ALL INDIVIDUALS ARE UNDER ATTACK - end game approaching.

You can't make this stuff up! These are your LEADERS AMERICA!!

Understand yet? VOTE libertarian or don't vote at all. Hashtag tyranny libertarian anarchy freedom bitcoin humanity

Trying to protect you again with common sense,
Not expecting anybody to like or upvote or share this as nobody ever does like or upvote or share anything i do.
Yet still i will get the information out there regardless of outcome.

Just watch this sickening video thanks to THE LEFT media in the USA egging on blacks to kill whitey as well as the totally disturbing tactics of the communist party to quash Hongkongers with violence.

New bitcoin PLACE to HANG OUT and get caught up on what's happening in the space
Tracking the top 110 people in the space and aggregating it into a feed.. with real time prices etc.
Click on Microphone to chirp in and share your short voice message.

Just wanted to see PEOPLE'S opinion on the Tommy Robinson FIASCAL.
Nothing but main stream leftist hit pieces. THIS IS SICK!

A few thoughts and general bewilderment about why so few people will stand up for basic freedoms and precedents for our freedom at large.

Western Government is a clear and present danger to their own citizens. These leftist governments are out of control,

Diatribe on what the heck is real in crypto and our world. What is government. What is law vs legal. What are the banks.
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I'm totally shocked that in a western country we can be jailed for our speech and thoughts. And I'm totally outraged that people are not going crazy about this. We have turned into total apathetic sheep and freedom is disappearing fast.


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