Semion Yudkovich Mogilevich[1] (Ukrainian: Семе́н Ю́дкович Могиле́вич, Semen Yudkovych Mohylevych [sɛˈmɛn ˈjudkɔwɪtʃ mɔɦɪˈlɛwɪtʃ]; born June 30, 1946) is a Ukrainian-born, Russian [Jewish] organized crime boss, believed by European and United States federal law enforcement agencies to be the "boss of bosses" of most Russian Mafia syndicates in the world.[2] Mogilevich is believed to direct a vast criminal empire and is described by the FBI as "the most dangerous mobster in the world."[3][4] He has been accused by the FBI of "weapons trafficking, contract murders, extortion, drug trafficking, and prostitution on an international scale."[5]

Mogilevich's nicknames include "Don Semyon" and "The Brainy Don" (because of his business acumen).[6] According to US diplomatic cables, he is said to control RosUkrEnergo, a company actively involved in Russia–Ukraine gas disputes, and a partner of Raiffeisen Bank.[7]

He lives freely in Moscow, and has three children. He is most closely associated with the Solntsevskaya Bratva crime group. Political figures he has close alliances with include Yury Luzhkov, the former Mayor of Moscow, Dmytro Firtash and Leonid Derkach, former head of the Security Service of Ukraine.[8][9] Oleksandr Turchynov, who was designated as acting President of Ukraine in February 2014, appeared in court in 2010 for allegedly destroying files pertaining to Mogilevich.[10] Defector Alexander Litvinenko, shortly before his assassination, claimed that Mogilevich had allegedly a "good relationship" with Vladimir Putin since the 1990s.[11]

Via Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semion_Mogilevich

"Judaism is a religion; but Zionism is a political movement started mainly by East European (Ashkenazi) Jews who for centuries have been the main force behind communism/socialism. The ultimate goal of the Zionists is one-world government under the control of the Zionists and the Zionist-oriented Jewish international bankers." —Jack Bernstein, from The Life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel

Source: http://www.antichristconspiracy.com/HTML%20Pages/TheLifeofanAmericanJewinRacist-MarxistIsrael.htm

Mirrored from If America Knew channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZA6V7Fa5aw

1 hour, abridged version of censored Al Jazeera documentary exposing the Israel lobby in the U.S.
The documentary was never broadcast by Al Jazeera due to pressure from some Jewish groups
and individuals. It was eventually leaked to a few groups, which posted some short clips. On
November 2nd the first two parts finally became available to the public.

Some Black Sabbath and improvised, psychedelic Saturnalia — because I'm tired of thinking about Israel.

Public Statement by Martin Dillon & Gordon Thomas

'The Assassination of Robert Maxwell: Israel's Super Spy'
(Robson Books UK)

Two best-selling authors have bitterly accused their American publisher of "sabotaging" their book on Robert Maxwell he is to publish. The book, supported by FBI documents, and files from intelligence agencies across the globe, details the tycoon's until now unsuspected links to organised crime families in the Balkans - and how Maxwell penetrated America's nuclear arsenal at Los Alamos on behalf of Mossad. The book reveals the tycoon worked for the Israeli intelligence.

But unknown to the authors, their US publisher, Carroll-Graf, secretly delivered an uncorrected proof copy of their manuscript weeks ago to Maxwell's daughter, Isabel.

She admits she took the book to Israel and consulted with, among others, "a family friend" David Kimche, a former deputy director of Mossad.

Last week, in the Jewish Chronicle, Isabel Maxwell launched a ferocious attack on authors Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon over "The Assassination of Robert Maxwell: Israel's Super Spy" (Robson Books UK).

She accused them of not even getting the names of her siblings correctly-spelled (common in uncorrected manuscripts). But in the finished book, published last week, they are spelled correctly.

And the authors have been told by their UK publisher, Jeremy Robson, that the American publisher, Carroll & Graf of the Avalon Publishing House to whom he sold the book - and who had agreed to maintain the contents confidentiality - had leaked the book to Isabel Maxwell "because she was a family friend of the publisher".

Herman Graf, head of Carroll-Graf, refuses to explain to the authors how the book was sent to Isabel Maxwell. Further, he has delayed publication until December 16. And he has refused to promote the book.

