Even if you've only had ONE covid19 MRNA injection, you will be dead in 3-5 years according to Dr. Delores Cahill.

Ukraine is about to lose and NATO has taken charge of the US Navy.

This morning when I was in prayer I was told to look at Revelation 9. I've looked at that book and Chapter many times but today I was shown something different. Today I was shown what will happen to those who have taken the vax/MOB not just through Revelation 9 but also through what's being done by the W.H.O. RIGHT NOW!

As you watch today's video remember all of the predictive programming about this whole zombie apocalypse for over a decade now and here we are with a new "pandemic" on the way. PRAYED UP and prepped up!

Four minutes including one minute intro explaining what it is. The lowest quality anywhere because that's what happens to stuff like this, but the audio is still perfectly clear and that's what matters.
Very clear and concise testimony of what the vaccines are and how damaging they are, from a real medical professional speaking in front of a government panel that cleary knows and does not give a damn.

The changes began in the 1930s and continue to this very day. Now you can understand why the lawsuits keep being dismissed!

They all know and they're doing it anyway. Evil personified and IN YOUR FACE! Wake up!

You have been asking and now I'm giving you my answer. His constant boasting about himself, his blasphemes towards Jesus Christ (I am the chosen one) and his vile personality.

Check out today's video report dated 6-13-22!

What they are doing to you is LEGAL in their eyes.

This video was banned on Youtube because of their rampant censorship and the information in this video contradict the popular belief and exposing the elite's agenda.

Safe and effective of course. Trust us hehehehe...


Attorney Todd Callender: The Vax Genocide Has Likely Killed a Billion People

Todd Callender: The Role of Hospitals, Covid Injections And 5G In Genocide

Todd Callender: “Everyone who has had the shot has AIDS”

GOING VIRAL: CDC’s Zombie Apocalypse

Coming ~ Marburg, 5G & Mind Control – Maria Zeee With Attorney Todd Callendar and Dr. Peter Chambers

Do you think that maybe this is why we're seeing the monkey pox break out all over???

They always have an exercise before the real thing starts. 9-11, Covid19, and more were all exercises before they went live.

All four horseman of the Apocalypse are related to the “Great Reset”. Mark of the Beast non-vaccine “vaccines”, world war beginning in Red Russia, food scarcity, collapsing supply chains, and hyperinflation, and a mass depopulation stemming from the Green Movement, which places the creation above the Creator. Is it possible for God’s people to miss God and not recognize these things even as they are occurring?

Here is the story you guys asked me to report on so here you go. Yes, there are Israeli troops fighting in Ukraine against Russia.

It's not looking good as NATO keeps expanding the war.

Today I spliced together some video from Hugo Talks channel regarding all of these "doctors" and "attorneys" who keep exposing the jabs and yet are affiliate with Trump...who is completely PRO JAB? Then there is the New Age Lucis Trust and UN affiliations. You know what they say, birds of a feather...

The BEAST system is just about in place worldwide.

And they successfully tested their Sarmat 2 nuclear missile today as Putin told the world "it's food for thought" for those who would attack Russia.

Even in the middle of a war, the Great Reset presses on in Ukraine! And before you think Russia is good and Putin is a crusader, Russia has their OWN PLANS for the Great Reset and their people won't like it. Below is an excerpt from one of the articles we will discuss on Ukraine, Russia and the Great Reset.

Russia is taking off the kid gloves. Things will escalate rapidly from here. You can support my work at the links below.
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Today we hear from Stew Peters and Dr. Bryan Ardis who shows us what CV19 really is and what the treatments really do to you.


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