george washington

oliver cromwell

Charles the first

Elizabeth 1

great speeches that influenced the course of history

great speeches that changed the course of history

great historical speeches narrated by me

great speeches by historical figure heads narrative by me

orange man tries to outwit some random meme

walking around casting spells of sorts

about a local hermit who meets orange man

orange man travels to a shark planet which is infested with sharks

is the earth really flat i don’t know but orange man tries to find out

what really happened at the royal wedding according to orange man

how i learned to stop worrying and come to love the bomb and propaganda and MK ultra

art work sketch’s etc war propaganda P2

inside of orange mans mind

a short film of a investigation by orange man into the corrupt european union


war and it’s impact

orange man bad starts to do new kitchen installation

scrap crap and a map

images of historic events

woodlands green

just some drawings of random things

just more images


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