I take a look at VMX Dark Edition from I'll show you context mode, combination mode with music packs and playlists, internet radio and mix variants. This is a great app to use with Elite Dangerous one I'm happy to show you all

9 minute video of my experiences with trade pack from A lot of tracks in this pack, perfect for running missions, combat, Thargoid combat and travel to various factions. My favourite pack so far. Catch me on twitch playing Elite Dangerous, username Dogstar!

In this short video I look at the Exploration pack for VMX, it contains mix variants, context mode music and procedural music system audioblocks which generates new music and soundscapes on the fly. Really nice pack this for long exploration sessions in Elite Dangerous.

Check their music & software out at
I take a look at The Explorers music pack with the VMX software from dark nebula, no talking putting you off listening!
VMX is voice control software for VoiceAttack which you can use with Elite: Dangerous to provide a soundtrack replacement and to run your own music playlists with events.
Find me on Twitch username Dogstar!


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