This week Horatio and Hemlock lament the loss of (((England))) in the world cup, discuss Trump's visit to the UK, how much of a stronk woman Theresa May is and give horrifying near future predictions about the state of the world. Albion Radio:

British Nationalist leader and former army officer Jeremy Bedford-Turner, head of the prestigious London Forum, is serving one year''s imprisonment for publicly exposing the transnational Jewish occupation of Britain, and the Zionist goal of replacing and eventually exterminating the indigenous British people by any and every means including mass 3rd world immigration and state sponsored moral degeneracy and miscegenation.

Triumph of the Will (German: Triumph des Willens) is a 1935 German public information film directed, produced, edited, and co-written by Leni Riefenstahl. It chronicles the 1934 NSDAP Party Congress in Nuremberg, which was attended by more than 700,000 National socialist supporters. The film contains excerpts from speeches given by national socialist leaders at the Congress, including Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess and Julius Streicher, interspersed with footage of massed Sturmabteilung (SA) and Schutzstaffel (SS) troops and the public reaction of a people who loved their leader, a leader they were later brainwashed to despise by international Jewry who won the second world war (which they incited) against him.

How to name the Jew in public, anyone can do it: Patrick Little J-Walking in Citrus Heights. Patrick Little YouTube:

Human Rights Activism 101. Patrick Little J-Walking at ICE Protest in Concord CA. Patrick Little YouTube:

Diversity means less and less whites. Video by Red Pill Germany. Channel:

This weeks podcast. Subjects include the 'England' Football Team, Sargon refused entry to JEWKIP on the grounds of racism, 'Britain's Got Degeneracy' and Beanergate.

Englishmen, the Jewish occupation will strip you of everything and eventually genocide you. Albion Radio:

The use of false-flag operations to mind-control and brainwash white people against the enemies of the Jewish occupied state...themselves! The Deep State creating the false perception that white terrorism exists to cover for their Islamic imports. Video by Richard Hall:

The indigenous British people are mind-controlled, at best led by Zionist pro race-mixing shills like Tommy Robinson. But if they wake up they could take their country back and their race would not become extinct.

Oy Vey! SHUT IT DOWN! We are being watched, the meme war is real and it is a war on the meme......and you and I. Video by SWilliamson:

Enoch Powell predicted that the (Jewish Occupation) regime would hand the whip hand to the black man over the white man. That is more true every day. Video by SWilliamson:

Media Mourns White-Hating Jew Anthony Bourdain who died at 61 in Apparent Suicide. Here Are Some of The Things He Said. Video by Red Elephants Channel:

Race Traitor Zionist Tommy Robinson now in prison for risking causing a mistrial of Muslim child rapists is a pro-multiracialism fraud supported and funded by the Jewish right. Robinson on Charlottesville: "I would have marched against those Nazi pricks." Video by Weev:

Trump had no choice, the Deep State is the Rothschild world government and he had to ally with one faction of Jews to remain in power. His choice was the Netanyahu faction. In mid May Dr. E. Michael Jones spoke at the New Horizon conference on Palestine in Mashhad, Iran. The conference occurred at almost the same time as Israel was celebrating its 70th birthday, the US embassy was moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Trump was breaking the United States commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action agreement with Iran and the Palestinians were protesting all these events at the Apartheid Wall in Gaza. The first time Mike spoke at one of these conferences was about 5 years ago when the theme was on Hollywood and its effect on culture. Mike talks about the fear he felt this time as he courageously tackled the subject that Charles Bausman in the Russian Insider called the "Jew Taboo." Mike argued that free speech must include talking about and mentioning the Jews. Mike went as far as saying that the main reason Trump broke the nuclear agreement was because he had to keep his promise to three very wealthy Jewish contributors to his campaign. It seems that once this subject was broached the other speakers felt free to also discuss the Jewish involvement in the Israeli-Palestine crisis. After Mashhad Mike travelled to Gorgan, Golestan in Iran. Mike tells of participating in a memorial to a Christian martyr, Edmund, who died in a gas attack at the very end of the eight year war between Iran and Iraq. He was considered an hero because he volunteered as a medic and served very bravely. Mike explains why he thinks the American Empire is swiftly continuing to collapse due to following (Jewish) anti-Logos and not (Christian) Logos. The cycle repeats itself throughout history. Jews acquire some badge of belonging which they take as licence to lord it over the goyim. In 15th century Spain the badge of belonging was conversion to Christianity. In the present day it is a bit of paper that says “U.S. citizen”, “Citoyen de France”, etc. Smugly confident in the shield they think this offers them, Jews unleash their arrogance, unrestrained. They just can’t help themselves. They fail to grasp that the badge of belonging implicitly carries with it an obligation of empathy and community with the non-Jewish population. And when Jews fail to fulfil that obligation, the reaction comes. The cycle repeats. And the Jews learn nothing from the experience. They undergo no moral maturation. Because moral maturation can only come from the ability to acknowledge fault, a problem Jews have always struggled with.

Cucking against ethno-nationalism will not save you from the Jewish occupation of Britain even if you are willing to sell out your own white people and race as a price for Jewish support.
Podcast 'Strike and Mike' TRS:

Icke spins the lying Jewish narrative about Adolf Hitler's Germany. Controlled Opposition 101.

The Devil In A Woman Longs To Sacrifice Her Children On The Alter Of Unlimited Sex. The Satanic pope has opened the gates of hell to his flock by giving a nudge to abortion.

As the gulags begin to swell and the regime becomes more oppressive and authoritarian everyday the British people remain unaware that political prisoners are mounting in the jails.
Video by Creativity Perspective Channel:

When he was sentenced he bowed to his supporters who gave him a standing ovation. Then after solemnly saluting his country as a former military officer would he was taken down to the cells.
Video by: Creativity Perspective Channel:

"Soon they won't want us around, soon we're goin' to have to shut it down...cos da Goyim know!"

All across Europe small groups of true indigenous white youth are training in the forests.

A prophet despised in his own land by the occupying elites.

God and the Devil. Both traditional Christianity and Hinduism perceive this as the age of the Kali yuga when in the minds of the masses "God is dead" and the devil's religion Talmudic Judaism is the dominant power leading humanity into hell.
RockingMrE Channel YouTube:

Dr. Anatole A. Klyosov is a US scientist (since 1990) born in the Kaliningrad region of Russia (formerly East Germany) at the end of WWII. He is known for his work in physical chemistry, enzyme catalysis, biomedical sciences, industrial biochemistry, and DNA genealogy studies. In Russia, he held one of the top scientific recognitions, being awarded the USSR State Prize in Science and Technology. Anatole joins us to speak about his research related to debunking the flawed “Out of Africa” theory of human origin. First, he describes his journey as a young scientist in Russia who went on to work abroad as a Professor of Biochemistry at Harvard Medical School. Klyosov explains how he came to be the first person in the early 1980s in the USSR to use the global computer network that later became the Internet. Then, he details the “evidence” widely published in academic journals that led him to investigate the accepted theory of “Mitochondrial Eve.” He relates how this baseless explanation of Anglo European ancestry conveniently placed an apologetic lens on the chronicle of African exploitation and slavery. Anatole defines the multiregional theory of evolution, and distinguishes the two earliest principle races – black Africans and fair skinned Neanderthals. He gives an overview of how races originated, and clarifies how specific DNA mutations are presented and carried throughout many generations of descendants. We discuss the various established dogmas present in the modern study of linguistics and archaeology, and we look at some projections by population geneticists concerning the fate of human biodiversity. We round off the conversation by considering the effects of globalization on human evolution.


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