Bible verses
Act 4:25  Who by the mouth of thy servant David hast said, Why did the heathen rage, and the people imagine vain things? 

The Soul Who Sins Shall Die
Eze 18:1 Then another message came to me from the LORD:
Eze 18:2 "Why do you quote this proverb concerning the land of Israel: 'The parents have eaten sour grapes, but their children's mouths pucker at the taste'?
Eze 18:3 As surely as I live, says the Sovereign LORD, you will not quote this proverb anymore in Israel.
Eze 18:4 For all people are Mine to judge—both parents and children alike. And this is My rule: The person who sins is the one who will die.
Eze 18:5 "Suppose a certain man is righteous and does what is just and right.
Eze 18:6 He does not feast in the mountains before Israel's idols or worship them. He does not commit adultery or have intercourse with a woman during her menstrual period.
Eze 18:7 He is a merciful creditor, not keeping the items given as security by poor debtors. He does not rob the poor but instead gives food to the hungry and provides clothes for the needy.
Eze 18:8 He grants loans without interest, stays away from injustice, is honest and fair when judging others,
Eze 18:9 and faithfully obeys My decrees and regulations. Anyone who does these things is just and will surely live, says the Sovereign LORD.
Eze 18:10 "But suppose that man has a son who grows up to be a robber or murderer and refuses to do what is right.
Eze 18:11 And that son does all the evil things his father would never do—he worships idols on the mountains, commits adultery,
Eze 18:12 oppresses the poor and helpless, steals from debtors by refusing to let them redeem their security, worships idols, commits detestable sins,
Eze 18:13 and lends money at excessive interest. Should such a sinful person live? No! He must die and must take full blame.
Eze 18:14 "But suppose that sinful son, in turn, has a son who sees his father's wickedness and decides against t..


Welcome to DarylLawsonLive.com
Jesus Christ is about to return. And all the born again Christians who are ready for His return will be going a Heavenly banquet after the next Rapture. The Great Tribulation will follow the next Rapture.

Trump has been brought into power by the hand of God. Obama the Antichrist and Pope Francis the False Prophet have been drastically hindered in their Deep State endeavors.

There is a high possibility that the next Rapture occurs during a Trump second term if he gets re-elected.

The greatest time to be alive is now. We are the last generation before the Jesus Christ's return. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled everywhere. And the USA is right in the middle of endtime scriptures being fulfilled.

The greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit is now on all the world. The most miracles ever are are happening now. Sign and wonders and gifts of the Spirit are everywhere and increasing.

Being born again and Spirit filled is the only good option. Staying born again and daily Spirit filled is a must. 50% of all modern Christians will not make the next Rapture.

Run from all religion and run to Jesus Christ and the Bible. Pray and obey the scriptures everyday. Confess your new sins daily to God and pray the Lord's prayer and in tongues daily.

Being willingly ignorant and ignoring the facts is crazy.
It's time to get ready and stay ready 24/7.

See you online and in the next Rapture.


Bible verses
Rev 2:20  Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. 
Rev 2:21  And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. 
Rev 2:22  Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. 
Rev 2:23  And I will kil..


News Analysis: Trump's obsession with Obama turns two-way race into a three-way tangle

More than three years after leaving the White House, Barack Obama appears to have taken up renewed residency.

Not within its living quarters but, rather, inside President Trump's head.

In a barrage remarkable even by Trump's norm-demolishing standards, the nation's 45th chief executive has spent a good deal of time lately savaging the 44th.

Suddenly, a two-way race has turned into a three-way tangle.

That may have been somewhat inevitable, seeing as how Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, spent eight years in the White House as Obama's vice president; an attack on Obama is, by extension, a blow struck against his good friend and former workmate.

But political calculation aside, the volume of attacks from the president and the level of personal vitriol are of a wholly different order, transcending the usual partisan sniping. Among Obama's trespasses, Trump has accused him — without substantiation or much clarity — of committing "the biggest political crime and scandal in the history of the USA, by FAR."

Trump backers might argue that Obama started the latest round of vituperation.

