Google's Sundar Pichai was grilled on privacy, data collection, and China during congressional hearing

Lawmakers peppered Google CEO Sundar Pichai with a broad range of questions when he testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday.
This was Pichai's first time in front of Congress and culminates a tough year for big tech companies, including Google.
He received questions about political bias, Chinese censorship and data privacy.

What we didn't hear
One topic that didn't come up during the hearing was Google's decision earlier this year not to renew a Pentagon contract for analyzing drone videos using artificial intelligence. Google dropped that project, called Maven, following employee protests through petitions and resignations. Pichai subsequently published an artificial intelligence ethics code that Google would work with the government and military on cybersecurity and training, but not on weapons or surveillance that violate "internationally accepted norms."

In his prepared remarks ahead of Tuesday's hearing, Pichai emphasized Google's patriotism, a stance that seemed aimed at appeasing critics who saw Google's abandonment of Project Maven as turning its back on the Department of Defense.

However, lawmakers didn't probe Google on Maven or its stance on working with the military more broadly.

Another thing that didn't appear amid the partisan jabs was any real indication that Congress is on its way to making meaningful progress towards curbing Google and other tech giants' power or passing legislation that protects consumer privacy.

Newly-Released MKUltra Docs: The CIA Made Remote-Controlled Dogs With Brain Surgery

The CIA marked the 65th anniversary of the launch of Project MKULTRA. And the public i..


Stephen Curry
American basketball player
DescriptionWardell Stephen Curry II is an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association. Many players and analysts have called him the greatest shooter in NBA history.

Stephen Curry said the moon landing was faked, but let's all pretend he didn't

Stephen Curry says he does not believe humans have been to the moon, a stance which is clearly unsupported by facts and hopefully just a joke.

Curry made the proclamation on The Ringer's podcast "Winging It" with teammate Andre Iguodala and hosts Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore; you can hear the exchange around the 46-minute mark. There's some talking over each other that makes it hard to hear, but when the discussion turns to the moon landing, almost everyone seems to agree we've never been there. In the chorus of moon landing rejections, Curry clearly says, "They're gonna come get us. I don't think so either."

Co-host Annie Finberg gives Curry a chance to reconsider, asking, "You don't think so?"

"Nuh uh," he responds. You can almost hear the groans from Warriors fans echoing in the background.

"You gotta do the research on Stanley Kubrick," Bazemore adds.

Kubrick is a common rallying point for people who ascribe to moon landing conspiracy theories. The story goes that NASA was desperate to make it to the moon, so they hired the famed director to stage and film much of the Apollo 11 and 12 missions.

Russia space agency promises to check whether US moon landings really happened

n 2015, a former spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee called for an investigation into the Nasa moon landings.

Vladimir Markin said an enquiry should be launched into the disappearance of original footage fro..


‘This is your ''Christian'' evangelical president': Trump is slammed for not reciting The Apostles' Creed during George H.W. Bush’s funeral


Donald and Melania Trump did not recite The Apostles' Creed during George H.W. Bush's funeral Wednesday
Video shows the first couple standing silent alongside three former presidents and first ladies as they all recited the creed

As President Trump stood beside former presidents Obama, Clinton, Carter and their wives Wednesday during George H.W. Bush's funeral, all but he and first lady Melania were seen reciting The Apostles' Creed.

Trump is now receiving criticism for failing to recite the act of faith, as video shows the front row of presidents and first ladies saying the creed in unison while glancing at their programs where the prayer was printed.

Trump, however, remained stone-faced with his program in hand and arms crossed, refusing to look down once for assistance as Melania stood at his side - both silent.

Social media users were quick to point out the scene at the Washington National Cathedral, critical of Trump as he ran on the base of being devout evangelical Christian, appealing to many conservatives.

The Apostles' Creed contains a brief summary of Christian teachings and the life of Jesus, with a note of hope for 'forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life everlasting'.

It outlines the core Christian beliefs with worshipers repeating 'I believe' in God, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

The funeral program had the creed printed in full, with a note: 'Said by all in unison'.

The Trumps' decision to opt out of the reciting the creed and singing religious hymns has left many questioning the president's beliefs, or if he knows the creed at all.

Trump has identified as Presbyterian in recent years and claims to have..


