During the 11th of November 2019, the Polish National Feast took place as a yearly event celebrating the country's independence, as well as protesting against all forms of Liberal and multicultural decadence. A lot of Fascist organisations were also present displaying their banners high and proud in all legality. Quite the opposite than in most of the Western world. Advocating openly against pedophilia, homosexuality, massive immigration, Islam and even Israel, the event gathered around 50.000 people.

Premier Discours en tant que Chancelier (1933)

Vidéo et compilation par - Alerta Judiada
Traduction Française par - Der Himmelstern

Il faut vouer un certain respect pour mon proche camarade Alerta Judiada, qui se trouve en prison pour avoir créé une magnifique série de vidéos, celle-ci incluse, et pour avoir administré la version Espagnole du Daily Stormer.

A short review of immigration.

If someone tells you that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a forgery, they might very well be right about this. However that does not mean that the Protocols are not a bright observation of Jewish behavior. This video shows Jews planning to subvert another Nation in their own interest, and at the expanse of the native peoples.

Documentary made by M2M and edited by Der Himmelstern for historical accuracy purposes.

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