In a conference call this month with alumni of his administration, the former president described Trump's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic as "an absolute chaotic disaster" and criticized the Justice Department for saying it would drop its criminal case against former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

"That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic — not just institutional norms — but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk," Obama said. With 3,000 people dialing in, he must have known his remarks were bound to leak.

Trump's eruption soon followed and his molten rage has scarcely let up. In a barrage of Tweets and television appearances, he accused Ob..


Bill Gates Blasted as “Vaccine Criminal” in Italian Parliament


Billionaire “philanthropist” and population-control zealot Bill Gates is a criminal madman who must be arrested and tried for “crimes against humanity” and attempted “genocide” through vaccines, according to a firebrand Italian lawmaker who sent shock waves around the world. The member of Parliament also called for Italians to resist vaccines and Deep State tyranny. Fellow legislators applauded.

In the impassioned speech on the floor of Italy’s Parliament exposing the Microsoft founder, the parliamentarian, Sara Cunial of Veneto, charged Gates with a long list of crimes, many involving his obsession with vaccinations and population reduction. She also argued that Gates and his toadies were instrumental in shaping the Italian government's disastrous and totalitarian response to the coronavirus outbreak that shredded liberty and left many thousands dead.

Apparently MP Cunial’s fury was sparked after Nigerian lawmakers accused Gates, whom she said had numerous conflicts of interest, of trying to bribe them into approving legislation that would force mandatory vaccines on the population there. Opposition parties in Nigeria blasted the “foreign-sponsored bill” and called for the speaker to be impeached if he attempted to force it on members despite the growing resistance.

A key part of the impassioned plea revolved around Gates’ support for forcing mandatory vaccines on all of humanity. In recent weeks, Gates has repeatedly declared on multiple television programs in the United States that the world could not go back to normal unless and until virtually everybody on the planet had been vaccinated with an as-yet undeveloped, experimental vaccine.

In particular, MP Cunial slammed Gates-funded va..


FDA Halts Coronavirus Testing Program Backed by Bill Gates

An innovative coronavirus testing program in the Seattle area — promoted by billionaire Bill Gates and local public health officials as a way of conducting wider surveillance on the invisible spread of the virus — has been ordered by the federal government to stop its work pending additional reviews.

The program involved sending home test kits to both healthy and sick people in the hope of conducting the kind of widespread monitoring that could help communities safely reopen from lockdowns. Researchers and public health authorities already had tested thousands of samples, finding dozens of previously undetected cases.

But the program, a partnership between research groups and the Seattle and King County public health department that had been operating under authorization from the state, was notified this week that it now needs approval directly from the federal government. Officials with the Food and Drug Administration told the partnership to cease its testing and reporting until the agency grants further approval.

“Please discontinue patient testing and return of diagnostic results to patients until proper authorization is obtained,” the FDA wrote in a memo.

Dr. Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, who is not involved in the Seattle group, said it had “emerged as leading lights in this whole COVID-19 crisis.” He said it was “bizarre” that the FDA would halt such a project.

The Seattle partnership that is conducting the testing, the Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network, said in a statement that it had been in conversation with the FDA about its program for about 10 weeks and submitted data a month ago.

“We are actively working to address their questions,” the group said.

By the end of February, those researchers ended up doing some testing anyway, discovered the first..


The Chosen is the first-ever-multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus. Created outside of the Hollywood system, The Chosen allows us to see Him through the eyes of those who knew him. No matter where you are at in your journey with Jesus Christ, this TV show is for you.

The Chosen


I’ve been a believer my whole life, I’ve attended Christian schools my whole life, and I’ve heard the stories of Jesus countless times. I’ve also seen every Jesus movie and miniseries ever made, and there have been dozens. So why a new TV show about Jesus?

Because I have a passion for people to hear the “old, old story” again … for the very first time. When I see Jesus movies, it’s sometimes hard for me to feel moved or excited. I've heard the stories before, and many Jesus projects just take you from Bible story to Bible story, not spending as much time on the humanity and backstories of all these characters. And they sometimes feel stiff and formal.

