Dexter the Diver

"Sense of competency is (one of) the fundamental units of the male ego. An incompetent man back in primal times was (and still is) a liability and often, dead meat."

A video that has been a long time coming, some thoughts I've had regarding the relationship(s) between mental health, sense of competency, biology, exercise etc.

An endless front of lying by omission.....

Do let me know if you'd like a longer video on the topic.


Spending is incentivised but GDP and wage growth is pathetic. Let me know your thoughts down below!


Try staying afloat with a brick tied to each leg....

Thoughts on how self perception can artificially restrict your ability (or willingness) to live your best life

A metaphorical representation of values....

Varg knows when you touch yourself :^)


A few new bits around the garden.

A politician? Being fraudulent? Imagine my surprise.

(cue many alienated conservative voters)

Filmed on the potato camera no less

A clip summing up a point I made in my last video.

Not my clip, not my ownership etc etc

Best of luck friends

Friday night thinking!

I have recently become more empathetic to those who live in expediency

Embrace your role as the central decision maker in your life, reject the blame game


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