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from: 2.12.14

attention determines experience, and YOU have the power to choose where you focus your attention, which begs the question: where ARE you focusing your sacred attention?

While I'm still in the process of transferring over all the videos I'd had on pro-censorship site, YouTube, AND I will be creating a CONSCIOUS AWESOME channel to house my CONSCIOUS AWESOME Show videos, I am inspired to post this one here as a little teaser. Also because I can post it with Mikki's name and with Plandemic's name without fear of being deplatformed. God bless free speech!!! Thanks for tuning in, and for exercising patience as I gather the rest of our podcast videos, and create a channel especially for them. In the meantime, enjoy this very special episode, with my dear friend and Plandemic collaborator, Mikki Willis.

from: 6.4.18

Why #timesup is a poorly languaged, low-vibe hashtag/campaign strategy/sham - a Quantum Languaging analysis.

from: 9.28.20

About the adolescent trend of ideological manipulation, and why you, as a sovereign, empowered being, want to push back on it.

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It takes a village, yo. xodk

from: 4.16.20

A super simple Quantum Languaging hack with infininte, omniscopic transformative implications. Thank you for sharing, employing and integrating, immediately.

from: 6.20.17

Change your words, change your world. A Quantum Languaging lesson that illuminates the downsides of absolutes, and negative framing, while guiding us to language the new paradigm we are living into in the present tense definitive. Every word matters, yo.

from: 1.29.14

Because "should" is a 3rd chakra distortion, and every word matters, yo.

from: 8.25.20

Why I don't dig mask mandates, or State attempts at medical control (aside from that whole Nuremberg Code thing), AND why I'm pretty darned sure that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a parasite.

from: 3.15.20

Some insight into yet another engineered attempt to divide us. All hugs welcomed + encouraged.

Let the record show that this video brought me my very first batch of Plandemic hate and ill-will. It was fascinating to watch so many supposedly "woke" folks tell me they hoped I'd get Coronavirus and die - the same people who wear masks because they care so much about humanity. Yay for inverted clown world!

from: 7.28.20

Why, as an ever-evolving, awakening, sovereign being, we never, ever, ever want to use the word "woke". Verbs are your friend, as are gerunds, sunshine, lemon water and fellow humans, even if they believe differently than you.

from: 1.1.20

A look into the old p(aradigm) conversational strategy, wherein the ego is running the show, while we seek to prove our rightness and make the other person wrong, and the new p. version, wherein we seek to understand. thanks for watching, liking and sharing.

from 6.21.12

From the early days of Quantum Languaging, part 1 in my "present moment languaging" series. Scroll down a bit (okay, a lot) to find parts 2 + 3. They're well worth the effort.

from: 2.10.20

An examination of Joaquin Phoenix's collectively lauded Oscar's speech, analyzed through my finely honed Quantum Languaging lens, and my preference for peace, unity and a free-thinking populace.

from: 8.31.20

Why silly masks are the only masks, Yuri Bezmenov's, "Four Stages of Ideological Subversion", and my latest Satanic cult ritual humiliation hack.

A little explanation as to how super very transformational and effective Quantum Languaging coaching is. Hit me up to schedule a discovery call today! www.quantumlanguaging.com

from: 6.15.20

Why we are wise to stop throwing bones, and offering privileges to those we are deeming less than. Empowerment rocks. Heterarchy is the way. Xodk

from: 12.4.19

Why the mainstream media wants us using these stupid, reductive labels to divide our nation. Word to the wise: Knock it off.

from: 4.10.20

By request, a handful of tools, tips and techniques to keep you sovereign and empowered and joyful and inspired when the mainstream enslavement machine is doing their darndest to convince us to do anything but. Silly monkeys. We got this.

from: 3.26.20

How to deconstruct your news, do your due diligence and get your cute ass informed during these times of mass media deception. Knowledge is power, and we got this.

from: 3.24.20

On coming into right relationship with fear, such that it's not running your life, or wreaking havoc on your immune (or any) system

from: 3.13.20

It's so cute to see the matrix pull out all the stops as it wheezes its last dying breath. Some words and advice on staying sovereign and minding your vibe while the matrix attempts to convince you to do anything but. We got this loves. Xodk

from: 2.25.20

Cancel culture examined through the lens of yoga, spirituality and politics. Wheee!!!

from: 2.17.20

As I'm noticing that folks identified with their partisan hate machines are so often angry, and aggressive, and oh so quick to shame, blame, insult, deride and character assassinate, I'm inviting you to ask yourself if your politics and your ideologies are serving your own health, happiness and well-being. Self-inquiry rocks. So do you.

Here is the link to the Robert Thurman video I mention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcX2J4S3p-Y&feature=em-comments

from: 2.8.20

Some words and thoughts on the oftentimes mortifying process of evolving and upgrading my own languaging patterns while simultaneously sharing these teachings with you and the rest of the world. Yay for self-love, self-compassion and the support of our amazing tribe.

from: 1/12/20

Some communication tips and angles to consider when extricating yourself from toxic dynamics.


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Hi, hi.

Welcome to my Bitchute channel, where I share high-vibing, mind-expanding, pineal-activating awesomeness for visionary change-makers and new p(aradigm) superheroes who like to giggle, wiggle, transmute, transform, and radiate optimized wonderfulness wherever we go. We're talking Quantum Languaging upgrades, Planetary Service Announcements, Witchy Life Hacks, and more!

As a journalist (and one of the Plandemic: Indoctornation writers), I also post bits and pieces of cultural criticism, angled through the lens of an alt news-loving, depth-diving, liberty-loving, truth-telling free-thinker. This is the sort of thing that got me in trouble at YouTube, et al. Soooooooooo happy to be here, on a platform that respects and supports free speech. Hurray.

To learn more about me - your friendly, rabble-rousing 5D word witch - feel free to sniff around my websites: www.danikatz.com and www.quantumlanguaging.com, where you can learn about my books, my products, my coaching and consulting services, et al.

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