"Everyone in the trade knows this is the worst week to launch a book of this nature. It will be lost. And the US publisher won't even confirm what his print run is or whether he is taking even a small ad in the trade press. In 50 years of being a published author I have never encountered such a situation," said Gordon Thomas.

In what the authors see as a conspiracy of silence, they have also enjoined the august Jewish Chronicle. The voice of Jewry in Britain has refused to publish in full their detailed retraction of Isabel Maxwell's attack.

"Initially the paper offered us space for only a letter. They said they would publish a letter 'twice the size of one (from me) they had previously published'. We asked for the same space as they gave Isabel Maxwell. We have heard no more," concludes Thomas.

But now that other bastion of Jewish opinion, the Jewish Telegraph has come to their aid. The Manchester-based weekly has agreed to publish their article in full. It includes intriguing details about Isabel's own relationship toward Martin Dillon.

Using a succession of emails and contemporaneous notes, Martin Dillon, a former BBC Timewatch producer and an acknowledged expert on the murky world of Eastern European crime, reveals how Isabel, and her mother, colloborated with him despite her subsequent public denials.

"She phoned me constantly - even late at night. She even wanted a photo of me. She asked me to meet her in Washington and London and she revealed intimate family secrets," confirms Dillon, who now lives in New York.

In the rebuttal that the Jewish Chronicle refused to publish in full, Thomas, 69, and Dillon, 53, hint that they may now publish all their email correspondence with Isabel and Betty Maxwell.

What they have already written of Isabel Maxwell's revelations about her siblings has also come from their mother, Betty Maxwell.

"We have been told that some senior members of the family have met with a member of the editorial staff of the Jewish Chronicle. The paper is understandably concerned that Isabel's attack was based on an uncorrected version of the book," said Gordon Thomas, at his home outside Dublin.

JESUS told them Your Father is the DEVIL see JOHN,google or YouTube =TED PIKE The Other Side of ISRAEL=NOTE: some of My VERY BEST FRIENDS have Been ORTHODOX JEWS,= They are behind the New world Order They Control the Jesuits and the Jesuits control the Catholic Church, Kof C and many Many more Groups, , You can TRACE them Down thru History to PRESENT, see 59min Documentary FIAT EMPIRE,

Behind Adding NeuroToxin to Baby Brains, see Films at www.FluorideAlert.org,

Fix Brains take Pure WAter, Magnesium & Taurine see SCIENTIST Film on YouTube, georgeeby

30 year long Dear Departed Friend The Honorable Murray Sentner He was A Orthodox Jew Until He Read My Writings
and the writings of the Late Dr Ernest L Martin they still maintain his site its "ASKELM:

Murray was a Super Genuis He Could Speak Elven Languages Held 6 Masters & PHD

Murray Helped 1.7 Million Holocaust Survivors Find a Home in 14 Different Countries Murray was the KEY NOTE Speaker at the Dedication of the Holocaust Museum in DC" less

The Dragon whose eighth head reigns in Daath is identical with the Beast 666. The male half is Shugal (333), the howler in the Desert of Set; the female half is Choronzon (333) or Typhon, the prototype of Babalon, the Scarlet Woman. One of the meanings of Goetia is 'howling' which suggests that the ancient grimoires were primitive records of man's attempt to rend the veil of the abyss and explore the other side of the Tree. The elaborate codifications of demons and their sigils and the rites accompanying their use parallel the orthodox magical workings used in connection with the front of the Tree. This would explain the need for secrecy and the frequent use of sacred names which veiled the sorcerer's true intentions.

A.E. Waite, in his introduction to The Book of Ceremonial Magic, speaks of the more orthodox phases of magic as 'aspects of the Secret Tradition insofar as it has declared itself on the side of God.' He then declares 'that there is a tradition a rebours. He further notes: 'As there is the height of Kether in Kabalism, so there is the abyss which is below Malkuth . . .' He does not say, however, that the abyss below Malkuth is accessible to man only through the Gate of Daath. But on page xli he writes:

'As there is a door in the soul which opens on God, so there is another door which opens on the recremental deeps, and there is no doubt that the deeps come in when it is opened effectually. There are also the powers of the abyss.'

