Bors Ruins grinding on Chaos Difficulty, Lvl 21

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[Complete Story Mode Level] -- Originally aired 2-6-2019 -- Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

More Acrid play, unlocked new item -- Watch live at

Ghost Monk lvl 27, Warlock beaten -- Watch live at

Ghost Monk Lvl 12 -- Watch live at

Normal & Boss mode runs -- Watch live at

Did not Auto-Upload, aired 9-11-2019, Sloth Boss, lvl 34 -- Watch live at

This whole series did not Auto-Upload (#2 - #9), #2 aired 4-18-2019, Jonathan Kappel Boss beaten -- Watch live at

Replaying this game, never beat. Hard Mode w/ add-on packs -- Watch live at

Bandit for 1st time, unlocked few new items -- Watch live at

Revisiting: Serpents Coil, Ka Dingel, Unclean Mark, and Lunatic Garden for extra boss quest and items that needed tools -- Watch live at

Did not Auto-Upload, aired 10-1-2019, Snowdrift Cave & Mt. Rikuroa -- Watch live at

Revisiting Gob' Hideout, Fallen Sanctuary (Still More to do, tool needed), Doomed to Obscurity, and Ruins of Memory (Still More to do, item needed), Visiting Black Market -- Watch live at

Getting some of the Novel-ish quests out of the way, end at bout hour and a half whenever break screen starts. -- Watch live at

LVL 102 - Run 1: Round 13, Run 2: ROUND 19!!!! (New Personal Best) -- Watch live at

Did-not Auto-Upload, aired 9-27-2019 - Leveling, still 93 -- Watch live at

Did-not Auto-Upload: aired 9-25-2019, Run 1: Round 12, Run 2: Round 11, Run 3: Round 12 -- Watch live at

Did-not Auto-upload, aired 9-12-2019 - New items found and mailbox unlocked -- Watch live at

Did-not Auto-Upload - Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at

Pirate Stage hunts and quests, Santa quest, fighting Doomelia -- Watch live at

Rotten Forest stage hunting, Pirate Stage quests, few Extra quest bosses towards end, lvl 500 character trophy -- Watch live at


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