Macron expressed his fury and called for arrests of anyone who dared to question the Jew's plan to have them raped, robbed and murdered in their beds and eventually replaced by savages.

Just one more traitor in an age of traitors.

The video of the attack: Subscribe to Dablima's channel on YouTube:

The opening of attack on peaceful indigenous white Yellow Vest protestors in London was carried out by a black immigrant constable from a special police squad. The illegal manhandling of a protestor was the trigger for an all out brutal assault by police on pensioners, women, including a pregnant women, disabled and others. Warning, distressing scenes of police violence.

A black constable from a special unit of police in blue boiler suits attacked a peaceful indigenous white Yellow Vest protest, leading to a police riot in which pensioners and women were beaten and arrested.

Leaderless YellowVestUK organiser James Goddard lifted by plod. Even if a group has no leader the state will finger the most active members as leaders.

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Journalist Gemma O'Doherty in Google Europe HQ, Ireland, with armed police units, refused food delivery and toilet facilities....Media Blackout. Gemma's Remaining Channel:

The anti-white, Marxist, globalist traitors at Panorama just went too far! Extending their genocidal anti-British crusade against British nationalism to include people like 'Talmud Tommy' Robinson, with all the big 'playing both sides to protect multiracialism' Jew money behind him, was not a good idea.

Long before Cocaine hit the streets of Hampstead, Islington, Bloomsbury and Belgravia, Jewish money was the drug of choice for the British literary, media, political and aristocratic classes and still is, not that there are many new traitors left to buy.

3rd world invaders, diversity, free speech, the Jews and the PC brigades, disguised as aliens in this movie parable about the hunted and haunted white race today. Video by Morgoth YouTube Channel:

Britain, like all Western states, is under Jewish financial and psychological occupation, and they intend to genocide us with mass 3rd world immigration, historical lies, guilt and immorality on the basis of a Holohoax that never happened and for which there is absolutely zero proof.

Tracy, and two other mothers whose sons were cold-bloodedly murdered by a Muslim who was then convicted of dangerous driving attend a pre-rally for the coming event tomorrow.....topics for protest include Brexit, child-stealing by the courts, state sponsored and protected rape of white girls and Jewdiciary protected murders of whites by non-whites.

Based Amy trolls the Regime. (Small break at beginning between streams).

"Britain is ours, the rest must go!" Video by Duke of Durham Channel YouTube:

The tellers of the Big Lie even lied that Hitler had told The Big Lie. In fact this lie is as old as the Jewish people. PLEASE COPY. THANKS.

There is nothing as British as the Holocaust, unless you include Yorkshire puddings, mass 3rd world immigration, Islamic child rape of English schoolgirls, fish and chips and anti-racism.

From the ancient files of the web, an intriguing puzzle to celebrate Holohoax Remembrance Day.
It deals with the wildest conspiracy theory of all time, that the Nazis gassed six million Jews.

Total trolling by the AfD deputy leader who's party members walked out of a Holohoax speech in the parliament just a few days ago after some lying so-called 'Holocaust survivor" defamed and slandered their party. He slams Israel's hypocrisy on the migration pact while using stats on Diesels fumes to say "no one has been gassed by nitrogen oxide (Diesel) fumes in Germany." Jews claim Germans used Diesel vans to gas them during the second world war.

One woman Britbomb YellowVestUK Based Amy goes off at an Anna Soubry MP meeting for Remoaners at an exclusive London Hotel. The result is chaos. Amy thought the meeting was over and left but they were just breaking for drinks. Patriotic native eccentricity V treasonous globalism.

No one has dared to tell the truth that the main opposition to Brexit in the Lords and Commons are Jews. Jewish Judges who ruled that the matter should be taken out of the hands of the people and subjected to a parliamentary vote had to hide their names from the public under a 'D' notice issued to the press. The Jewish speaker defied tradition and allowed a previous amendment that aimed at sinking Brexit, and now one of Britain's most powerful Jews is moving to finally sink the Brexit ship by ruling out a 'no deal' so that if MPs vote against May's disastrous plan (that means UK will be as good as still in the EU), article 51 will have to be revoked and Brexit lost. Video from Jeff Taylor's Brexit Channel:

John Waters discusses his new book, 'Give Us Back the Bad Roads.' Subscribe to Grand Tourino's Channel YouTube:

WotW looks at the ways we can defend animal welfare while exposing the inherent contradictions of multiculturalism. He says,
"I greatly appreciate your support: or
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Credit: Lauren Southern.

Women, as tools of the Jews who created feminism, cultural Marxism and the socialism which led to the suffragette movement, have destroyed the intellectual and philosophical capacity of every democracy as well as the traditional family in the West. Women, who should be the life-givers and champions of children's nurture have become the greatest mass murderers of infants in world history. The vast majority of modern Western women now neglect their born children in order to pursue careers. While the few who have a high intellect can play the women's card to get into power like Margaret Thatcher or Theresa May, yet they have not a single idea of their own, and are puppets for male and corporate, banking elite advisors. The vast majority of women in the houses of power in the West are of low average IQ as we can observe in the Congress, Senate and the British Houses of Parliament more and more as every day goes by. In '1984' George Orwell blasted women politicians as the very worst implementers of the tyranny of their hidden masters and controllers. Video by Secret Sources Channel YouTube:

It's one thing to be a deep state pied piper release-valve for middle-class angst about being outbred and genocided by immigration in your own country, but it's another thing, an intolerable thing, for the working class to be allowed a political say in Britain. Got to nip that in the bud eh Nige? Got to stop UKIP at all costs now!


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