By using exercise bikes,a light is driven up the front of a building to give a display, with a surprise ending

A dog paints a name on the board, and then urinates on it

A scantilly dressed Lady bounces across the road, and attracts attention

Friendship between animals and man

Various activities which create intense excitement

Dog and bike rider visit 50 States

Butterfly IQ hand-held ultrasound.Replaces stethoscope, x-ray, ultrasound and other machines. Allows examination of heart, knee joints,blood flow, cancer etc,

Joe takes the gearbox out of his car and needs to clean it. Everything is frozen up so he takes it in the house and puts it in the bath.
His wife returns home so he jumps in the bath and hides the gearbox with bubbles. And then ............

A lady is riding a showground bull when her bikini comes undone

No Cashier necessary.The customer scans the products while placing them in the basket, and the basket is automatically charged and bagged.

A bartender holds a glass between her ass cheeks and pours a pint

Sticky tape is used to provide fashionable bikinis applied directly to the skin

A golf match is arranged, and one player says he might be half an hour late

If you don't laugh at one of these you need a sense of humour transplant

This black labrador will not let its owner stop vaccuuming

The sound from humorous incidents is very cleverly used as the intro to music clips

Watch the elephants thoroughly enjoying playing games and doing trick shots

A series of scenes where the worker involved demonstrates that he may need some training

Joan Rivers at her raunchy best

A woman asks her phone "Where's my husband"

A young boy in bed is visited by an attractive woman dressed in bra and pants, carrying a chocolate cake and Game-boy

three gentleman using a urinal need both hands when smoking and drinking, so they help each other

A series of shots with dogs helping humans to get things done

A man selects "indigenous" voice on his GPS,and suffers all kindsof abuse

A man selects "indigenous" voice on his GPS,and suffers all kinds of abuse


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