It will be noted that Waite distinguishes between the 'deeps' and the 'powers of the abyss':

'There is a Black and a White Art . . . a Science of Height and a Science of the Abyss, of Metatron and Belial.'

—Kenneth Grant, The Nightside of Eden, Skoob Books, 1994, pgs. 43-4

"The true god of the Saturnian Gnosis is a Janus-faced entity — Baphomet: Temohpab —a god containing both a positive and a negative side. Both paths, that of the Right and that of the Left, lead to the Absolutum, which stands beyond good and evil. Again, true to Gnosticism, the Saturnian emphasizes that the initiate must enter a path — and work and experience."

—Stephen Flowers, Fire and Ice: The History, Structure, and Rituals of Germany's Most Influential Modern Magical Order: The Brotherhood of Saturn, pg. 57

"The gnosis of the FS is a complex set of magical doctrines. These include a special path of initiation as well as a complete astral or planetary cosmosophy and a Luciferian element. In many regards the Saturn-Gnosis is in accordance with what is known of the Ophite and Barbelo Gnostic sects of antiquity. Gnosis is a form of knowledge concerning the cosmos to which the individual feels called, or 'elected,' and which is based not on the belief in certain dogmas but rather on deep personal experience. The teachings, practices and rituals of the FS are intended to provide just such an initiatory experience."

—Stephen Flowers, Fire and Ice: The History, Structure, and Rituals of Germany's Most Influential Modern Magical Order: The Brotherhood of Saturn, pgs 30-1.

The teachings of the FS are held together by an overriding spiritual conception. This is the 'mythology' of Saturn based upon astrological teachings and the glacial cosmology of Hanns Horbiger (1860-1931), in which fire meets ice, moons crash down onto the planets, and the cosmos exists as an eternal battle of opposites. At the beginning of time, darkness was a more powerful primordial element, but the light was contained within it. In order for the light to begin to glow, a Logos was required. In our planetary system it was the Logos of the sun (Chrestos) that brought light and, along with it, life. But the great angel Lucifer, who originally sat at the side of God, grabbed the torch of light and as Light-bringer (Lucifer), and thus the bearer of divine secrets, adjourned to the farthest reaches of the spheres. His planetary form is therefore Saturn, which in ancient cosmology lies farthest from the sun. Lucifer represents Saturn's 'higher octaves': 'The sun is the centre out of which radiates the entire secret of life. Saturn is the periphery, the border of time and space' (Protagoras 1962). Saturn is the place where the last light passes over into darkness. He is therefore considered the Guardian of the Threshold who opens the door to trasncendence and salvation, and who guards the realm of the dead, but definitely no the realm of 'Evil.' Saturn is also the great judge with swords and scales, entrusted with weights, measures and numbers.


Among human beings, the cult of Saturn corresponds to a path of solitude, maturity, asceticism, difficulties and suffering — for it is only suffering that makes one mature and noble. But Saturn also means restraint and the throwing off of ballast (above all that of previous religious beliefs, as Grosche emphasizes) . . . The adept of Saturn is further distinguished by austerity, concentration skills, critical faculties, and Uranian abilities of intuition (Uranus is considered the astrological ruler of the 'Age of Aquarius'). Secrecy and independence are likewise key words. Human openness is only possible within the chain of the brothers.

—Hans Thomas Hakl, The Magical Order of the Fraternitas Saturni, Moynihan trans., pgs. 45-6

There was a time in a distant and irretrievable past when SNL was actually culturally relevant . . .

Original article by Jeff Buckley: https://medium.com/@jeffbuckley7881/lekem-bird-bard-bsf-covert-and-legal-ways-soviet-israel-transfers-united-states-technology-fb2e2fc0393b

The agency which planted, protected, and paid Pollard is the Israeli-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation, an intergovernment organiza­tion which acts as a channel between the U.S. Treasury and State Department and the Israeli Defense Ministry and Mos­sad. The organization is a product of Henry Kissinger’s ten­ure at the State Department, and one of dozens which have been used to run joint U.S.-Israeli covert operations, of the sort typified by the Iran-Contra sales.

