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Awesome video here from A Call For An Uprising. This one is about the recent raid on trump and how it is being used to emotionally elicit a response from his supporters in hopes of starting a civil war.

This resonates exactly with how I feel about this, can't even tell you how many times I saw comments from people saying how "this means war", or "we need to VOTE them out!", falling RIGHT into the trap..

A war, is obviously ridiculous as it gives reason for full blown martial law/UN intervention. And voting is just the same crap as the trump fiasco! All voting does is give the illusion that YOUR VOTE COUNTS, while getting you emotionally invested in the THEATER of politics.

The results will be the same! Biden will probably win again, even though nobody voted for him, this will create even more anger and distrust towards the government. Protests will break out, and FBI Agent provacateurs will show up en masse and create havoc (I'm guessing their will be ALOT of them) in hopes of stirring up even more angry people to join them. Maybe they'll even hand out guns, who knows. They really do want this civil war, so I wouldn't put it past them.

I'm not saying I have a solution, or that you should just give up. I'm saying quit paying attention to politics, Trump, Alex Jones, infowars, all the fear based news...stop giving it any more attention and focus solely on your loved ones, and yourself.

Time to get a relationship with God, if you haven't already yet...

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Another awesome video from KJ OZBORNE, this one touches on the times we are in, and how they are similar to the days of tribulation, how everything is inverted....Good is now evil, and evil has become popularized and has become "the norm". Also touches on the obvious and blatant satanic symbology we are seeing now more than ever.

All this and much more..

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FBI COINTELPRO, controlled opposition, fearmongerer, emotional manipulator, gatekeeper of information, and Zionist shill....

Did I miss any?

Alex Jones only ROLE in all if this is to fracture, splinter, and divide us further and drive people into a civil war. Sure he shares some info, he's not the only one sharing info though...he's just the one we've ALWAYS known about, that there should strike you as suspicious. He's been bullhorning the streets of Austin since the 90s..YET, he's still here? If he was such a problem, they would just take him out like Bill Cooper.


Seems someone else also made this connection, they go a bit deeper though, and they explain how the statue of liberty was created by Freemasons, and how it is actually a symbol for the illuminati/freemasons.

Video from the youfreemasonry youtube channel!

Another awesome video from Shaking my Head Productions, this one covers a lot of subjects..from the constant brainwashing people are subject to via television & Hollywood, which are slowly (not so slow anymore. .) turning humanity into mindless, thoughtless drones, incapable of thinking for themselves. To the Alex jones THEATER trial, and who he REALLY works for..

All this and MUCH more. .

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Just a reminder that the "Statue of Liberty", is REALLY "Helios", the sun god. Helios is often pictured bearing a torch in his raised right hand, VERY similar to the "Lady Liberty" and also very similar to the "LIGHT BEARER" Lucifer/Satan, in the "Satan summoning his legions" painting...

The heliocentric model, where they obsess over placing the sun at the center of the universe (even though it's OBVIOUSLY not, as can be seen in this video, https://www.bitchute.com/video/Iig7aw5BVje6/ ), is nothing more than a way to pay homage to their pagan sun god, aka, Lucifer.

Same goes for the "Statue Of Liberty" a cheeky way to pay homage right in front of our faces..😒

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Awesome video here from former military member, FilthyFeline. He goes in depth on a lot of subjects here, but what peaked my interest the most is the HEAVY satanic imagery on the medal of honor. It's got everything..the upside down pentagram, sun god symbology, and what even looks like a nazi black sun logo hidden in the upper portion of that metal with "lady liberty" (Ra, Helios, Ba'al, etc...)

Super interesting stuff, thanks to filthyfeline for bringing this to my attention, and make sure to give him a sub, he deserves WAY more subscribers!


Joe Rogan proviing yet again, he's NOT on the side of the people. Here he is supporting Trudeau, drone strikes, unnecessary wars and capitalistic agendas. As sometimes, they can be used to improve the "BIGGER PICTURE". Whatever that means...

Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen, the world as we know it, as viewed through a television screen, is nothing more than theater meant to keep you captivated and in awe.

From politics, to obvious false flags pulled on us..to Hollywood, and SPACE. It is all just one big distraction to keep us from finding out WHO we really are, and WHERE we really are..

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Joe Rogan showed his true colors on his recent podcast with Sam Tripoli, when Sam asked him "have you heard of the SPARS pandemic simulation" (he meant to say scenario).