So when we started to write a show that explores Jesus through the eyes of those around Him, we were repeatedly moved and excited. We explored the backstories of Simon Peter, Matthew, Mary Magdalene, Nicodemus, and a few of Jesus’ miracle recipients, and in turn experienced Him in the way they did. We couldn’t help but identify with their recklessness, rough pasts, religious piety, and desperation for life change. And ultimately, their redemption.

One of our favorite responses from an early screening? "The story of Jesus that actually appealed to my teenagers!"

No matter where you’re at in your journey with Christ—whether you’re one of the many people in the gospels who encountered Jesus after a horrific past without Him, or you’re a Nicodemus who’s been a lifelong member of the God team—Jesus proved over and over that we have so much to learn and innumerable trait..


President to Sen. Graham: Call Obama to testify about 'political crime'


President Trump is urging Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to call former President Obama as a witness in the panel's investigation of the origins of the Russia probe.

"If I were a Senator or Congressman, the first person I would call to testify about the biggest political crime and scandal in the history of the USA, by FAR, is former President Obama," he wrote on Twitter. "He knew EVERYTHING. Do it @LindseyGrahamSC, just do it. No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more talk!"

Graham has said "no president is above the law," but regarding Obama testifying, he's "greatly concerned about the precedent that would be set by calling a former president for oversight."

"As to the Judiciary Committee, both presidents are welcome to come before the committee and share their concerns about each other. If nothing else, it would make for great television. However, I have great doubts about whether it would be wise for the country," he said.

The Washington Examiner noted the pressure from the White House compounds growing impatience with Graham from the right. His critics point out he has been vowing to investigate Obama-era officials who launched the Trump-Russia investigation.

Trump's tweet followed the release of transcripts last week showing Obama officials testified under oath they saw no evidence of Trump campaign collusion with Russia in 2016. Meanwhile, they were giving television interviews insisting they had evidence.

Last week, evidence in the Michael Flynn case was unsealed confirming the former national security adviser's claim that the FBI intended to get him to lie.

The Examiner noted Trump's tweet also followed the release Wednesday of a memo, declassified by acting Director..




Bible verses
Rev 13:11  And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. 
Rev 13:12  And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. 
Rev 13:15  And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. 

Act_4:12  Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Joh_14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Joh 3:3 Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God."

1Jn 4:1 Dear friends, do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God. For there are many false prophets in the world.
1Jn 4:2 This is how we know if they have the Spirit of God: If a person claiming to be a prophet acknowledges that Jesus Christ came in a real body, that person has the Spirit of God. 1Jn 4:3 But if someone claims to be a prophet and does not acknowledge the truth about Jesus, that person is not from God. Such a person has the spirit of the Antichrist, which you heard is coming into the world and indeed is already here.

Rom_6:23  For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our..



More Evidence Trump Is Working With Bill Gates’ Vaccine Under “Operation Warp Speed”

Bible verses
Dan 11:32 He will flatter and win over those who have violated the covenant. But the people who know their God will be strong and will resist him.

Rev 13:11 Then I saw another beast come up out of the earth. He had two horns like those of a lamb, but he spoke with the voice of a dragon.
Rev 13:12 He exercised all the authority of the first beast. And he required all the earth and its people to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed.
Rev 13:13 He did astounding miracles, even making fire flash down to earth from the sky while everyone was watching.
Rev 13:14 And with all the miracles he was allowed to perform on behalf of the first beast, he deceived all the people who belong to this world. He ordered the people to make a great statue of the first beast, who was fatally wounded and then came back to life.
Rev 13:15 He was then permitted to give life to this statue so that it could speak. Then the statue of the beast commanded that anyone refusing to worship it must die.
Rev 13:16 He required everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead.
Rev 13:17 And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name.


Giuliani: 'Fauci gave $3.7 million to the Wuhan laboratory'

Dr. Anthony Fauci is among the onetime members of the Obama administration who must be held accountable for the $3.7 million the U.S. granted to China for coronavirus research in 2014, contends Rudy Giuliani.

Some of the money went to the Wuhan laboratory in which the coronavirus pandemic is believe to have originated.

The former New York City mayor, now personal legal counsel for President Trump, said in an interview Sunday with New York AM 970 radio's "The Cats Roundtable" that he would open an investivation if he were U.S. attorney.