Trump leaves George H.W. Bush's state funeral at first opportunity and makes it back to White House before 41st president's casket leaves cathedral grounds
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump slipped out of the Washington National Cathedral at first opportunity
They followed the Bush family up the aisle and then departed
They left before the the casket carrying the remains of the late President George H.W. Bush was in the hearse
They returned to the White House and made it back before the hearse carrying Bush's remains departed the grounds of the cathedral

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump slipped out of the Washington National Cathedral on Wednesday after the casket carrying the remains of the late President George H.W. Bush was carried up the aisle of the grand church.

The first couple, followed by Vice President Mike Pence, followed the Bush family and the casket up the aisle at the conclusion of Bush's state funeral.

But then they left to return to the White House, getting back there before the hearse carrying Bush's remains had left the church grounds.

The pool of reporters traveling with the president reported the motorcade carrying the first couple left the cathedral at 1:14 p.m.

The early exit gave President Trump a way to avoid talking to his predecessors and with Hillary Clinton, his 2016 campaign rival who pointedly ignored him as he and the first lady entered the cathedral for the service.

Former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton sat two seats away from President Trump and first lady Melania Trump - in the first gathering of the four since Inauguration Day.

Hillary Clinton looked resolutely ahead during their arrival at Washington National Cathedral even as the first couple walked by her to take their seats.

Seated in order of presidential precedence, Trump sat in the first seat in the first row of the Washington National Cathedral with the first lady beside him.

Next to her..


70 nations invited to Jerusalem Sanhedrin declaration, replace U.N.

Read more at https://mobile.wnd.com/2018/12/7-days-until-dedication-of-3rd-temple-altar/#ouhYQEkXYsML48ct.99

JERUSALEM – The re-established Jewish Sanhedrin is pushing the envelope on the rebuilding of the Temple next Monday, the last evening of Hanukkah, by consecrating a stone altar and reading of a declaration to all nations intended as an invitation to participate in receiving its blessings – leading to an effort to replace the United Nations with a new, God-centered organization.

A full-dress re-enactment of the Korban Olah Tamid (the daily offering) will also take place, with Kohanim (Jewish men of the priestly caste descended from Aaron) wearing biblically mandated garb leading the ceremony.

Where the event takes place is not yet known as the city of Jerusalem is dealing with security concerns, as the ceremony could set off Muslim protests or violence if performed in view of the Temple Mount.

Whether the priests will ritually slaughter a lamb or prepared meat be used is still a question, though the Sanhedrin has received the necessary permits from government organizations. In either case, the meat will be roasted on the newly consecrated altar.

The Sanhedrin is the name given to the council of 71 Jewish sages who constituted the supreme court and legislative body in Judea during the Roman period. It continued to function for more than 400 years after the destruction of the Temple. There have been several orthodox attempts to re-establish it since that time. The current attempt to re-establish the Sanhedrin is generally referred to as the “nascent Sanhedrin,” the “developing Sanhedrin,” or the re-established Sanhedrin.

The altar is currently in the form of stone blocks ready to be transported to the Temple Mount and stored in a manner that will enable them to be assembled at a moment’s notice. When complete, the altar wi..


After mocking “chemtrails” for over a decade, global elites suddenly announce geoengineering plan to “dim the sun” with aerial spraying


Back in 2008, a news publication called Phoenix Times News published a story mocking people who believe in so-called “chemtrails,” calling the concept of geoengineering a “strong competitor for dumbest conspiracy theory ever.” There’s simply no such thing as chemical aerosols that are blasted from airplanes, and that remain suspended in the atmosphere, we were all continually told – with a constant emphasis on the alleged “ridiculousness” of such a notion.

Well, all of that mockery came to a screeching halt just a few short days ago, as mainstream media outlets the world over suddenly showed eagerness to report on how chemtrails are now apparently real, and that we supposedly need them now in order to combat the ever-impending threat of “global warming.”

It’s true: The very same “elites” that back in the day not only denied chemtrails but turned into a laughingstock anyone who believed in them now insist that chemtrails are totally real. And going a step further, these same elites also now claim that chemtrails are the weapon we’ve been overlooking all along to win the War on Climate Change.

These “stratospheric aerosol injections,” as they’re now calling what they previously claimed didn’t exist, can reportedly now be used to blanket the skies in swaths of chemicals, effectively blocking out the sun’s rays and “cooling” the planet. It’s as simple as that, according to self-proclaimed scientists from the Ivy League institutions Harvard University and Yale University, who wrote all about this newfangled climate change weapon in a paper recently published in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

Mother Nature's micronutrient secret: Organic Broccoli Sprout Capsules now available, delivering..


