Mad Shangi and Dale

Sara Barrett is not what she seems.

10 minutes of typical rubbish seen on The Mad Shangi Show

Jewels running her pie hole again and writing checks that she can’t back.

Cyber stalker and harasser Patrick J Doran gets exposed and buried by a young kid approximately eight years ago.

Suzi Rostek is a wonderful friend, Mother, and wife.


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Dedicated to debunking the lies and Slander / Libel being committed by Dale FREZZI and Patrick J Doran on the Mad Shangi Show where they often just make up information to fit their narrative.

The Mad Shangi Show Has been engaged in the cyber-stalking and harassment of individuals online for almost 15 years, including the parents of Rehtaeh Parsons, who continue to mourn her death after her suicide following gang rape and subsequent shaming.

Patrick J Doran (The Mad Shangi) Who lives in Calgary Alberta Canada, routinely doxxes individuals online As part of his abuse campaign and attempt to control, extort, and blackmail people. He often calls people’s work locations, former spouses, current family members, and employers in an effort to stalk and harass them, In an effort to gain some control over their lives.

He has a well-documented history of abusing women, being Hatefully misogynistic, and has a history of multiple cases of sharing and disseminating women’s nude photos and videos as part of his frequent protocol of revenge porn. He seeks and request nude photos and videos of women online almost on a daily basis, often employing bullying and shaming tactics. He also sexually harasses women online on a daily basis as well.

Some reason, the authorities in Calgary Alberta Canada I have not done anything about this long time Minnis who even is self proclaimed as the air apparent for Barry Winters, a well known Canadian Hate speech criminal who has since passed.