80% patients in reanimations are Vaccinated (sputnik V).

I already have uploaded this video in english language in july 2021.

He is lying about he got coNvid-19, all newspapers and media shit the same day wrote he is hospitalized with high temperature and cough, but you can see this Terrorist didnt cough even once.

There was a conference of people who know:
- 29 november-1 december 2021 must be signed an International Agreement on Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness. And this Agreement can lead to the point where countries will lose their sovereignty (pre step before One World Government).
this is one link, if some one interested try to find more info about it
- covid-19 is a hoax
- there no test kits for covid, they all are fake.

But in 2020 shitmedia telling to sheep there no beds for coNvid patients and they placed beds in Exhibition buildings like ВДНХ and ЕКСПО.

Its old news from january 2021. And one more evidence - all PCR tests are Fake.

11:20 - 11:36 of the video

Fakeccine were made 1 year before Scamdemic.

Drosten considered PCR tests to be unsuitable (old info from 2014).

After 3:58 video starts again but with russian translation.

This is old very known Event, i just want have it for my collections of scamdemic videos.

Another video that proves preliminary planning of coNvid-19.

24 august 2020. Professor of medicine Sir John Bell - These vaccines are unlikely to completely sterilize a population. They have an effect which works in a percentage say 60 or 70 percent !!!

BBC Breakfast - The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps (GB) - We know that double vaccinated, fully vaccinated people are much more likely to get Coronavirus !!!
It will impossible to Spread the disease without Vaccination !!!
link -

1 july 2020 voting for changes in Constitution (Russia), they didnt let to people vote without masks and gloves, ,,,,but:
1) Putin (president of Russia) - no mask, no gloves
2) Mikhail Mishustin (Prime Minister of Russia) - no mask, no gloves
3) Dmitry Medvedev (Deputy Chairman of the Security Council) - no mask, no gloves
october 2020 - birthday of the Dmitry Peskov (Press Secretary for the President of Russia) - a bunch of morons and no one of them wear mask or gloves.
Idk how sheeps cant see this , there is NO VIRUS !!!

This shows how Real coNvid-19 ... there are NO mandatory vaccination and NO sanctions agains people in Presidential Administration of Russia. And they all work around V.Putin.
Interview - 30 june 2021.
Left side - press-secretary of Vladimir Putin - Dmitry Peskov. Right side - journalist.
But they push vaccination among business :(

1) The Chinese center for disease control - The Virus has NOT been isolated (january 23, 2021)
2) CDC update 9 december 2020 - document says the same - NO virus isolates.

Resolution 2361 Parliamentary Assembly (27 jan 2021) - VACCINATION is NOT MANDATORY !!!

1) Ex.President of Russia (D. Medvedev) in july 2020 - said that vaccine must be Effective, Otherwise it will be IMPOSSIBLE to SPREAD the DISEASE !!!
2) Mayor of Moscow (april 2020, Sobyanin) - WE INCREASED the number of patients... (by "WE" he meant THEY DID IT manually)


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