Court Bars Father from Teaching 6-Year-Old Son that He Is a Boy


A Texas court has barred a father from teaching his 6-year-old son that he is a boy or from dressing him like a boy – even though the child chooses to be a boy around the dad.

The boy, named James, is stuck in a custody case between the father and the mother, who insists the boy is a transgender girl, The Federalist reported. A gender transition therapist diagnosed James with gender dysphoria, and the boy’s teachers at school treat him like a girl, calling him “Luna.” He uses the girl’s restroom.

But when the child is around his father, he refuses to be acknowledged as a girl, The Federalist reported. The mother wants to terminate the father’s parental rights.

“James violently refuses to wear girl’s clothes at my home,” the father told Walt Heyer, an expert on gender change who believes the boy has been misdiagnosed.

It’s possible James is a confused child who is caught in society’s debate over gender, Heyer wrote. It’s also possible the mother and the therapist are pressing him to be something he is not, Heyer added. The child, at a young age, said he wanted to be a girl. But those feelings apparently are not consistent.

“The criteria for a diagnosis of childhood gender dysphoria are that a child be persistent, consistent, and insistent about being the opposite sex,” Heyer wrote. “...Under the skilled eyes of the therapist, the child was presented two pieces of paper, one with the word ‘James’ and one with the word ‘Luna,’ and asked to pick the name he preferred. When the appointment only included his mother, James selected Luna, the name and gender he uses at his mother’s home and in his first-grade classroom. When the appointment was only with his father, however, James..


Trump slams Fed chair, questions climate change and threatens to cancel Putin meeting in wide-ranging interview with The Post


President Trump placed responsibility for recent stock market declines and this week’s General Motors plant closures and layoffs on the Federal Reserve during an interview Tuesday, shirking any personal responsibility for cracks in the economy and declaring that he is “not even a little bit happy” with his hand-selected central bank chairman.

In a wide-ranging and sometimes discordant 20-minute interview with The Washington Post, Trump complained at length about Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. “Jay” Powell, whom he nominated earlier this year. He argued that rising interest rates and other Fed policies were damaging the economy — as evidenced by GM’s announcement this week that it was laying off 15 percent of its workforce — though he insisted that he is not worried about a recession.

“I’m doing deals, and I’m not being accommodated by the Fed,” Trump said. “They’re making a mistake because I have a gut, and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me.”

He added: “So far, I’m not even a little bit happy with my selection of Jay. Not even a little bit. And I’m not blaming anybody, but I’m just telling you I think that the Fed is way off-base with what they’re doing.”

Trump also dismissed the federal government’s landmark report released last week finding that damages from global warming are intensifying around the country. The president said that “I don’t see” climate change as man-made and that he does not believe the scientific consensus.

“One of the problems that a lot of people like myself, we have very high levels of intelligence but ..


Russia fires on Ukrainian vessels in Black Sea; 2 wounded


Russia's coast guard opened fire on and seized three of Ukraine's vessels Sunday, wounding two crew members, after a tense standoff in the Black Sea near the Crimean Peninsula, the Ukrainian navy said.

Russia blamed Ukraine for provoking the incident, which sharply escalated tensions that have been growing between the two countries since Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, and it has worked steadily to bolster its zone of control around the peninsula.

Earlier in the day, Russia and Ukraine traded accusations over a separate incident involving the same vessels, prompting Moscow to block passage through the narrow Kerch Strait, which separates the peninsula from the Russian mainland.

The Ukrainian navy said two of its gunboats were struck and Russian crews boarded and seized them and an accompanying tugboat.

Russia's Federal Security Service, known as the FSB and which oversees the coast guard, said there was "irrefutable evidence that Kiev prepared and orchestrated provocations ... in the Black Sea. These materials will soon be made public."

The FSB confirmed early Monday that it fired on the vessels to force them to stop, and then seized them.

An emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council was called for Monday morning over the escalating situation, according to U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley. The European Union and NATO called for restraint from both sides and for Moscow to restore access to the strait, which Ukraine uses to move ships to and from ports on either side of the peninsula.

Ukrainian authorities said they had given advance notice to the Russians that the vessels would be moving through the strait, which connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Azov.

Russia said the three Ukrainian vessels made an unauthorized passage through Russian territorial wate..


