Dr. Jake Schmitz - The Health Advocate

Please, take time today and figure out how you can improve your health! What ONE THING you change to have a huge impact on your life??

Are you stopping to appreciate greatness around you?

Your expectations will color your current reality. Give yourself the leverage of success!

If you don't know where you are going, it doesn't matter which direction you choose to go to get there...

Time is the ultimate apex predator. You can either have it work for you (healthy habits) or work against you (destructive habits).

Censorship isn't freedom, or American, or fun. It stifles conversation, snuffs out independent thought, and makes us zombies.

One narrative, under Pharma, medication be thy name. Thy meds will come, thy will be gone, in America as it is in China.

PCR testing is severely FLAUD! How does this impact Covid cases and deaths?

Stay calm, deep breaths...God is still in control!

As much as we might want to focus on what's happening at the Capitol, stop. It isn't helping your sanity, and you really have no control over the outcome. Instead, focus on those things that are IN your control!

This intervention can help lower inflammation, and also increase insulin sensitivity, which will help you not only live longer, but also reverse type 2 diabetes!

2020 was tough on all of us. However, if you didn't learn from it, you are bound to repeat it!

If you can control it, plan ahead. If you can't control it, let God worry about the details! Trust the plan and don't stress about it.

If you fail to plan, plan to fail! If you want your life to look different in 2021, then you need a plan to make it happen!

Your current reality is the natural consequence of the choices you have made (and consistently make) in your day to day life. If you don't like your situation, change the decisions you make daily.


Anyone who voted to pass the Covid stimulus checks of $600 should be fired, if not worse. This was a blatant attempt to pay off other countries, at the detriment of our own people.

Sometimes the safest thing you can do is listen to your wife! Listen in to how I had to eat crow...

We've tried to comply with the unreasonable and unscientific shutdowns, because there was an end in sight to the insanity. Now, however, we're being told a different story...

When people object to your information, they are inadvertently telling you what they fear. That's called projection. Don't let someone else's fears and projections stop you from spreading the truth!

Without fail, any conversation where you expose the current narrative as being unscientific devolves into the same ad hominem attack..."You're just a....(mom, dad, teacher, etc.)

Learn the best comeback to that attack that will leave the person speechless!

Stop pretending you are following "the science", because you're not. Science is quite clear... take your freaking mask off!

We're told to "Trust the Experts" but what exactly does that entail? These so-called experts keep telling us "Masks work" (they don't), "Mandates are good at stopping viruses" (they aren't), and "Follow the science" (just not any science that disagrees with the narrative). None of these are true! What we're really being told is "COMPLY!"


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I help inspire you to be your best self through motivational videos on health, mindset, nutrition, exercise and everything in between! My goal would be for you to take action to improve your health. By challenging your health paradigm, you will begin seeing things from a new direction, which will hopefully get your better results!