Halo was very frightened of tack. She had a halter on her for a long time that has left scars on her and a bad experience with being backed.
I haven't put a halter on her for several months, to give her a break. I put a halter on, gave her a short groom and took the halter off. You can see the relief when the halter is taken off.

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Since then we have been devastated with bush fires and the national parks were closed to the public, followed quickly by a country lockdown due to COVID 19. In this time that the public has not had access to the parks, they have been trapping and killing our wild horses. They have also gotten laws overturned to allow the wholesale slaughter of our brumbies in some areas of Australia, which will soon follow the slaughter of all brumbies.
I'm frightened it's the end of our horses.
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Please email the following:
Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews (the guy who has brought in the plan to slaughter our wild horses)
[email protected]
Victorian of Environment Minister Lilly D'Ambrosio (the lady who is overseeing the slaughter plan)
[email protected]
Prime Minister Scott Morrison
[email protected]
Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud
[email protected]
Local Victorian Members of Parliament
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Leader of the opposition
[email protected]
Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change
[email protected]
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18TH MAY 2020
I am writing to ask that you intervene to stop the intended mass shooting of Bogong High Plains and Eastern Alps Brumbies SCHEDULED FOR 18th May 2020
I want to see our Heritage Brumbies conserved and protected with Legislation. This proposed bloodbath is now receiving international att..

Penny is keeping her weight on. She is rugged over night, now the temperatures are dropping. She is hard fed several times a day.
Her paddock mate left but she still has Ava, and they have been together for over a year, she is gentle and suits being with an elderly horse that needs companionship without pressure from a large herd.

She's come a long way, her nerviness is disappearing. It's taken a while, but I find once you reach a certain level of trust, the progress becomes rapid. It's those painstaking months of patience that you have to put in (well that's my experience)

I'm in my pyjamas, as I've been unwell for some time.

Playing with little kitty, waiting for Elsa's stitches to be removed.

There's kangaroos in the paddock every day and groups. Not sure why they were so spooked. I think he popped up from the creek bank and they were surprised. Better be safe than someone's dinner.

She rolled in clay mud lol

Video is cut off at end.

I spent a lot of time going over her after the video and it looks like the skin is healing. I'm going to treat her weekly.

This is the same paddock shown in the first half of the video |
This is the same creek shown at the beginning of the video
In this video you can see how low the dam was

Review of our old horse Penny, interrupted by feed invasion from brumbies. Ava keeps trying to sneak past me, it's a good sign that they are getting more relaxed around me.
Treating Penny's mud fever with dandruff shampoo and washing her down with a homemade insecticide and rinsing with a betadine mix for what appears to be some type of bacterial infection on the skin.
Will get the vet back out to review her if she doesn't improve.

She's had another dose of ivermectin to kill the ticks and is on sulphur in her feed or supplements. I will also add apple cider vinegar to her supplements. I'm trying to avoid using chemicals on her.
There's less ticks on her and the ticks I'm picking off her are less active and some are actually dead. The invermectin has worked.
She is also improving with her skin infection since finishing her antibiotics.
Note her coat is a little darker- probably the copper and zinc in her supplements. The excess iron in Australian soil competes with copper and zinc, which causes coat colours to bleach, among other issues that are more important, like immune system, hair and hoof quality.


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