Giuliani wants to find out what Fauci, who has served as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, knew about what was going on in the Wuhan laboratory when the grant was made.

The U.S. intelligence community believes the current coronavirus strain may have accidentally escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Giuliani suspects China was experimenting with viruses at the lab for the purpose of "weaponizing them." He said the U.S. was prohibited from giving any money to any laboratory "that was fooling around with these viruses."

"Despite that, Dr. Fauci gave $3.7 million to the Wuhan laboratory — and then even after the State Department issued reports about how unsafe that laboratory was, and how suspicious they were in the way they were developing a virus that could be transmitted to humans."

The U.S. never pulled the money, Giuliani emphasized to host John Ca

"So, something here is going on, John. I don't want to make any accusations," he said. "But there was more knowledge about what was going on in China with our scientific people than they disclosed to us when this first came out.

"I mean, just think of it, if this laboratory turns out to be the plac..


Sweden official: Coronavirus strategy of keeping country open seems to be working

Sweden's top epidemiologist believes his country could reach "herd immunity" for COVID-19 in the population by May.

“According to our modelers [at the Public Health Agency of Sweden], we are starting to see so many immune people in the population in Stockholm that it is starting to have an effect on the spread of the infection,” Dr. Anders Tegnell told recently local reporters, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

“Our models point to some time in May.”

While Sweden has canceled large sporting and other events, schools, gyms, bars and restaurants have remained open, relying on citizens to do what is necessary to keep themselves safe.

"The government has banned gatherings of 50 people and barred visits to nursing homes. It also banned non-essential travel to Sweden from outside the EU," the Daily Mail reported.

John Burn-Murdoch of the Financial Times noted in a Monday tweet that Stockholm, Sweden's capital city and largest population center (2.4 million in the metro area), has seen a decline in new hospitalizations.

According to Johns Hopkins, Sweden has 14,777 confirmed cases and 1,580 deaths.

Critics have pointed out that Sweden has had a significantly higher death rate -- at 118 per one million people -- than the surrounding Nordic nations of Norway, Finland and Denmark.

"Sweden’s per-million tally is also significantly higher than the 42 recorded in Germany – but remains lower than the [United Kingdom’s] rate of 182 (as of Tuesday) and far below Italy’s 349 and Spain’s 399," The Guardian reported.

Statista shows Sweden's death rate per million at approximately 151 versus the United States at 124.

Tegnell i..


Woody Harrelson among stars sharing coronavirus conspiracy theories tied to 5G

Wild conspiracy theories linking 5G networks to the coronavirus pandemic are being blamed for a spate of attacks on UK cellphone towers — and are even being spread by celebrities such as Woody Harrelson.

Fires at towers in Birmingham, Liverpool and Belfast have all been blamed on the conspiracy theories, UK officials said. The theories have ranged from 5G signals causing the virus, to the contagion being started as a cover-up for health maladies related to the networks.

UK Cabinet Minister Michael Gove damned the tales as “dangerous nonsense” while noting that the damaged phone lines are crucial for emergency services battling the pandemic.

Yet the conspiracy theories are quickly reaching a massive audience — thanks in parts to celebrities now sharing them with millions of people on social media.

Former “Cheers” TV star Woody Harrelson recently posted a report “about the negative effects of 5G” and its supposed role in the coronavirus pandemic to his more than 2 million Instagram followers.

“I haven’t fully vetted it I find it very interesting,” he wrote of the report claiming that “5G radiation” is “exacerbating” the contagion’s spread and making it more lethal.

That post got 25,500 likes — while a later one of a video showing Chinese campaigners attacking phone towers there got viewed more than 300,000 times.

Singer M.I.A. has also repeatedly tweeted about her fears over 5G — recently saying that even if it does not cause COVID-19, it “can confuse or slow the body down in healing process as body is learning to cope with new signals wavelength s frequency etc @ same time as Cov.”

The “Paper Planes” rapper even posted a photo of one of the burning towers.

“People in England are setting fire to it. They should just turn it off till after the pandemic!” she wrote...


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