Key BIRD activists include:

Meir Amit, the former director of both the Mossad and Israeli military intelligence.

Yuval Ne’eman, minister of science and develop­ment, the former deputy director of military intelligence, and father of the Israeli nuclear bomb.

Dan Tolkowsky, former chief of the Israeli Air Force, and founder of one of Israel’s top arms smuggling firms, Elron-Elbit.

Itzhak Ya’akov, former chief scientist of the Israeli Defense Ministry, founder of BIRD, and currently U.S. sta­tion chief for the Defense Ministry’s intelligence agency, LEKEM.

Rafi Eytan, LEKEM chief and Pollard task-master.

Harold Katz, counsel of the Israeli Defense Ministry and BIRD.

Dr. Jordan Baruch, former assistant secretary at the U.S. Commerce Department.

Pollard was paid for his espionage by BIRD’s counsel, Harold Katz. He was tasked by the Israeli Defense Ministry’s intelligence agency, LEKEM, whose U.S. station chief is Itzhak Ya’akov. Pollard was protected by a network within the U.S. Justice Department, including former Criminal Di­vision director William F. Weld, and former Deputy Attor­ney General Arnold I. Bums, who are both linked to BIRD. The BIRD Foundation was established by treaty arrange­ment between the United States and Israel in 1977, based on discussions held in 1975 when Kissinger was Secretary of State. Its sister organization, the Binational Agricultural Re­search and Development (BARD) foundation, was formed the same year. Both organizations were modeled on the Binational Science Foundation (BSF), another U.S.-Israeli or­ganization, that had been formed under Kissinger in 1973.

As their names imply, the three organizations, which have overlapping governing boards, officially sponsor joint U.S.-Israeli industrial, agricultural, and basic scientific re­search. The joint projects, and associated conferences, have provided traveling Mossad officers the means to find new U.S. scientists and industrialists to recruit. These operatives have naturally targeted major U.S. university science de­partments and aerospace firms for penetration.

BIRD, BARD, and the BSF maintain an endowment of $300 million in Israeli banks. One bank known to be tied to the BIRD network is the Bank of Boston, which Harold Katz had used to pay Pollard for his espionage. In 1984, then U.S. Attorney in Boston William Weld protected the Bank of Boston, when it was caught laundering over $2 billion in illicit funds used to finance intelligence operations such as BIRD’s.

U.S. intelligence sources stress that the secret to the BIRD network is the petro-dollar recycling apparatus established by Kissinger following the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. As a result of that war, oil prices skyrocketed, and the Persian Gulf oil states were suddenly inundated by massive amounts of U.S. dollars. These petro-dollars, however, were never, ever sub­stantially controlled by the Arab states, but simply siphoned back into the Western banking system …

These petro-dollars have various illicit uses. These in­clude financing “off-budget,” “privatized” U.S. intelligence operations, outside the knowledge and reach of Congress and even the White House. The use of such schemes has now been made famous by the Iran-Contra affair. The postwar U.S. intelligence community first used such techniques when it began to fund its operations through the sale of Southeast Asian heroin. The BIRD network, and its associated covert banking apparatus, is simply one such “off-budget,” puta­tively U.S.-Israeli capability, that has been financed by pe­tro-dollars and dope.

In a little-known work, A World Problem, first published in Poland and then in the United States in English in 1920, Stephanie Laudyn referred to International Jewish Finance as 'a nation of traders and speculators' who held 'a deep and exalted faith in their royal mission, which is to make them lords over all the nations.'

The profound force of Laudyn's elegant writing is so pertinent it must be memorialized here for the historical record, particularly since in the 88 years that have passed since Laudyn first put these thoughts in print, the power of the Rothschild Empire has expanded beyond comprehension. Laudyn declared:

The gold they garner so greedily is but a palpable means to the attainment of their fantastic aspirations. Concealed under its cover is the burning desire to subject the world and to wrest the moral dominion over humanity. They follow it out logically and are conscious of every step they take.

