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Leader of the Heritage Party, David Kurten was a London Assembly member from 2016 to 2021, after being elected alongside Peter Whittle for UKIP. David founded his own party in 2020, and he was a candidate for the Mayor of London election on 6th May.

David is a doughty defender of social conservative values, and was a thorn in the side of the consensus at City Hall on Covid-19 lockdown and vaccines, climate alarmism and divisive woke ideology. His Twitter account has almost 70 thousand followers. David regularly attends freedom rallies against the Covid-19 regime, and spoke to a large crowd at Trafalgar Square on 19th September 2029. His media profile includes interviews on the BBC, Sky News, TalkRadio, RT, Unity News Network, the Richie Allen Show , Resistance GB and many others. He also writes for Conservative Woman and Gateway Pundit websites.

Before his political career David was a chemistry teacher, working in the Caribbean, Germany and other parts of the world.