“Veterans know better than anyone else the price of freedom, for they’ve suffered the scars of war. We can offer them no better tribute than to protect what they have won for us.” President Ronald Reagan

"Ballad of the Green Berets" by the The Roving Apatosaurus

"These folks literally died to push the experimental jab on you. Karma is a biatch huh!"

RFD-TV's The American Patriotic Video "Why I Stand"

Breaking Points: Krystal and Saagar react to Trump attacking DeSantis after his failed 2024 launch with Elon on Twitter."

Dan Bongino Show: A clip from episode# 2019. In this episode, I address the shocking video, which recently surfaced, where they admit what they’re doing to censor us is likely illegal."

President Donald J Trump releases the latest 1-minute viral ad, highlighting trips to Fort Myers, Florida, and Manchester, New Hampshire."

Ultra MAGA Party: The Biden crime family syndicate.

Glenn Beck: Peter Schweizer, author of ‘Red-Handed,’ is one of the leading experts on the Biden crime family. Scwheizer describes to Glenn a set of phone calls — discovered thanks to Hunter's mention of phone bill ..."

Dan Bongino Show: President Trump Joins The Show To Talk About The Coup.

Lauren3ve: "Will people more be awake for 2024 in the aftermath of the Durham information?"

Lauren3ve: "Everything the Obama justice department, IC and FBI did, to include support from Republicans in congress during the 2016 election and aftermath, was a coup d’état against U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration."

Dan Bongino Show: A clip from episode # 2012. In this episode, Dan addresses the explosive new details of the Durham report. It exposes what was clearly a coup attempt."

Appearing on Newsmax, former Republican Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), Devin Nunes, gives his first assessment of the Durham report."

"Why are the @DCCC and @ActBlue reporting fake donations from the elderly nationwide?

MAGS: With so many adverse events reported after COVID-19 vaccination, never forget those that wanted to harm you, by forcing you to take the poison shots.

"Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures. During their discussion Comer told Maria that NINE Biden family members received foreign payments totaling more than $10 million. Comer then dropped this bomb — The FBI whistleblower has gone missing."

Stew Peters: A clip from Watch the Water 2, Dr. Bryan Ardis returns in this closing chapter to Watch The Water, reinforcing the research behind the groundbreaking documentary. From venom peptides to blood clots, Dr. Ardis and Stew dive deep into how the Covid-19 bioweapon was made."

Fox Business: Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., discusses the House Oversight Committee’s Biden family business probe findings and the impact on president’s policy decisions."

Lauren3ve: Trump is unstoppable and will be back.

Rep. Byron Donalds: "The purpose of all these companies being created is to conceal money that the Biden family has been gaining because Joe Biden has been sitting at the upper echelon of our politics for almost five decades...

"Sorry Carroll, Trump’s just not into you!

"This was the biggest bull shit we have ever seen. This even tops Christine Blasey Ford and Jussie Smollett."

Kari Lake: "I want to see peace in this world, and apparently the people who want peace are the bad guys now. Since when? You know what? The military-industrial complex can shove it."

Natalie Jean Beisner: "ex-Dem turned sane person/walked away in 2020/Now I fight for the right side/I make short videos to help you do the same/Pro-life/Escaping Feminism"


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