Funny that he knows about the safety violations in 2018 that the Wuhan lab had, but he's never heard of the infamous SPARS scenario? Even though Alex Jones (I know, he's no better) dedicated an ENTIRE show to the SPARS scenario, and he claims to get DAILY texts from him.

For some reason, I just don't believe Joe...

Video edit of an Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan conversation. Joe questions Eddie on why he doesn't believe space is what were told, the absurdity of SpaceX and their Tesla Roadster in "space", and observable flat earth facts, which Joe apparently has a hard time wrapping his head around...

It's pretty simple...if we live on a ball, there should be an observable curve, right?

Joe just doesn't seem to get it...or maybe it's that he doesn't WANT to get it?

A lifetimes worth of indoctrination/brain washing, is hard to break...for some people.


Onlookers of a SpaceX launch were treated to a stunning spectacle, not usually seen with your typical rocket launch. At times, the rocket resembles a bullet shooting through water. It looks very similar to a gas-jet supercavitation, which occurs when a bullet, or projectile, is fired into water...


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Just a few clips that I edited together showing some of NASA'S, and Russias, highly compelling moon landing footage.

It's looks so fake so it must be real, right? 😆

Interesting, can't say I'm surprised though, given their history of pulling false flags off in the past. Smelt fishy from the very beginning...

Awesome video here from Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction. The video quality/editing job gets better each video.

This one touches on the new James Webb "telescope photos" that have came out recently. Seems like the "upgrade in telescopes", from the Hubble, to the Webb. is nothing more than an update of Photoshop...

Also talks about the demonization of "flat earthers" in modern society. And how the media, and others, go to such big lengths to try and shut down a "silly conspiracy theory"..

And yes, the James Webb photos are made in Photoshop, the Metadata has already been checked.


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Seems to me like all these actors, I mean astronauts, need to get their story straight!

Is the sky black when youre in space, or can you see stars? Seems like a simple queston, right?

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Powerful video here, for those of us who are awake to the evil that is currently overtaking our society.

We're in a spiritual battle here, good vs evil, which side are you gonna be on?

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The truth about everybody's favourite zionist communist..err, I mean..scientist. 😉

Aether..the fifth element. Long ago, the collective conscious of humanity had a strong understanding of what the aether is, and how to access it. Slowly over time, our knowledge on this subject has decreased until it eventually became something of fantasy. A tall tale...
Now, by many, aether is considered to be hocus pocus woo-woo, and use of it has all but dissipated..

Or has it?

Did you know AOL was originally called AIMNA? Which stands for "Aether Intelligent Messaging Network Architecture", who is owned by AETHER SYSTEMS INC.

And did you know that the Internet as we know it was actually introduced in the 1970s, and it's original name was called the "ETHERnet"?

Is it possible that by using the intenet, we are actually tapping into the aether on a daily basis without even knowing it?

You may surprised..

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One of the many great videos from KJ OZBORNE, explaining the MANY ways we are under attack from the "elites", the ones who control our society, or at least, the easily controllable ones... Everything from the satanic perversiveness of the music industry, the symbols they're using overtly in public..the attack on our foods and crops. We truly are living in a modern day Babylon..soon to be the next Sodom & Gomorrah.

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Video from MrE where he seems to have came to a new realization regarding our moon, and the moonlight.

You know I think everyone knows this, it's seems to be a pretty observable fact. Especially back in the days when you were a kid playing outside at night, you KNEW it was a light, its OWN light. Or if you've seen the moons reflection over a lake/ocean...it's pretty obvious that it is a light in the sky!

Anyone that says otherwise, theyre simply fooling themselves.

Genesis 1:
14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
15 And let them be for lights in the firmament to give light upon the earth: and it was so.
16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.
17 And God set them in the firmament to give light upon the earth.

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Very interesting stuff here! Vibes of Cosmos is back explaining how "meteors" and "shooting stars" are created, and what they REALLY are...

Hint : They're NOT "Spacerocks"

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Yet another interesting video from Vibes of Cosmos, detailing how these so-called "comets" are formed..and how they "travel" in our ionosphere..

You may be surprised...

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Yet another awesome video from Michael Tellinger and Daily Motivation. Just one of many.

Michael Tellinger is one of the people who originally woke me up to our lost ancient history, and the truth about giants and petrified bones/wood being modern day rocks/pebbles. He's also got inspiring videos relating to how to break free from our current money driven society, Flat Earth videos as well, amongst other things. He covers a wide range of topics. Definitely recommend checking him out!

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And here's a link to the full video.

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