NOTE: The video MIGHT be out tomorrow either way. But this is just for in case it isn't, you know why.

You're on your own pal

Full SCP-682 video from SCP : Sedition - SCP-682 by Tats TopVideos https://youtu.be/OoCGiSzWIa4
Well here we go again. I didn't want to make SML's 2018 Problems, especially not in such close proximity to The Lovell Rant, but given the type of BS that Logan's been pulling, recently and otherwise, I have to do this.

This was actually pretty alright. Certainly better than...last video.

Clip from Sonic CD since all the others were really long or low res (or in some cases both)
NOTE: The original version I uploaded, while better than the 360p copies you can find around YouTube, had a major flaw with it. It used the "smooth" filter (which is in the Sonic CD port for some reason?). So I finally fixed it. The original version is unlisted now.

It wasn't one problem that made me make this video. It was many.

Lovell, if you watch this, I want you to know that I really want to like you. But given many of your actions, I'd say you need to apologize.

Well since we can't donate one billion dollars to Toys R Us...how about we donate to the dabhdude patreon instead?! ...ok I'll shut up now. https://www.patreon.com/dabhdude

Donate to the official Dabhdude Patreon today...please?
idk I just wanted to make this video.
But hey, at least I'm upfront when I say I'll be giving you virtually nothing, unlike...certain people.

Lovell, despite being arguably the absolute BEST SML actor has gotten away with so much. Well I'm not letting him get away with any more.

Not Chef Pee Pee Quits Part 8 because any and all series videos have been abandoned for some reason...



For when you just need to ask someone why they'd do something like that.
"Ha ha. Ok but it should've been Jeffy-"

Official clip

The Gape Station? The Gay Station?
Didn't see this clip uploaded, so I did you all a favor.

Essential viewing:

Don't talk about them to me, and don't bother them. A couple of them broke my heart and I just want to be happy again.
NOTE: I always tell people "If you have a problem with me, let me know. Don't just hide the problem and hope it will go away." Also, if you don't want to be my friend, fine. But please try and be nice about it. Thank you.

Dis your grandfaher.

We talk about stuff involving the SuperMarioLogan movie, and some more general SML stuff...

Let me tell you about my ________ friend!

Featuring Zeke (voice of Mama Luigi)

I talked about stuff that was varying degrees of important. If you only care about the SML stuff, it's all near the beginning.

There will be big videos...

An update about the new Gen 3 Flaggots, and then probably taking a break for a while...

This was actually pretty funny. Good job Logan.


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