Have they not made enormous headway in this regard? Have they not reached a high round of the huge ladder which is to lead them to the aggression they have dreamt of in the clouded regions of their historic soul? Have they not taken control of the world's press today? Do they not infuse their spirit into the thought and the moral atmosphere of the time? . . .

This ancient race, which had given birth to priests and prophets and had ever been imbued with a sad mysticism and high aspirations, is not ignorant of the vanities of commercial pursuits — gold and money. Their ambitions reach higher, indefinitely higher.

In ancient times, Jews themselves held in scorn the Phoenicians — the first traders in the world because they gave themselves up to commerce, and — today? Have not the blackest annals been associated with Jewish traders? Does not their golden calf stand in threatening posture, stretching forth his black wings of shame, the one, usury, the other — white slavery?

Terrible indeed! Will there be enough clear water in the Euphrates to wash out the blood stains from their pitiless and greed-crazy hands? Can the rust be taken off their soul by some regenerating strength . . . .

They never tilled the soil they occupied, nor shed their blood in its defense. The spiritual, cultural, and intellectual progress of the people among which they lived was no part of their care and labor. On the contrary, they only bartered and traded, enhancing even mankind's highest ideals for gold, in order to increase capital and upbuild the autocracy of the Jews. Although scattered over the entire world, they formed, nevertheless, a united boy of middle-men who manipulated the products of other nations . . . .

Through long centuries a new worldly Nameless power has gradually been arising, and its roots are striking into every crevice of human effort and today, it rules the enterprise of every nation.

However mysterious, this power is real, merciless in its action and detrimental to the welfare and the ideals of any people in whose midst it develops. Herder, in his work on The Ideals of the History of Mankind, brands the Jews as a 'nation of parasites and middlemen,' depraving the world by their usury.

Even Kant condemned their practices, and Bismarck spoke with horror of the rural population's misery, which was exploited unmercifully by the Jews. Voltaire, Goethe, Schiller all branded them as destroyers. Martin Luther, Schopenhauer and Napoleon warned the people against them.

While the altars of force and abuse have fallen and the gods of tyranny and slavery are lying in the dust, Israel has arisen, and with an added power, dominates the affairs of the world. It leads a servile army of anarchism, and its influence reaches even the leaders of the world's greatest democracies.

The upper classes in the nations — the diplomats, the learned, the writers, the legislators, the people of thought and reflection — protect the Jews and submit to the hypnotism of the Jewish spirit.

But the plain people — the very life and brawn of the nation — the masses that cannot argue, but feel upon their backs the burdensome iniquities arise more and more in despondent revolt. They undertake their own retribution . . . .

—Michael Collins Piper, The New Babylon, pgs. 140-2

Thus, it is impossible to separate Zionism and Judaism and the Jewish Utopia — the New World Order. Likewise, the record shows that Freemasonry — long linked to the intrigues of the infamous Illuminati which took command of Freemasonry — has been a force in the drive for the Jewish Utopia.

In 1929 the Reverened E. Cahill, a professor of church history and social science at Milltown Park, Dublin, wrote Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement wherein he concluded that much of the external trappings of Freemasonry, such as its ritual, terminology and legends are of Jewish origin; that the philosophy (or religion) of esoteric Freemasonry, that is, of the inner circles and controlling power, was identical with the Jewish Kabala, an occult and mystic philosophy of a certain segment of Jews, said to be that part of the Mosaic law handed down by tradition and consigned to writing by the Jewish prophets and others.

Cahill also concluded, based on his extensive study, that a certain group of Jews, one of immense power and wealth, were leading Freemasosn and that a somewhat larger group of influential Jews pursued the same goals as the Freemasons and use similar means and were at least in close alliance with the Freemasons.

Even the Jewish Encyclopedia on its section on Freemasonry noted that 'The technical language, rites and symbolism of Masonry are full of Jewish ideas and terms . . . . In the Scottish Rite, the dates of all the official documents are given according to the Hebrew month in the Jewish era and use is made of the older forms of the Jewish alphabet.'

The Jewish writer, Bernard Lazare, noted that Kabalistic Jews were around what he called 'the cradle of Freemasonry' as evidenced by certain rites still in existence conclusively demonstrated.