EXCLUSIVE: Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies


A daring effort is under way to create the first children whose DNA has been tailored using gene editing.

hen Chinese researchers first edited the genes of a human embryo in a lab dish in 2015, it sparked global outcry and pleas from scientists not to make a baby using the technology, at least for the present.

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The Chinese scientist who claims he made CRISPR babies is under investigation
CRISPR inventor Feng Zhang calls for moratorium on gene-edited babies
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It was the invention of a powerful gene-editing tool, CRISPR, which is cheap and easy to deploy, that made the birth of humans genetically modified in an in vitro fertilization (IVF) center a theoretical possibility.

Now, it appears it may already be happening.

According to Chinese medical documents posted online this month (here and here), a team at the Southern University of Science and Technology, in Shenzhen, has been recruiting couples in an effort to create the first gene-edited babies. They planned to eliminate a gene called CCR5 in hopes of rendering the offspring resistant to HIV, smallpox, and cholera.

The clinical trial documents describe a study in which CRISPR is employed to modify human embryos before they are transferred into women’s uteruses.

The scientist behind the effort, He Jiankui, did not reply to a list of questions about whether the undertaking had produced a live birth. Reached by telephone, he declined to comment.

However, data submitted as part of the trial listing shows that genetic tests have been carried out on fetuses as late as 24 weeks, or six months. It’s not known if ..


FATAL CALLING US ‘missionary’ shot dead with arrows by remote tribe ‘believed it was his calling from God to convert them to Christianity’


John Allen Chau had reportedly visited the prohibited North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean to preach Christianity to the tribe

AN American tourist killed by a tribe on a remote Indian island felt he was called by God to bring the gospel to the uncontacted people.

North Sentinel Island is off-bounds to visitors and home to the Sentinelese, who killed John Allen Chau after he was illegally ferried there by fishermen, officials said.

The island is located in India's remote Andaman and Nicobar chain.

The Sentinelese are a community of hunter-gatherers who live there isolated from the outside world.

"A murder case has been registered," one of the officials told Reuters.

Because contact with the tribe is forbidden John's killers cannot be prosecuted despite taking a life.

He described himself on Instagram as a “Wilderness EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), “PADI Advanced Open Water Diver”, “Outbound Collective Explorer” and a “Snakebite Survivor”.

Just before he left in his kayak, Mr Chau handed the fishermen a long note.

Police say he had written that Jesus had bestowed him with the strength to journey to the most forbidden places on Earth.

A journal belonging him was also found by police where he wrote about his desire to spread God’s word.

One headache facing authorities is retrieving his body because contact with the tribe is forbidden.

Dependra Pathak, Director General of Police of the Andaman and Nicobar islands, told CNN: "We have a team out in the waters for reconnaissance and to strategise how to recover his body.

“The team consists of coastal guards, officials from tribal welfare department, forest department officers and police officials."

Both officials asked for anonymity as th..


Obama suggests Trump is a confused, angry racist and has 'mommy issues' that are making him incapable of fixing the country's problems


Obama spoke at the Obama Foundation summit in Chicago on Monday evening
The former president told the audience that the world 'badly needs remaking'
He said fixing problems aren't nearly as complicated as they're made out to be
Without mentioning Trump by name, he said says the reason the problems aren't solved is because of 'hate, anger, racism, mommy issues'

Former President Barack Obama hinted that Donald Trump's 'mommy issues' are part of what makes him incapable of fixing the nation's problems.

Obama told the audience at a talk at the Obama Foundation summit, held at the Mariott Marquis hotel in Chicago, on Monday that the world 'badly needs remaking.'

And he insisted fixing issues around climate change, education, agriculture and so on are not nearly as complicated as they are made out to be.

Without mentioning Trump by name, Obama said 'the reason we don't do it is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism, mommy issues.'

Trump has previously credited his mother Mary MacLeod Trump, who died in 2000, for 'so much of what I've done and so much of what I've become.'

But she was reported to have been greatly embarrassed by her son's antics throughout the 1990s, when his personal life and failing business often became tabloid fodder.

'What sort of son have I created?' she once famously asked Trump's first wife Ivana, whose highly-publicized divorce came following the revelation that Trump had cheated on her with Marla Maples.

Since leaving office, Obama has pointedly avoided direct criticism of his successor, making a calculated effort not to utter Trump's name.

But the gloves came off as he campaigned ahead of the midterm elections and assailed Republicans fo..


