Music as "A SAVIOUR" has and always will be one of life's experiences to bring joy and happiness ---just soak it up.
Pro House/Dance mix with a cool change of lush synthetic Bass, dance and house Kicks snares hihats and beats fused togetter,smooth synths,piano's to make a haze of sound to colour for your ears to tingle with dance vibe.
Thanks to Olliver Pettigrew for his art work as the poster for this mix and all the people on https://www.pexels.com/ for the great dance video clips

Lush R/B Soul/Pop pro mix by Dave Parsons Rivers/DJPcclubb.
Smooth sound of Warm Electric Piano-Guitar-Synths-Latin R/B Drums and Bongos--Fantastic Driving Female Vocals gives this mix it's Magic.
Thanks to https://www.pexels.com/ Polina Tankilevitch for the great video clips.

Pop/Dance/Eletronic mix of Bass-Drum -Synths and Vocal energy to get your moves going.
Thanks to Yan-Kruko on https://www.pexels.com/ for the great video clips.

A love song mix by Dave Parsons Rivers with a--Toe tapping Beat, country style banjos and Guitars,lush clear vocals,bell arps and atmospheric crowd fx.
Thanks to all on Pexels.com for pics and video clips.


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