covid criminals new Nuremberg trial isle of man police station

Dare to question how viruses are not real, being fake particles concocted via toxic scientists practicing lience but never science. The criminal media, medics and politicians are paid or played as corrupted peddlers of lience - they remain in the shadows, being terrified of open public debate.

Dr Andrew Kaufman lays bare the dark frankenscience of making a particle… misnamed as a… ‘virus’

essential viewing for all kind truth seekers everywhere. this video is a recording of the original livestream interview between Ged Power and courtenay-adam-lawrence (aired on 4th March 2021), the content of which was quickly censored and removed from youtube as it exposes the criminal 'covid' narrative.

courtenay lives on the isle of man, british isles and is the author of: The Covid Con; A Wake, and also: From Health Heretic To Common Law Advocate

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covid criminals announced at isle of man police station