French writer Gourgenot de Mousseaux, noting the close and intertwining relationship of Freemasonry with certain elements of Judaism, pointed out:

The real chiefs of this immense association of Freemasonry, the few within the innermost circles of initiation who must not be confounded with the nominal leaders or figureheads, are mostly Jews and live in close and intimate alliance with the militant members of Judaism, those, namely, who are the leaders of the Kabalistic section. This elite of the Masonic association, these real chiefs, who are known to so few even of the initiated, and who even these few know only under assumed names, carry on their activities in secret dependence (which they find very lucrative for themselves) upon the Kabalistic Jews.

Another French writer, M. Doinel, a former member of the council of the infamous Freemasonic Grand Orient Lodge of Paris, said:

How often have I heard the Freemasons lament the dominance of the Jews . . . . Ever since the [French] Revolution, the Jews have taken possession of the Masonic lodges more and more completely and their dominance is now unquestioned. The Kabala rules as mistress in the inner lodges and the Jewish spirit dominates the lower grades . . . . In the mind of Satan, the synagogue has an all-important part to play . . . . The great enemy counts on the Jews to govern Masonry as in counts on Masonry to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ.

In short, Freemasonry — from virtually the beginning — has been an integral part of the Jewish plan for a New World Order.

—Michael Collins Piper, The New Babylon, pgs. 98-99

"Judaism is a religion; but Zionism is a political movement started mainly by East European (Ashkenazi) Jews who for centuries have been the main force behind communism/socialism. The ultimate goal of the Zionists is one-world government under the control of the Zionists and the Zionist-oriented Jewish international bankers."

—Jack Bernstein, from The Life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel

Source: https://www.biblebelievers.org.au/israel.htm

"One of our countrymen has said that we, as a people, are an organized majority. Another has said that we are revolutionaries because we are conservers of ourselves. In the management of the new world we give proof of our organization both for revolution and for conservation. Our organization for revolution is evidenced by destructive bolshevism and for construction by the creation of the League of Nations which is also our work. Bolshevism is the accelerator and the League is the brake on the mechanism of which we supply both the motive force and the guiding power. What is the end? It is already determined by our mission. Israel is a synthetic and homogeneous nation. It is formed of elements scattered throughout the whole world, but cast in the flame of our faith in ourselves. We are a League of Nations which contains the elements of all others. It is this fact which qualifies us to unite the nations around us. We are accused of being the agent which dissolves them. It is only at points which are impervious to that synthesis of national elements, of which ours is both the example and the means, that we act as a dissolvent. We do not break the surface except to awaken in the depths below the affinities which do not yet recognize each other. We are not the greatest divisor of the nations except to become their greatest common federator. Israel is the microcosm of the germ of the City of the Future."

—Charles de Beaupoil, comte de Saint-Aulaire, Geneva Versus Peace, pgs 83-4

Source: https://archive.org/details/GenevaVersusPeace (Censored)

Here is the amazing summary of it all by Higger:

In general, the peoples of the world will be divided into two main groups: the Israelitic and the non-Israelitic. The former will be righteous; they will live in accordance with the wishes of one universal God, they will be thirsty for knowledge and willing to the point of martyrdom to spread ethical truths to the world.

All the other peoples, on the other hand, will be known for their detestable practices: idolatry and similar acts of wickedness. They will be destroyed and will disappear from earth before the ushering in of the ideal era.

In short, this is effectively discussion of massive extermination of those who stand up to the Jewish Utopia — the New World Order. It continues: All of these unrighteous nations shall be called to judgment before they are punished and doomed. The severe sentence of their doom will be pronounced upon them only after they have been given a fair trial when it will become evident that their existence would hinder the advent of the ideal era.

Thus, at the coming of the Messiah, when all righteous nations will pay homage to the ideal righteous leader and offer gifts to him, the wicked and corrupt nations, by realizing the approach of their doom, will bring similar presents to the Messiah.

Their gifts and pretended acknowledgment of the new era will be bluntly rejected, for the really wicked nations, like the really wicked individuals must disappear from the earth before an ideal human society of righteous nations can be established.

