We finally SEE the finished product!

It took a while, but I think it was worth the wait!

WHAT do YOU think?

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As usual, our position is not up for debate!

Didn't do an anti-Halloween rant last year as there wasn't as much interest last year, but this years seems to be ramping up again so out come the patriotic objections!

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AS it says on the tin!

A quick look at the build quality of the sound hardware used on the Huxley range of T-style guitars sold thru the ALDI chain here in Australia.

The results are rather surprising!

WATCH to find out!!!

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Here is a PROPER look at the very affordable, Tele style guitar that is sold periodically thru Aldi discount supermarkets here in Australia! EASILY as good, (if not better) than the Affinity series!

These retail normally for $99.95 AU$. I got this 1 reduced @ $69.95!!!

In this update, she's had the CHOP, into a Tele DC, as well as a properly recorded audio sample of random guitar noodlings by yours truly!

Features clean and crunchy samples of various rhythms and licks.

Played thru the clean & crunch channels of a H&K TM18, 1x15 Sammi speaker, miked with a HUXLEY USB mic, straight to my DAW! (Mixcraft & Audacity)

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NOTE:ANY questions already answered here or in the video will be IGNORED!

Please ask UN-answered questions! ;oP

Picked up this rather tasty, (& RARE) 20 Watt combo from Epiphone. The bigger brother/sister to the highly rated 5 Watt Valve Junior!

Video © DMS Productions 2018

Dec Party Night 2017

Hot guitarist Hendy, all the way from Bali belts out this reggae classic!
Undoubtedly THE song of the night!

Video © DMS Productions 2017
Music © 1973 Vincent Ford Bob Marley / Island Records

Special thanks for dynamic camera work: Nicole Padlie!

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Dec Party Night 2017

TCP funk out on this CCR classic!

Video © 2017 DMS Productions
Music © 1969 John Fogerty/CBS

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Top luthier, and guitar designer Neal, has a play of my Stage Right 15W combo amp.

Monoprice 15 watt valve/tube amplifier

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