Corona and Beyond

They aint gonna take it, I wont take it..

A Fake News producing german politician caught in Greece and put into evidenz by someone who recognized her.

From Buendniss/90 Die Gruenen -- Soros Puppets

SKANDAL: Hochrangige Grünen-Politikerin produziert Fake-Bilder auf Lesbos!
Als eine freie, deutsche Journalistin gerade über Migrantenaufstände auf Lesbos berichtet, sieht sie, wie eine Frau mit Migranten Fake-Bilder für die Kameras produziert. Als sie sie zu Rede stellt, stellt sich heraus: Die Frau ist die Fraktionsvorsitzende der Grünen Katrin Göring-Eckardt!

Have watched just the beginning,,, but let me tell you something ....... CAROLINA ,, US-Military ,,, COOP between scientists from CHINA AND CAROLINA.

Do researches if interested.

Just listen and enjoy the scary..

🇵​🇷​🇴​🇫​. 🇪​🇲​🇪​🇷​🇮​🇹​🇺​🇸​
Seminar hold in Hungary about Vaccination and Co with subtilen English with emphasis on the Plandemic called COVID-19

🇦​ 🇲​🇴​🇩​🇪​🇷​🇳​ 🇴​🇩​🇾​🇸​🇸​🇪​🇾​ 🇦​🇳​🇮​🇲​🇦​🇹​🇪​🇩​
🇸​🇭​🇴​🇷​🇹​ 🇫​🇮​🇱​🇲​

𝕄𝕠𝕕𝕖𝕣𝕟 𝕎𝕒𝕣𝕗𝕒𝕣𝕖

The War of the future in 2020 nobody with some grey cells doubts it isnt anymore in a future
it has started.

It was started 2004 in Spain, and the spanish model has been exported to the WORLD.

I had to see today that Germany did sign and ratify the Istambul-Convention

I did shout it loud on Facebook in 2018 that in Spain psychological Warfare
is been applied and only a few noticed it.

One Year later, lots of spaniards got sensibilized , the year before you were still burned

at the villages center if you dared to question the Feminazis,, but I did.

I am allergic against unjustice and as soon as i spotted the psychological manipulation
of our women I wasnt able to keep it 4 myself. I paid a high price 4 it and I am ready to
pay what ever it takes.....Tyranny NO , Council of Europe must go , UNO must GO and all of its affiliate-
And I would go so far , even they have immunity, whoever gave it to them were not allowed to do so, soto Jail
with all those criminals and enemys of humanity------

I am strict but fair....... And I can forgive easily, but what they have done is unforgiveable.
I do not consent that assholes divide what belongs together.



1st Create Fear
2nd Create Violence
POLICE concludes : those criminals are the the party people.

People must be blind and deaf to still think that uuuups all those coincidences contradictions in the narativ ,.. Australia and Sweden ,,, Covid --? I think they wouldnt confirm to suffer any extraordinary whatsoever.....

Slovakia , Slovenia and Hungary ---I think those 3 were it ,,, declared officially Corona for dead..


#Die Wuerde Des Menschen Ist Unantastbar
#La Dignidad Del Ser Humano Es Intocable

Wiederstand2020 sei dabei.

This propaganda is the spanish model,,,, worked out and refined in Spain.. This Propaganda is enforced by th EU and the Council of Europe
which all follow UNOs GendaAgenda ,, The GenderLaws of Spain have brought so much bad over men , and children and have perverted women to a creature that is not desireable for men but dangerous ,,, SHE is detroying the society and doesnt take notice,, MARXISTS Weapon... Men didnt pay attention and evil forces have perverted their women.. Its all cristian worlds issue.. Just following MGTOW filosofy keeps us out of troubble but its passivity could lead us into extinction. Germany resists - Even this attack with the PseudoPandemia,,, But they will get more agressive next time,, What can be even more agressive than this Pandemiaszenario??? Somehow people with the possibiliuties have to make an end to this.

Fenizid does not exist--- Nobody kills anybody just because she is a women,,, he kills because he is a psycopath and mentally ill and commited a crime... The Feminazi Propaganda that placed that in the Fathers head are evilñ, a father that in his pain is searching for explanations and will accept every explanation , even the most grotesk ones , such as femizid.. He killed your daughter because she was a women.... Modus operandi 1 of the Gender Mafia.

Shall we call it homozid when a women kills his partner,? It happens about 1/3 of the cases where man kills women.
No . its mentally ill people. Nothing to do with the sex.....

Violence is equaly distributed but not force, thats the only difference......................................And mental disorders that lead to violence are more represented in the feminine sex, but as they arent so strong it often does not lead to death , but injuries which men do not denounce.

Dont let them devide and seed hate between what loves each other!!!!!!!!!!!! RESIST EUROPE and USA , well cristianity, they wanna exterminate us and use psicologicalk warefare --- FEMINISM ,, LGTB and all the GENDERMADNESS are Weapons to desintegrate society..

For basic Corona Facts see Corona Facts eng
This focus is mainly on Propaganda main web in German but COVIDS-FACTS in lots of languages available , is were I got the visuals from COVID multilanguage Oxfords Evidenz service in english
For the german speaking just follow Schwindelambulanz on Youtube and check Wiederstand2020 out. All the fother muckers gamblers ,,, from CIA to Child Abuse Mafia

COVID ,, Dr. Ericksons briefing with visual Facts that underline their statement.......
Vid with same Facts and beyond in German in work
for less consuming people and more courious guys here the website were you can gather a lot of facts about COVID and shadow-"goverments" main web in German but COVIDS-FACTS in lots of languages available , is were I got the visuals from COVID multilanguage Oxfords Evidenz service in english
For the german speaking just follow Schwindelambulanz on Youtube and check Wiederstand2020 out. All the fother muckers gamblers ,,, from CIA to Child Abuse Mafia

Have fun and lets see if you can connect now all those things that make life for standard christian men a pain in the ass , and even f*** dangerous
as we are threatened but the mayority didnt even get it now withe the Pandemiaszenario and beleave in media,,, big mistake , very big mistake

After 15 years of cryptic messages from spains women ro their men and celebrating the worst sexual revolution ever criminalising men, destroying the values of famly having the worst birth rate on earth finaly a more straight forward group of the "confused" spoke out what the problem is.... Machirulos efforts are not the best, as seen at the end of the clip But the masochist keeps trying. Brave man.. laugh or cry . both is perfectly justified.


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Corona and Beyond

Propaganda and why it should bother us