I do not know whose video this is, the guy asked questions to a panel of doctors I do now know the all the details of the Doctor Panel. I cannot not even swear that it's not a Deep Fake video. Watch the video at your own risk. Make your own conclusions.

Logos Research Associates Founder Jim Pamplin narrates this power point presentation that covers the foundations of the earth. Need more info? Email [email protected]

Dr. Jason Lisle presents his finding on the star that led the wisemen to the toddler Jesus. Join us on our next amazing class. We meet on Thursdays at 6:30pm Pacific Time. Email us at [email protected] to get our Zoom information

Learn how the abolishment of Slavery began in America because of, not in spite of the Holy Bible. Your children are being taught to hate America but in reality America was blessed because of it's faith in God and because of its reading of the Bible they learned that Slavery was wrong. Slavery is in the bible BUT God stated that after 7 years they had to be set free. There is much less Slavery in the New Testament. Share this with a student in your life. Join us on Thursday nights email us for the latest speakers at [email protected]

Dr. Brady Blevins from Watchman Fellowship covers how Mediums are deceivers and Christians should be aware of this. Interesting coverage of the Occult. We are Creation Fellowship an Apologetics Ministry. You can join us by emailing [email protected] we do not spam or sell anything all classes are free. You can search us on Facebook public page is CreationFellowshipSantee and the private page is Creation Fellowship Santee, CA

Frank Sherwin of ICR joined us to discuss how our worldview defines our beliefs. If you would like to join us live you can email [email protected] or find us on Facebook search CreationFellowshipSantee. We plan to be on Gab soon.

Apologist and Mechanical Engineer Bill Morgan goes over the Human Digestive System. This is a fun interactive video. You can always join us Live with our speakers by emailing [email protected] and we can send you a list of speakers and get your the zoom meeting info.

What should we be expecting in the last days of the Church age? Jeff is easy to listen to and to understand. This is a message worth hearing

Mike Riddle of Creation Training Initiative did a presentation on Spiritual Warfare and combating it. Churches you need to start teaching the word.

Bible Scholar Dr. August Rosado takes us through the books of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation to show that we are no in the 70th week of Daniel's prophecy. Time is short. Learn what is coming and how to get saved.

What was the first sin in the bible? Questioning God's Word

Dr Sarah Buckland from Jamaica joins us for her evaluation of the data she has collected on God's Design for the Family

Nathan Jones of Christ in Prophecy and Lion and Lamb Ministries goes over the Technology and signs of the end times. Relevant for today's world.

Brother Leslie Joseph Buckland speaks to us about the authenticity of the God's Word we know as the Holy Bible
Creation Fellowship Santee, join us on Thursday nights on Zoom or watch on Facebook or catch the replay here

Dan Kreft the 7 foot apologist takes us through the Begats of the Bible

Carla Estell brings a new theory to our group about the ice age and the flood.

Brian Young of Creation Instruction Association takes us through evidences of the Biblical Exodus

A excerpt from Billy Crone's 'The end of humanity' prophetic series. This video was removed at Youtube in 18 hours citing 'Medical Misinformation'. This video provides no medical advice at all, it was taken down because it's offering real information on the shot that is being pushed by every government agency in spite of some 100,000 advising against it. This video shows you where the field of medicine is going. To watch the full video you can go here


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Creation Fellowship Santee began in 2012 in Santee, CA at the Creation and Earth History Museum. The late John Nelson was our founder and after John passed in 2014 Alan Smith and Glenn Jones took over taking turns leading our meetings. Eventually Alan led our classes until Thursday, March 12 2020 which was our last meeting together in person. The USA entered a very bleak time in its history and the country was shut down for 'Slow the spread' for 'two weeks' that lead into foreverness or so it seemed.

The Museum we met at being in CA was shut down with every other museum in California. So we unable to meet in person again until we decided to take Creation Fellowship Santee to the air and began meeting via Zoom on May 21, 2020 and have met almost every Thursday at 6:30pm Pacific after that. We break for Holidays etc.

We are a core group joined by our belief in the 6 day creation account also know as Young Earth Creationism (YEC). We have the same evidences as Evolutionists and Theistic Evolutionists (OE Old Earth) however we interpret this evidence through the lens of Scripture. Our beliefs are found only in the bible and sometimes supplemental texts that are referenced in the bible.

Our only criteria to be a speaker is that you also believe the 6 day creation account. We welcome to attend Atheists, Evolutions, Theistic Evolutionists and any person who wants to hear another point of view and ask questions and why we believe what we believe. Join us live via Zoom or listen live on Facebook at our CreationFellowshipSantee Facebook page.
Email us for our schedule of speakers and to receive the Zoom meeting information.. [email protected]