Artist: November Növelet
Song: "Fire"
Album: The World In Devotion (2016)
Label: Galakthorrö ‎– Galakthorrö 037A2

Artist: Lust For Youth
Song: "I Found Love In A Different Place"
Album: Perfect View (2013)
Label: Sacred Bones Records ‎– SBR-093CD

Artist: Lucia
Song: "Naar Skytten Fælder Solens Panther"
Album: Various ‎– Across History, The Lovers Aligned (2015)
Label: Janushoved ‎– Janushoved no. 20

Artist: White Void
Song: "She Is Falling"
Album: We're Falling (2014)
Label: Posh Isolation ‎– Posh Isolation 130

Artist: Maska Genetik
Song: "Haut"
Album: Quarantine (2006)
Label: Galakthorrö ‎– Galakthorrö 017

Artist: Ende Shneafliet
Song: "Symphoy"
Album: The Trumpett Years 1981-1983 (2014)
Label: Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD 129, Trumpett ‎– TRUM 0848

Artist: Blood Axis
Song: "Electricity"
Album: Various ‎– Lucifer Rising (1999)
Label: Athanor ‎– ATNR 005

Artist: NON (aka Boyd Rice)
Song: "Discipline"
Album: Various ‎– In Formation: A Tribute To Throbbing Gristle (2000)
Label: Attention Deficit Recordings ‎– ADR09

Artist: Christian Death
Song: "Lacrima Christi" (English version)
Album: Past, Present And Forever (1990)
Label: Contempo Records ‎– CONTEDISC 141

Artist: Truce
Song: "The Charity Of Your Thorn"
Album: The Marseillaise Of Love (2015)
Label: Janushoved ‎– janushoved no. 10

Artist: John Maus
Song: "1987"
Album: I Want To Live! (2003)
Label: Demonstration Bootleg ‎– 007

Artist: Hercegovina
Song: "Hornettes"
Album: Loyalty (2015)
Label: Janushoved ‎– JANUSHOVED NO. 26

Artist: Mortal Boy
Song: "T.E.A."
Album: Sound Ventures of a Dark Romantic (2015)

Artist: Boyd Rice
Song: "The Cross Of Lorraine"
Album: The Way I Feel (2000)
Label: Caciocavallo ‎– CAL 4

Artist: Luftwaffe
Song: "Ashes"
Album: Trephanus Uhr (2004)
Label: Lupine Arts ‎– LUPINECD7, Lupine Arts ‎– Lupine CD7

Artist: John Maus
Song: "Quantum Leap"
Album: We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves (2011)
Label: Upset! The Rhythm ‎– UTR049, Upset! The Rhythm ‎– UTR046

Artist: Blood Axis
Song: "Eternal Soul" (Germania Mix)
Album: Various ‎– The Pact: Flying In The Face... (1996)
Label: Asafoetida ‎– ASAFOETIDA 091 CD

Artist: Truce
Song: "Solaire"
Album: Solaire (2015)
Label: Janushoved ‎– Janushoved no. 29

Artist: Croatian Amor
Song: "Roman Navel"
Album: Genitalia Garden (2014)
Label: Posh Isolation ‎– Posh Isolation 124

Artist: Death In June
Song: "Heaven Street"
Album: The Guilty Have No Past (1990)
Label: New European Recordings ‎– BAD VC CD3

Artist: Lace & Collar
Song: "Bound To You"
Album: Various ‎– Ny Dansk Romantik (2014)
Label: Janushoved ‎– Janushoved Nr. 1

Artist: John Maus
Song: "My Whole World Is Coming Apart"
Album: Love Is Real (2007)
Label: Upset! The Rhythm ‎– UTR015

Artist: Lace & Collar
Song: "Pursuit II"
Album: Pursuit (2016)
Label: Janushoved ‎– Janushoved no. 39

Artist: Lace & Collar
Song: "Pursuit I"
Album: Pursuit (2016)
Label: Janushoved ‎– Janushoved no. 39

Artist: Giirls
Song: "Ever"
Album: Leave Home (2015)


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