Jeffy's new soda can shoes

Come on people, it's a 40 second video. Please watch it before asking something that was answered in the video, ok? If I didn't answer it in the video, THEN ask in the comments.

Actually not as bad as I was told...

Could this be it? We'll see, I guess.

Seriously GFB, I love this game! So why did it break on my computer?

This is frustrating for me...
Sorry I've been gone. I've been feeling horrible lately. Reaction to the latest SML tomorrow.

Is Logan finally coming back and improving? Will he get rid of Jeffy? ...I have no idea.

Fried bananas

It was fun to watch.

For once not another switching bodies episode...hooray?

Featuring depression and apologies!

I never would have guessed.

I'm not posting it today because it needs refinement and such. Plus it's a large update.

For use when you're impressed by someone or something

So Logan got ads back on the main SML account. The question is whether he'll burn Jeffy. I honestly doubt he will. But if he does, I'll drink some hot sauce.

Video on all of this soon.

Mouth hurting juice!

Seriously Logan. This took me about five minutes.

Fixed Chompy too because a lot of people kept mentioning it.

Actually not too bad, all thing considered

This is about what would happen is SML's Channel(s) "Went to sleep forever"
See what I did there...with...the title? I'm...funny, right?

NOTE: The first version didn't exactly work for most people. Here's the fixed version which people can actually view.
Trying to work through stress in addition to my laziness is just FUN. Anyways, video will be out tomorrow for sure.

Happy birthday to Je-


Good news: I have adjusted the rollers on the VCR to get a picture I would call somewhat acceptable.
I am also able to get my computer to recognize the VCR when connected via Firewire (using TSReader Lite or CapDVHS)
Bad news: I cannot actually get a signal out through said Firewire connection. It's more than likely a setting I have to adjust in the menus.
So my questions this time around are:
1. Can I get into the menus w/o a remote? If not, what are the Universal remote codes for this unit?
2. Which settings should I be adjusting?

Thanks again guys :)

Riddled with a bunch of errors and minor issues, hence why this is episode 0. Episode 1 should have all of these things fixed.

The episode where I talk about the time I hit a kid with a chair because he would not shut up.


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