Bloomberg Opinion: The oil price is now controlled by just three men


NEW YORK CITY (Bloomberg) -- OPEC has lost what control of the oil market it ever had. The actions (or tweets) of three men — Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman — will determine the course of oil prices in 2019 and beyond. But of course they each want different things.

While OPEC struggles to find common purpose, the U.S., Russia and Saudi Arabia dominate global supply. Together they produce more oil than the 15 members of OPEC. All three are pumping at record rates and each could raise output again next year, although they may not all choose to do so.

It was Saudi Arabia and Russia that led the push in June for the OPEC+ group to relax output restraints that had been in place since the start of 2017. Both subsequently jacked up production to record, or near record, levels. U.S. output soared unexpectedly at the same time, as companies pumping from the Permian basin in Texas overcame pipeline bottlenecks to move their oil to the Gulf coast.

These increases, alongside smaller downward revisions to demand growth forecasts and President Trump’s decision to grant sanctions waivers to buyers of Iranian oil, have flipped market sentiment from fears of a supply shortage to concerns about a glut in the space of three months. Oil stockpiles in the developed nations of the OECD, which had been falling since early 2017, are rising again and are likely to exceed their five-year average level when October data are finalized, according to the International Energy Agency.

As oil prices have headed south, Saudi Arabia said it would cut exports by 500,000 bopd next month and warned fellow producers that they needed to cut about 1 MMbpd from October production levels. That drew a lukewarm response from Putin and swift Twitter rebuke fr..


EXCLUSIVE: Hailey Baldwin's dad Stephen is caught on video having secret rendezvous with LA masseuse as it's revealed the married born-again Christian actor has been having a two-year affair with the mom-of-two


Stephen Baldwin - Alec's youngest brother - has been having an affair with Venezuelan masseuse Ruth Perez Anselmi, 39, who he met in 2016
The born-again Christian, whose daughter Hailey is married to pop superstar Justin Bieber, has been seeing Anselmi during his business trips to Los Angeles
The 52-year-old actor, who has been married to wife Kennya for 28 years, was last seen by DailyMailTV entering Anselmi's Hollywood apartment on October 12
Two days later he was spotted leaving her apartment and the normally publicity-seeking star recoiled and tried to escape into an underground parking lot
When asked about the affair he responded: 'You're out of your mind brother, brother God bless you'
According to a friend, Baldwin received massages from Anselmi a few times, but 'things quickly turned sexual'
In June, Baldwin was spotted arriving at a hotel near LAX with Anselmi showing up two hours later

We filmed Baldwin entering Anselmi's Hollywood apartment building with the beauty on his arm after midnight on October 12.

The pair can be seen embracing by an elevator and Anselmi - also a talented singer and pianist - lovingly stroked Baldwin's arm.

Baldwin stayed at the apartment well into the early hours, leaving on a rented scooter.

Two days later on Sunday October 14 Baldwin was caught on camera again, this time leaving Anselmi's apartment building during the day with her by his side.

On seeing our cameraman, the normally publicity-seeking star recoiled and tried to escape into an underground parking lot, hoping we hadn't spotted him.

Realizing he had hit a dead end, the 52-year-old, wearing a baseball cap and glasses, was f..


Jehovah's Witnesses Recount Stories of Abuse, Estrangement in Leah Remini-Hosted Special


In a special preceding 'Scientology and the Aftermath's' third season, Remini gathered ex-members to discuss their experiences with the church on issues including blood transfusions, justice and women's rights.
Leah Remini kicked off the third season of her A&E series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath on Tuesday night with a deep-dive, two-hour special on the Christian denomination Jehovah's Witnesses.

On Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath: The Jehovah's Witnesses, Remini led a panel of ex-Jehovah's Witnesses as they explained some of the church's most controversial positions and practices: its belief in Armageddon, disavowal of blood transfusions, disfellowships and subjugation of women.

As Remini explained at the beginning, the special stemmed from letters and social-media messages the production received, asking it to look into the denomination. "I thought Jehovah's Witnesses were just nice people knocking on doors," Remini said. But "We have received many letters, [saying], 'Please look into the Jehovah's Witnesses'" and making the connection between Scientology and Jehovah's Witnesses, she noted.

"Take Scientology, add eight million members, and you've got Jehovah's Witnesses," Lloyd Evans, a former member of the church and author of a book called The Reluctant Apostate, told her.

Jehovah's Witnesses emerged from the International Bible Students Association in the 19th century but was officially given its current name in 1931. Believers differ from other types of Christians in denying the Trinitarian belief that Jesus is divine, instead acknowledging him only as the son of God. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Armageddon is coming, and when it does, non-Witnesses (or "worldly" people) won't survive and God's Kingdom will b..


