An explanation of the fact that many previous bits of intel that were held in secret are now being revealed. Hunter Biden's laptop is one example showing that the press are no longers upporting Biden, and he will soon be removed

An update tothe classic 1950's song.This time it's dreaming of peasce in Ukraine

Mind-bending art

A six year old golfer already playing to international standard

Animals lead the way in ballet evolution

Inter-species relationships

Animals with their owners

Threebshort videosbwhich willbmake you smile

Sometimes things don't work out quite right for some dogs

The actions of animals mimicked by ballet dancers

A collection of statues from around the world

Some surprises as we view the world's top companies

Interactions between humans and sea animals - Amazing

Spin the wheel to decide your choice of tit dip

A gardener treats his groundhog as if it was family

Hundreds maybe thousands of antelopes cross the road at the same place

Watching active animals always creates a feeling of peace.

A ladies aerobics class

A dance series with a great beat. Good entertainment

Various country leaders are usedas mouthpieces for a song

Ruyi glass bridge

A pair of ladies demonstrate the bodys' abilities for strength and contortion.

Kids with their pets

A man removes his own Head


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