Analyzing the fictional Resident Evil, Biohazard, series world. I found that the new games are worthless without the originals, in fact, if the originals were cut out there wouldn’t be a series. Watch for further details.

Philosophical understanding of our world continues. With focus put on where sadism and masochism fits into our lives as humans. Merely compiled thoughts, my own personal take, with unspoken outlooks. Watch for further information.

I explain a well rounded sample of what my game engine / simulator will be capable of.
Send questions, comments, thoughts, and requests:
[email protected]

Everything is explained in detail, of how I forged my Phantom Tree; a 2,000+ fictional world.

Merely explaining my experimental society chart. Covering the categories ofIdeology - Culture, Government Levels, Leadership, Economy, Hierarchy, Civil Rights, and Foreign Policy. A mechanic that'll be throughly tested wihtin the Human Social Group Game Engine / Simualtor.

Decided to bring back this world wide artist project, despite no one showing interest in coming on board, many years ago. Granting people a job in crafting a novel world that only provides an unlimited amount of fun adventures in every direction.
Contact me for more information, if you indeed want to join, perhaps know someone else who might want to, and or you have any questions.

How to think, a guiding explanation on how to you know you're thinking or not. Plus how education works in comparsion, be it self education or someone telling you about a topic. Including the differences between how thinking and education function, as with how they are different.
I also go on a few rants in regards to the public school system's modern day failues. This'll only be my opinion on the subject, perhaps you have better explanations, do share them. Maybe even easier ways to guide someone into thinking.

Ever wonder about a massive, “what if scenario”, of sweeping separatist revolutionary government conversions across entire countries throughout the world. Erupting into over nearly 50 different society types. Especially as they progress through the decades after tearing their former homelands to pieces. Considering they even last sustain themselves long enough; at least that’s what’s being explored….
Then applied into the 200+ Novel World; The Phantom Tree.


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