I haven't put out a video in a while with all the band stuff going on. So as one of my favourite bands i put this Drum & Bass Style song together in honor of TOOL. They inspire me daily to be the best person i can be.
The source Video is
Give it a play
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Appreciate you all! Here is all the channels i mentioned! Thanks For Everything!!!!
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Honest question for people who may want to be presented with new music and how to get people there without being a ass hat !
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Me Trying to tell my musical story in less than 10 minutes . and realizing its difficult to talk about yourself

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I just recieved a bunch of comments about a Mr Beast and i want to know what its all about i have been kinda ignoring this channel now that iplay in a band i will toss a link below to that channel (shameless promotion) but can someone link me to the video in question or Mr Beast himself so i can see whats going on i appreciate the traffic but want to know whats going on ... thanks peeps FRIENDS!!!

My thoughts on the new Emenem album. I may be wrong but this is how i see it !

Instrumental Is Off The Album : Otherworldly Beats which is available at

And The Source Video Is Called Children And The Link Is Here

If You Like this Please Go Buy A copy of Post Apocalyptic Party Time From

And If You Like The Visual Check Out Robot And The Scarecrow Full video link below its a beautiful story

I am sure this will get a copywrite claim but so worth it !!!!!!
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Old School Rave Style !!! taking it back !!!
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Making the every beat without even playing it using all stock sounds and drums to prove a point

How to get real fans and followers , never buy them !!! this video explains why and how to do it naturally and save you in the long haul!
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Me and some of my peoples music on random drop in and say hi

A rundown On Future Endeavours

Her Are The Spring South western New York Gig Dates
Song : The Zoo
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