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Direct with Devin: No Country for Free Speech

Nunes Newscast: Countdown to Socialism - The Disinformation Funne‪l‬

Texas' Green Energy Nightmare with Dan Kish

Direct with Devin: Occupy DC

Direct with Devin: Time Magazine's Left-Wing Conspiracy

Nunes Newscast: The Latest Democrat COVID Hypocrisy

Birdwatch is Twitter's new tool to combat so-called misinformation.

Behind The Scenes: Trump's Foreign Policy Successes

Direct with Devin: Amazon's Mail-In Voting Hypocrisy

What's Next For Trump with Michael Anton

Nunes Newscast: Countdown to Socialism--The Big Tech Administration

Nunes Newscast: Countdown to Socialism-The Big Tech Administration

The Lefts' Trump Obsession, with Michael Anton

Direct with Devin: Biden Has No Plan for Covid

Direct with Devin: Russia Hoaxers Back in The White House

Direct with Devin: Big Tech's Blitzkrieg

Nunes Newscast: Countdown to Socialism-The Fake News Complex

Nunes Newscast: Countdown to Socialism-Big Tech Tyranny

Merry Christmas from Devin Nunes. Stay up to date in the New Year by following on Rumble and Parler.

Direct with Devin: The Left Comes for Abraham Lincoln

Nunes Newscast: Pelosi Gambles with American Lives

Nunes Newscast: Pelosi Gambles with Americans' Lives

Direct with Devin: Pee Tape Truthers Should Not be Confirmed

Russia Hoax and the Degradation of Our Voting System. Repost from The Loos Tales Special Report.

Nunes Newscast: Let Them Eat Takeout: Democrat Hypocrisy


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