And when one considers the fact that the Jewish concept of the Messiah is often reckoned to be that the Jewish people themselves are 'The Messiah,' what Higger has described takes on even more consequence."

—Michael Collins Piper, The New Babylon, pgs. 78-9

"The Nomadic Parasites will shift out of London and into Manhattan. And this will be presented under a camouflage of national slogans. It will be represented as an American victory. It will not be an American victory.

Until you know who has lent what to whom, you know nothing whatever of politics, you know nothing whatever of history, you know nothing whatever of international wrangles."

—Ezra Pound

"When we speak of the Jewish religion, we only think of the Bible, of the religion of Moses; that is an illusion; the Jews of the Middle Ages were Talmudists; they have not all ceased to be so. Even today the Talmud takes precedence in authority over the Bible. The Archives Israelites recognizes the absolute authority of the Talmud over the Bible and the Univers Israelite says, 'During 2,000 years the Talmud has been and still is an object of veneration for the Israelites of whom it is the religious code.'"

—Viscount Leon de Poncins, The Secret Powers Behind Revolution

"Meyer Rothschild was a zealous believer in the Talmud and chose it alone as the guiding principle of all his actions."

—S.J. Cohen, The Exemplary Life of the Immortal Banker Mr. Meyer Amschel Rothschild

Link to a .pdf copy of Michael Collins Piper's original book: http://www.christianovercomers.com/pdf_files/New_Babylon.pdf


War is required, it’s the glue of the nations according to the Iron Mountain report. The document says:

“War itself is the basic social system, within which others are secondary modes of organisation, conflict or conspire. It is the system which has governed most human societies of record as it is today.The capacity of a nation to make war is the greatest social power it can exercise; war making, active or contemplated, is a matter of life and death. The misconceptions of war: to defend a nation from military attack by another or to deter such attack”.

“The basic authority of the modern state over its people resides in its war powers. Therefore, a substitute for the war system must be found in order to control the People and provide stability and legitimacy of government if we go into an era of peace. Obviously, if the war machine is discarded, new political machinery would be needed at once. Until the substitute for war is developed, the continuance of the war system must be assured. To maintain the stability of its internal organization of power. Credibility, in fact, lies at the heart of the problem of developing a political substitute for war. We must emphasize that one must be found of credible quality and magnitude if a transition to peace is ever to come about without social disintegration. It is more probable in our judgement, that such a threat will have to be invented, rather than developed from some unknown conditions”.

Sen. J. William Fulbright claimed on the CBS “Face the Nation” television program yesterday that the Senate was “subservient” to Israel and prevented the Administration from applying pressure on that country. The Arkansas Democrat, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said the U.S. possessed the leverage on Israel because “we supply all the wherewithal –or a major part of the wherewithal–to finance or to pay for everything Israel does.” But, he added, this leverage could not be applied because “Israel controls the Senate.”

Fulbright said, “The Senate is subservient to Israel, in my opinion much too much. We should be more concerned about the United States interest rather than doing the bidding of Israel This is a most unusual development.”

Source: https://www.jta.org/1973/04/17/archive/fulbright-israel-controls-senate

HANNITY: You said they're controlling our foreign policy, they're controlling our domestic policy.

TRAFICANT: Yes, I believe they are.

HANNITY: Hear me now.

TRAFICANT: I believe they control the Senate and the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

HANNITY: That's insane.

TRAFICANT: And they're controlling our foreign policy.

HANNITY: That's — Congressman, that's conspiratorial.

TRAFICANT: Well, that your opinion.

Source: https://www.foxnews.com/story/traficant-goes-one-on-one-with-hannity

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed."

Source: https://www.jfklibrary.org/archives/other-resources/john-f-kennedy-speeches/american-newspaper-publishers-association-19610427

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A secret FBI dossier on civil rights leader Martin Luther King alleges that he had a string of affairs and other "sexual aberrations", as well as links to the Communist Party.

It is dated just three weeks before Dr King's assassination in April 1968.

The file was released in a tranche of documents relating to the assassination of John F Kennedy released on Friday.

Mr Kennedy is not referenced in the file and it is not clear why it was kept secret for almost 50 years.

