The Nuremberg Code applies the death penalty for anyone who breaks the code. The Covid experimenters break all 19 elements of the code

For those of us who still have a survival instinct, the COVID-19 vaccine has been nothing but red flags, from the start. An experimental mRNA cocktail that re-wires your cells at the genetic level, everyone is supposed to get it. All negative comments are censored.

Those who question it are shamed and attacked in the public. And all this, for a manufactured pandemic, created via headlines, pop culture talking points and government shutdowns.

On a certain level, the whole thing is undeniably a psychological test. With all these blatant red flags, are you so compliant that you are willing to submit and take the shot? Or are you driven by an independent instinct to survive?

An explanation of why most people are unable to understand what is happening

A senior's playground is the scene of funny antics

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny explains the five ways in which the Covid vaccine can harm us

a woman explains the difference between a man's heartbreak and a woman's

Man eating a meal outside in the pouring rain in UK

A joke about Timbiktu

A cafe customer orders the same as a previous customer, much to his chagrin

Gets a codom stuck on her hand

A man leaves foot prints and a yellow stain in the snow on a BMW

drinking together in a horse-drawn sleigh

A montage of dogs having fun with snow. I'll bet you smile more than once.

Performers practicing

One after another high speed accidents, with fortunately no-one seriously hurt

A series of lucky escapes

Cartoon - man buts blow-up doll but returns it to the shop when he finds that it nags

A man withy no social media presence

different species befriending each other

A man offers to clean the windscreen for a dollar. Then turns on the wash/wipe and walks away

A dog falls off a boat and is rescued by a dolphin

Many unfortunate incidents that could happen to anyone

A tennis player offers his racket to a ball girl

An entertaining dance segway

Richard Attenborough explains how nature will solve the world's problems given a chance


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