Woosley Fire Potentially Started At Site Of Nuclear Meltdown, May Contain Radioactive Contamination


A Los Angeles journalist’s photographs are providing evidence of how the destructive Woosley wildfire could be spreading toxic and deadly contamination.

KCAL9’s Stu Mundel’s photos show the fire beginning in the proximity of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, or SSFL. The consequences attached to such a realization are disastrous for the surrounding communities which have long fought the laboratory’s alleged contamination issue.

Southern California Edison reported a disturbance the Chatsworth substation, which is located on SSFL property, a mere two minutes prior to a fire erupting. In 1959, a Sodium Reactor Experiment reactor partially melted down in the same location. KCAL9’s Stu Mundel posted pictures of the incident here:

The Edison report says that a “Chatsworth substation” incident took place on Thursday, at 2:22 pm. The Woosley fire began at 2:24 pm on the same day.

Chatsworth Substation Located On Top Of Previous Nuclear Meltdown

The Chatsworth substation sits within the perimeter of the Boeing Rocketdyne Santa Susana complex. The substation is approximately three football fields west of the Woosley fire starting point. Likewise, the substation is equally approximately three football fields east of the SRE complex, the site of the 1959 nuclear meltdown.

The substations purpose was to provide electricity to the reactor. This electricity helped to power the main grid. This, of course, was the case prior to the meltdown incident.

What does all of this mean?

Woosley Fire May Be One Massive Radioactive, Contaminated Event
The Woosley fire’s potential starting point is ground zero for gargantuan nuclear contamination. Over the years, according to Denise Duffield, Associate Director of Physicians for..


White House blasts 'grandstanding' CNN for lawsuit demanding Jim Acosta get back his press credentials after he was banned for clashing with female intern over press conference microphone
White House denied Acosta access last week and confiscated his 'hard pass' after a heated press-conference shouting match with Trump
The clash ended with brief physical contact with a female intern who tried to take the microphone
CNN sued on Tuesday on First Amendment grounds, claimed Acosta was denied a Fifth Amendent right to due process, and asked a judge for a restraining order
On Friday Trump told DailyMail.com as he left the White House that he hasn't decided how long Acosta will be without credentials, and more bans may follow
The suit names Trump, chief of staff John Kelly, press secretary Sarah Sanders and other aides, along with the Secret Service officer who took the press pass
Former George W. Bush lawyer Ted Olson is representing CNN

CNN filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the Trump administration after the White House suspended White House correspondent Jim Acosta's 'hard pass' press credential. Acosta clashed with President Donald Trump and a press office intern during a November 7 press conference.

The networks' suit, filed by a team that includes former George W. Bush solicitor general Ted Olson, demands the immediate return of Acosta's credentials. The White House fired back at CNN, one of the president's favorite targets, for 'grandstanding.'

Acosta lost access to the building last Wednesday night, hours after refusing to give up a microphone when the president said he had answered enough of his questions.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement that Acosta 'physically refused to surrender a White House microphone to an intern.'

'We have asked this court for an immediate restraining order requiring the pass be returned to Jim, and will seek permanent relief as part of this process.'

The suit names as defen..


President Trump's tweet on California wildfires angers firefighters, celebrities

President Donald Trump's tweet blaming "gross mismanagement" for the devastating California wildfires is sparking a backlash from top firefighters' associations, politicians and celebrities.

In a series of tweets Saturday, Trump said the state's deadly wildfires are a result of poor forest management and threatened to cut federal aid.
"There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor," Trump tweeted. "Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!"

Donald J. Trump

There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor. Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!

12:08 AM - Nov 10, 2018

He doubled down Sunday in another tweet, again blaming forest management.
"With proper Forest Management, we can stop the devastation constantly going on in California. Get smart!" Trump tweeted.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio also weighed in, blaming the fires on climate change.
"The reason these wildfires have worsened is because of climate change and a historic drought," he tweeted. "Helping victims and fire relief efforts in our state should not be a partisan issue."
In between Trump's tweets blaming forest management, he also paid tribute to those affected by the fire.
"More than 4,000 are fighting the Camp and Woolsey Fires in California that have burned over 170,000 acres," Trump tweeted. "Our hearts are with those fighting the fires ... The destruction is catastrophic. God Bless them all."