Its cover shows it was assessed in 1994 by an FBI task force on the JFK assassination, which concluded none of the documents should be released.

One allegation, that King had a mistress in California with whom he fathered a child, was attributed to "a very responsible Los Angeles individual in a position to know".

Among its other accusations are that:

1.) Dr King was surrounded by advisers with strong links to the Communist Party USA

2.) His statements were always subject to approval by the alleged communist sympathisers

3.) He was a secret supporter of communism, "a whole-hearted Marxist"

4.) His organisation, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, set up a "tax dodge" to raise funds for its activities

5.) Dr King took part in "drunken sex orgies" and coerced young women to participate

6.) He had love affairs with at least four women, including folk singer Joan Baez

The list of alleged indiscretions would likely have been deeply problematic for the civil rights leader if it had been made public in 1968.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41871956

Link to 3/12/68 FBI dossier excerpt (released in 2017): https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/104-10125-10133.pdf

Original video from Chronicles of Judah 144: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oK_q69_Zgg

This piece of trash claims he is catholic in his wiki page fooling his voters, does it look it to you or he is a crypto-jew?

Deuteronomy 25:17-19 New International Version (NIV)

17 Remember what the Amalekites did to you along the way when you came out of Egypt. 18 When you were weary and worn out, they met you on your journey and attacked all who were lagging behind; they had no fear of God. 19 When the Lord your God gives you rest from all the enemies around you in the land he is giving you to possess as an inheritance, you shall blot out the name of Amalek from under heaven. Do not forget!


Amalek: The Perpetual Enemy of the Jewish People
From the talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

The conflict between Haman and Mordechai which led to the Purim miracle, was rooted in events that had occurred many centuries earlier. Haman traced his descent to Agag, King of Amalek.1 Mordechai and Esther were scions of the royal family of Shaul, the first king of Israel. When the Jews left Egypt, Amalek was the first nation to attack them. As a result of this the Jews were commanded,2 “When G‑d will relieve you of all your enemies... blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven.”

Several centuries later, after Shaul was crowned king, the prophet Shmuel ordered him to fulfill G‑d’s commandment thus:3 “Smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that is his. And have no pity on him; slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.”

Shaul gathered the Jewish people together and waged war against the Amalekites, slaying the entire nation and destroy­ing their property. However, “he had pity on Agag, and the choicest of the sheep and cattle...,”4 and brought them back with him. Shmuel severely reproached Shaul for this: “Because you have rejected the word of G‑d, He has rejected you as king.”5 Though Shmuel then killed Agag, Agag was able to father a child in the interval between his capture by Shaul and his death. That child was the ancestor of Haman.6

Source: https://www.chabad.org/therebbe/article_cdo/aid/150871/jewish/Amalek-The-Perpetual-Enemy-of-the-Jewish-People.htm


“Remember what Amalek did to you,” cautioned Netanyahu, quoting a particularly ominous passage from Deuteronomy.

Source: https://www.jpost.com/International/Netanyahu-at-Auschwitz-Never-again


"One of the frequent memes in the vexing debate about how to restrain Tehran from getting a nuclear bomb is the religious figure of Amalek. My colleague Jeffrey Goldberg, in trying to explain Israeli sensitivity to a regional foe being able to match Israel's nuclear firepower, has cited Amalek as important to Netanyahu's thinking:

I recently asked one of his advisers to gauge for me the depth of Mr. Netanyahu’s anxiety about Iran. His answer: “Think Amalek.” “Amalek,” in essence, is Hebrew for “existential threat.” Tradition holds that the Amalekites are the undying enemy of the Jews. They appear in Deuteronomy, attacking the rear columns of the Israelites on their escape from Egypt. The rabbis teach that successive generations of Jews have been forced to confront the Amalekites: Nebuchadnezzar, the Crusaders, Torquemada, Hitler and Stalin are all manifestations of Amalek’s malevolent spirit. If Iran’s nuclear program is, metaphorically, Amalek’s arsenal, then an Israeli prime minister is bound by Jewish history to seek its destruction, regardless of what his allies think."

Source: https://www.theatlantic.com/daily-dish/archive/2009/05/the-specter-of-amalek/201298/


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