Thanks to Scott Fulkerson for pointing out that shhh means slaughter Jesus in gematria. Explanation of why is below:

S is the 19th letter of the alphabet (and also is the first letter in snake serpent and satan) and 19 according to strongs concordance means to slaughter. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, with hhh (888) representing Jesus (in gematria). This means that Shhh in gematria means slaughter Jesus.

Their secret is also that they are not humans but hybrids and aliens using holograms made of jinn light photons to appear human. Visit my youtube channel divine truth1 if you want to learn more about the deception we live under. Credit for the shapeshifting photos goes to the originators. I bind all evil spells that may be in this video in the name of all that is good.

Link to full video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTNjYQLhFLA
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Love that you guys care but can you please start looking at solutions to the global sunblocking.

Please visit my youtube channel Divine Truth1 for more on these hologram deceivers.


First, let me say this, these entities use MOCKERY to control the herd, and it works, very effectively, they also use numerology in their names, and sometimes they just out and out call themselves a WOLF, their comments are all over this video already, TO KEEP YOU FROM SEEING WHO CONTROLS THIS VERY FAKE REALITY WE LIVE IN. If you want to open your eyes, visit my youtube channel divinetruth1 for more on the lizard people.. Fake news, Fake Helicopter and lots of fake talk about perspective (this is not perspective it is a fucking alien using a hologram that is malfunctioning).. You can find the full helicopter analysis at Life's a Mirage youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqowJ82zTSv691W7fuOvZBg I would suggest that anyone who has a functioning brain (there are not many left) actually watch the footage of the fake helicopter and what it presents before leaving their brain dead comments..

Please visit my youtube channel divine truth1 for a more detailed look at the tares among the wheat.

High vibe.

Pay attention the cameramen behind him are still moving when he leaves his hologram behind him, so is the lizard doing the reporting. Visit my youtube channel DivineTruth1 for more reptoid funery (yes I made that word up).

Hologram fake human..

We are living in a reptilian fake matrix and they do not want you to have a high vibration. This video has been blocked worldwide on youtube for that reason. Open your eyes and realize the truth..we live in the Truman show..The excuse is a copyright strike, but as we all know that is all it is..an excuse.

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Just another day on reptilian controlled earth..

It's just an illusion.

It's magic..carbon 12 is the current human carbon state because they hold us at a low vibration using magic

Whether you realize it or not they are all around you keeping you from the truth, pretending to be on your side..

Visit my youtube channel divine truth1 for a more comprehensive look at the fakery all around us.

Visit my youtube channel Divine Truth1 for a comprehensive look at the fakery that is all around you.

Apologies I meant to say horizontal line not vertical when referencing liar blair lotto winner..

Yep Robbie is a Lizard

Reptilians control this planet, feed you your fake news to keep you in their reality and enslave you from birth to death..

Whether Jesus walked as a man, or is purely a representation of our beautiful and much ignored sun I do not know. But I do know that the sun is the most beautiful creation..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3kg9... original video Leetopia youtube channel.

Visit my youtube channel DivineTruth1 for a more comprehensive examination of our fake reality


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