Stage - Power Plant

Easier than Cryosphere stage, this feel like homage to Electric Mandrill except with deadly generators.

Stage - Water Work Bureau I hate those mini bosses, this stage almost made me lose my cool (Pun intended).

Stage - Oil Platform

Pyro boss fight wasn't so bad, his pattern was easy to learn after a few tries. Pyro stage reminded me of Oilman from Megaman Powered Up.

I had a lot fun playing as Mighty and Ray but those Special stages were tough.

This video features a lot of exploring.

So much fun.

Full playthrough of this childhood game

Years after playing this game as a kid and it's pretty easy even while single player and two players but since this is a Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck game I wasn't expecting much of a challenge.

The sequel to the first game, it's basically the same plot as the first game but with a different family.

The house is a two game series. It's about a person who entered an abandon home that once used to be inhabitant by a family.

Playthrough of Sonic Mania for PS4/Xbox One and PC

This is a livestream from my twitch account

Thus the adventure comes to an end for now until the developers finish up with the remaining parts of the game, I'll return to this and finish the rest of them as time come.

As for the game it's mostly like the free version except you get to explore more rooms, your health replenish faster, most of the Specimens got a 3D model update one of them I like is Specimen 2 with its new look and how it comes down from the ceiling.

(Re-Uploaded since the video couldn't play for some reason.)

I'm 3/4 way through Spooky's Mansion and I encountered 3 Specimens which are

Specimen 8 - A Deer Entity who assimilates his victims into his body which could be his own pocket dimension in some way to trap his victims after harming his "children" (The Violent Deer)

Specimen 10 - Even though I didn't show it in this video, this specimen introduce itself as the old Specimen 10 which acts similar to Specimen 2 from the GL Labs but once he gets close to you the real Specimen 10 will jump out of its head and slowly makes its way towards you. If you were to outrun let say in a long corridor or in a maze then it'll transform into a fast parasite that will catch up you even when you're running. It's best to keep a reasonable distance to each other and not let it get too far away nor too close to you.

Specimen 11 - This creepy son of a bitch I rather not have follow me in an abandon slaughter house. This Specimen acts like Specimen 1 except faster, you can outrun him in almost any room unless you run into a maze which most Specimen will cause any problem for you.

Part 2 of Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion HD! In this video I encountered Specimen 6 (The Merchant) and Specimen 7 (The Moving Wall) along with running into more Howard rooms.

Couldn't contain it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sources from:
The Nuttiest Nutcracker (1999)
Vinny: Final Nut

After some renovations and improving the specimens models, the wonderful people over at Albino Moose Games give us the newly improved Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation!
In this video I'll be going through floor 1 - 250 to see the new rooms, specimens and any other changes that's include in this remastered version.

The third final installment to the series, this one is pretty good. The atmosphere was spooky and the enemies were menacing. Will this guy escape the nightmarish dreamland or will he succumb to it?

This video contain both endings.

The second game in the series, this time we return back to the deep sleep except deeper. It seem this guy doesn't know when to stay away from danger especially this one he doesn't know nothing about.

A trilogy series featuring a person who fell asleep and started experiencing lucid dream which eventually lead to a living nightmare.

The second game in the trilogy. Exmortis has spread across the world, killing billions and billions of people in their massacre. Mr Hanny lone survivor trying to find a way to stop Exmortis before it kills him and any remaining humans left on earth.

A really good atmospheric flash game that's short and spooky.

This glitch was discovered by Reinachii from ps3trophies
Link to written tutorial by Reinachii:
Go to 3:14 to see the glitch performed successfully

This glitch gives you max money from the first Apocalypse Genki Mission after you acquired your first safe house.

The first time you bring the enemy towards the pool you might have a 50/50 chance of failing the mission or performing the glitch but if you fail the mission the first time, then the glitch will succeed the second time.

Once you've done the glitch, run like a madman towards to the goal since they will be a brute chasing you. When you get you will be reward with 300mil+ money but you will hit the cap of 20mil.

This can be done as many times as possible if you were to somehow run out of money which is very unlikely.
Otherwise have fun with Saints Row the Third! :D

This must be done when you are first kicked out of Castle Volkihar, if you continue the quests for Dawnguard after leaving Castle Volkihar, the vampires will be hostile the next time you re-enter the castle.

Go to 3:14 to see how to re-enter Castle Volkihar.

This is for those who want to get Heal Undead Spell Tome and want to continue with Dawnguard questline, this was done on the PS4 for TES V: Skyrim Remastered Edition.

What's required
Wooden Plate
Whirlwind Sprint or just run
Some gold (Obviously)
Level 40+ Restoration Level

This was done without Mods


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