Michelle Obama: 'I'd never forgive' Trump for promoting birther conspiracy

Former first lady Michelle Obama writes in her forthcoming memoir that President Donald Trump's promotion of the so-called birther movement is something she will "never forgive him for," according to excerpts obtained by The Washington Post and other outlets, detailing the threats she said her family felt as a result of Trump's amplification of the conspiracy theory.

Trump pushed the unfounded theory beginning around 2011 that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya, rather than in Hawaii, and was therefore ineligible to be president. The accusations gained steam among some on the right with the help of Trump’s Twitter feed, culminating in repeated calls for Obama to release his birth certificate and his college admissions records. Trump at one point claimed to have seen the president’s birth certificate himself, which he said would back up his claims, although he never released the proof he claimed to have.

The issue fizzled out near the end of Trump’s run for president in 2016, when he held a press conference to announce that he did, in fact, believe that Obama was born in the U.S., but declined to take responsibility for promoting the conspiracy or apologize to Obama for spreading the false claim, seen by many as racist.

Trump has also spread the false claim that the Obamas are Muslims, a statement that has also been identified by many as a racist dog whistle.

Though then-President Obama poked fun at the conspiracy occasionally, Michelle Obama writes in her book that she worried Trump’s claims would incite violence against her husband and her family.

“The whole thing was crazy and mean-spirited, of course, its underlying bigotry and xenophobia hardly concealed. But it was also dangerous, deliberately meant to stir up the wingnuts and kooks,” she says in the book.

“What if someon..


Survivor: 50-60 People At Borderline Bar And Grill Attack Wednesday — Were Also At Route 91 Attack In Las Vegas (Video)


(Gateway Pundit) – Thirteen people were killed last night at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California late last night. The shooting took place at 11:20 PM Pacific Time.

Police Sgt. Ron Helus was shot dead after he entered the bar and grill. The unarmed doorman was also killed.

The shooter was later identified as Ian Long a former Marine.

After the shooting survivor Nicholas Champion said 50-60 survivors last night inside the country western bar and grill were also at the Route 91 concert last year during the mass shooting.


"I was at the Las Vegas Route 91 mass shooting": Man inside Southern California bar when a gunman opened fire was with "probably 50 or 60 others" who were also at the Las Vegas massacre last year.

“This family got hit twice.”

9:25 AM - Nov 8, 2018


Mass shooting at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California
Several hundred people were inside at the time, police said. The gunman later was confirmed dead.


A Marine veteran clad in black and armed with a .45-caliber Glock handgun shot his way into a Southern California bar crowded with college students and unleashed hell before turning the gun on himself, officials said Thursday.

When it was over, 12 others, including a sheriff's sergeant who tried to stop the carnage, were also dead and many more were wounded.

While investigators identified the gunman as 28-year-old Ian David Long and tried to establish ..


The winners and losers from the 2018 midterm elections


it is clear after Tuesday's election that the predicted "blue wave" in the 2018 midterms turned out to be more of a Democratic swell.

Democrats did gain a clear majority in the House and flipped some governorships (although fewer than they had hoped), but Republicans added more seats than expected in the Senate and scored victories in nearly all of the most high-profile races.

Both sides are claiming the results as a victory.

Here is a look at the winners and losers from Tuesday:

Loser: Liberal Democrats
Before Tuesday, liberal-leaning commentators gushed about three Democratic candidates who appeared to be winning over voters in Southern states with unapologetically liberal platforms: Beto O'Rourke in the Texas Senate race, Andrew Gillum in the Florida governor race and Stacey Abrams in the Georgia governor race.

Their campaigns became the focus of national media attention heading into the election and Democrats poured money into the races. Many said those three candidates could represent a new forward for liberals in Republican territory.

Abrams, Gillum and O'Rourke performed well and made their races tight, but all three appear to have been defeated.

On the other hand, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-described democratic socialist, won in deeply blue New York to become the youngest woman ever elected to Congress at age 29.

Winner: Sen. Mitch McConnell
Heading into Election Day, most pollsters and pundits predicted that Republicans would retain control of the Senate, but few thought they would add more than one, maybe two seats. Some said a true Democratic wave could even sweep away a couple of GOP incumbents to hand Democrats a majority.

But the Republicans did much more than hold onto the Senate, they flipped at least three Senate seats, defeating Democr..


