I just recieved a bunch of comments about a Mr Beast and i want to know what its all about i have been kinda ignoring this channel now that iplay in a band i will toss a link below to that channel (shameless promotion) but can someone link me to the video in question or Mr Beast himself so i can see whats going on i appreciate the traffic but want to know whats going on ... thanks peeps FRIENDS!!!

My thoughts on the new Emenem album. I may be wrong but this is how i see it !

Instrumental Is Off The Album : Otherworldly Beats which is available at

And The Source Video Is Called Children And The Link Is Here

If You Like this Please Go Buy A copy of Post Apocalyptic Party Time From

And If You Like The Visual Check Out Robot And The Scarecrow Full video link below its a beautiful story

I am sure this will get a copywrite claim but so worth it !!!!!!
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Old School Rave Style !!! taking it back !!!
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Making the every beat without even playing it using all stock sounds and drums to prove a point

How to get real fans and followers , never buy them !!! this video explains why and how to do it naturally and save you in the long haul!
New Website

Me and some of my peoples music on random drop in and say hi

A rundown On Future Endeavours

Her Are The Spring South western New York Gig Dates
Song : The Zoo
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Got thisgem delivered to me them boys rock a show! glad to be working with them again!!! Got me back there running songs mic levels lights and stuff lol

Here is my 2 cents on how to help with this gun issue everyone is fighting over from a non biased gun owning country boy perspective

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TRUTH BOMB!!! I had to .... i am so sick of the war on assault weapons its just the looks of it and the features you add that make it more personalized like buying after market parts for your vehicle ..... can we stop now with all the bs thanks

Lol I was trying some vocal covers for fun

A update video for you !!!

Whazzup thanks for listening this is a album of my trippy instrumentals set back and enjoy and if you want to get a copy click the link below and as always please subscribe

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