Sorry for the shake , i had no idea it jumped like that up on the grind table
This is a set i'm doing for Chen and Jamie , two now local gents who have a real interesting shop in town in the old national bank building, The Dimboola Imaginarium , this is for their fireplace in the shop , I'm relocating to Jeparit , The Wimmera Pioneer Museum on weekends so the museum has a working black smith in residence , and the tour groups who have come here to my workshop previously will now visit at the Museum , where its a lot better set up for large groups and elderly and younger folks than my workshop , We hope to have schools attend on a regular basis if things work out ..

I'll be making and selling traditional decorative but useful items from the museum smithy and reception , as this will have to pay for its self and help fund the museum operations , and i hope Alambi , ( the local aged care facility ) drop by if you can , have a look at some history and say g'day

Mainly for Canoes , you'll need to turn your Volume up, the birds in the background over rode my voice , making arrow heads from scrap tool steel
part 1

i've the making of it video but need to cut and splice a heap to save time and figure out how to do fast forward type stuff ( speed up the show ) that'll be part 2


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mainly an aid for amateur knife makers who wish to save a few dollars and get top class steel cheap , free even

but theres videos of Chickens invading , oddball knife making , old time metal working , with updated equipment, most home made

catching and cooking yabbies , and the stuff i'll add as i go

in general, life in a small town blacksmith shop

if you want to see something made , ask ,( within reason and a 20 min video limit )