Crowd Breaks Into 'Amazing Grace' After Guest Appears To Fall Ill At Missouri Trump Rally


Via Global News -- The crowd at a Missouri rally held by President Donald Trump began to sing "Amazing Grace" on Monday, Nov. 5, 2018 after a guest appeared to fall ill, prompting a pause in the rally as a doctor was called in.

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Six San Diego-area military bases will be used to assist at border for Operation Faithful Patriot

ix military bases in San Diego County will be used as logistics hubs for supplies and troops to help with securing the Southwest border following President Trump’s announcement Wednesday that he would deploy as many as 15,000 military personnel in response to caravans of Central American migrants making their way northward.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Naval Air Station North Island (Coronado), Naval Base San Diego and Naval Base Point Loma as well as Naval Air Station El Centro will participate in the deployment named Operation Faithful Patriot, officials said

“They have been identified as base support installations – staging areas for troops, for helicopters to land and supplies to be distributed,” said Air Force Capt. Lauren Hill at Northern Command in Colorado.

Military troops will help with planning, engineering, transportation, logistics and medical support to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, according to the Northern Command statement.

Tasks will include erecting temporary vehicle barriers and fencing and installing light towers, barbed wire and concertina wire. Temporary housing and meals will be provided and medical personnel would be deployed as needed for patient care, the statement said.

The new 15,000-troop figure doubles the number Pentagon officials have announced would be operating along the entire border with Mexico.

“We’ll go up to anywhere between 10 and 15,000 military personnel on top of Border Control, ICE and everybody else at the border,” Trump said before departing Washington for a campaign rally in Florida. “Nobody’s coming in. We’re not allowing people to come in.”

Trump’s comments came a day after the general in charge of the border deployment said 5,239 active-duty troops would be he..


Trump says U.S. could send up to 15,000 troops to border

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday the United States could send as many as 15,000 troops to the border with Mexico, as he hardens his stance against a caravan of migrants fleeing violence and poverty in Central America.

"As far as the caravan is concerned, our military is out...we'll go up to anywhere between 10 and 15,000 military personnel, on top of Border Patrol, ICE and everybody else at the border," Trump told reporters at the White House.

The Trump administration on Monday put the number of troops it aimed to send to the border at over 5,200.

Trump has sought to use immigration as an issue to motivate Republican voters ahead of the Nov. 6 elections next week, where Republicans will seek to maintain control on both congressional chambers.

As a presidential candidate before the U.S. election in 2016, Trump promised to harden immigration laws and build a wall along the southern border with Mexico, but implementation of his signature campaign promise has been slow.

A caravan of Central American migrants estimated to number at least 3,500 people left Honduras in mid-October and is now in southern Mexico on its way to the U.S. border.

Trump's tough response to the caravan has been an issue in the congressional elections. Democrats accuse the president of stoking fears of illegal immigration to help Republicans win votes.

The Pentagon has said it has identified about 7,000 active-duty troops, including about 2,000 on standby, that could be deployed to the southern border.


Footage of train heading southbound reportedly captured in Arizona
The footage comes as President Trump announced he would ..


Donald Trump Says He Will Use Tent Cities to End Caravan, Catch and Release

President Donald Trump told Fox News that he will hold Central American asylum-seekers in detention while they wait for their asylum requests to be considered by immigration judges.
“We’re going to hold them [in detention] until such time their trial takes place,” he told Fox News host Laura Ingraham Monday night. He continued:

We’re going to build tent cities, we’re going to put tents up all over the place … The [migrants] are going to wait [in detention], and if they don’t get asylum, they get out of here.

“We’re not letting them into this country,” he said, suggesting his plan will include all Central American asylum-seekers, not just the migrants in the two approaching caravans of Honduran migrants.

Trump is now expected to announce his plan on Wednesday, and likely will also describe the legal authorities which would allow a drastic change from the pro-migration policies embraced by Presidents Geoge W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Democrats, progressives and business groups will oppose his plan to reduce migration, and will likely ask a California judge to block the plan. In turn, Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions will push the Supreme Court to contain the judicial counterattacks on Trump’s defense of the nation’s border and labor market.

Trump said his plan would keep asylum-seeking parents with their children, undermining Democrats’ complaints about “family separation.”

The Trump plan can legally replace the judge-imposed Flores rule which forces officials to release migrants with children before their asylum requests can be processed by officials. The Flores rule releases migrants with children in 20 days, even though the legal process takes roughly 40 days.

Trump’s plan may deter the future flow of migrants towards the border and into the United States. Onc..


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