "Echoes of WWI" and how the Chinese-led "alternative" infrastructure is part and parcel of the predetermined globalist "solution" to the coming crisis.

Show Notes & mp3:

Jeffrey Tucker of joins James to talk about his book, Bit by Bit: How P2P Is Freeing the World. We discuss how "the market" is about cooperation and discovery, and how revolutionary peer-to-peer technology is now making the state and all of its functions and functionaries obsolete.


In this classic Corbett Report podcast from 2010, James opens up the virtual Skinner box and peers into the future of gaming in the world of ubiquitous computing. When our daily life consists of interactions with computers, will there be any way to avoid amusing ourselves to death?


James Corbett appears on The Gary Null Show for a detailed conversation on the history, function, and future of The Federal Reserve system. James and Gary discuss the history of the Fed as detailed in Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve, dissect the Fed's role in creating the financial crisis as it exists today and point to the real solution to this crisis.

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